After 40 weeks, the baby does not launch it. Do you want to take an oxytocin?Outstanding needle injection instructions

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Recently, I found that as long as I wrote an article about pregnancy, there are always Bao mom left a message below: 40 weeks, ask the baby to launch it, or how many weeks, ask for mobilization.

There are also some Baoma who are panicked and asked me: The baby has been 40 weeks+3 days, and I still have no movement. Should I go to the hospital to get an oxytic needle?

The anxiety of the pregnant mother is really everywhere …

But I want to say that doctors are not so easy to agree to you, unless these three situations.Once the following three cases occur, it means that the due date of oxyture and silly may not be good for the baby and mother.

① Do not launch after breaking the water

You know, there are only three signals for maternal giving birth, seeing red, water -breaking, and contractions. The three are regardless of sequence. In fact, the theoretical order is to see red and contractions and then break the water.Definition.I have seen Baoma Palace for a long time, but it has not broken the water, so it may be necessary to break the water.

Of course, the water mentioned here does not launch after breaking the water, which means that it breaks the water first, but there has not been a contraction.Some statistics have been done, among these maternal breakfast earlier than the contractions, about half of the maternal will start to feel contractions within 12 hours after breaking the water. More than 20 % of the maternal will start within 24 hours.Some part of the response will not be reacted within three days.This situation is not good for the baby.

Because the amniotic fluid is broken, but the baby has no signs of coming out, the amniotic fluid is constantly decreasing, and the baby is likely to lack oxygen.Generally, if the maternal who exceeds 35 weeks, if the amniotic fluid is broken, but there is no contraction, the doctor will usually decide to inject oxytocin to the mother, which is what we call the "oxytoconuction needle".

However, it should be noted that the mother needs to meet the conditions of the delivery. If it is not satisfied, such as the pregnant mother’s pelvis is too small, the baby’s head is too large, and there is no injection of the pelvis.It will not be injected.

② Triven weakness, abnormal or maternal will not force

During naturally, most pregnant mothers will feel very laborious, but they do not know that the main force of the childbirth power is not a mother, but contraction.Under the leadership of contraction, pregnant mothers have rhythmically followed the contraction to give birth faster.During childbirth, the doctor will tell you that he will be strong when it hurts.

However, if the maternal contraction is weak, then it is equivalent to the "main force" without taking the lead in fighting. The maternal requires more force during childbirth. In order to prevent difficulty in giving birth, there is a need to urge the needle at this time.

There are also some maternal contractions that are difficult to control, that is, abnormal contractions. In this case, they need to inject oxytopcasters to stimulate the uterus and make them regular contractions, which can help the mother give birth to the baby as soon as possible.

③ Expired pregnancy

The due date given by doctors is 40 weeks, but this is just a guess, just like the weather forecast, but it is estimated that no one knows whether there are special circumstances.

Many pregnant mothers wait for the due date, and the baby will be very anxious before the baby is mobilized. In fact, it exceeds the due date. As long as within two weeks, it generally belongs to the scope of the journey, that is, within 42 weeks.However, if it is more than 42 weeks, the baby has not started, and at this time, you must attract attention. They are afraid of aging placenta, and they are afraid that the baby will be hypoxic inside.

Of course, exceeding the due date. If the placenta is aging, the oxytocin is needed.

However, pregnant mothers should pay attention that the reporting of the oxytoconis should not be too early and cannot be excessive. These problems, doctors will control themselves.Under normal circumstances, after injection of the oxytocin needle, it can be successful within 24 hours, but if it exceeds this time, the doctor does not recommend that the second needle is used, and the mother may need to continue to work hard, or it is recommended to have a cesarean section.

After all, the injection of the injection of the injection is also suffering from some risks. If the stimulus is excessive, the contraction may be too violent, the maternal pain is unbearable, and even the uterine rupture occurs. Therefore, the doctor’s use of oxytocin will still strictly control it.

The child is born as a child, but we are not parents.From preparing to children to grow, Baoma will encounter many problems. If you join the circle, you can ask questions to parenting experts, and you can communicate with other Bao moms. Let us come together for a mother’s self -practice!(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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