After 2 months of pregnancy, my mother -in -law was also pregnant, but my father -in -law asked me

[Fan Lai Box] I and my husband and I got married in college. I just found that I was pregnant for two months.Recently, I found that my mother -in -law was often disgusting. I asked my mother -in -law to go to the hospital for examination. I did not expect that my mother -in -law was also pregnant.

The mother -in -law is already old. The mother -in -law’s pregnancy feels that this is a huge surprise for our family, and she is also worried about her mother -in -law.After my husband knew this, his mother -in -law had to flow off the child. My mother -in -law did not agree. The father -in -law said something that made me unacceptable: "We are old and you’re pregnant. You are still young and have the opportunity to get pregnant.Children knocked it out. "

With the progress of society and the changes in people’s ideas, women’s fertility rights have been widely recognized and guaranteed.Artificial abortion (commonly known as abortion), as a common way of termination of pregnancy, is necessary in some special cases. It has some potential harm and risks.

1. Cause damage to physical health

The harm of women’s flow of people’s health is a problem that needs to be treated seriously.Whether it is a drug abortion or surgical abortion, these interventions may have a certain impact and risk on women’s body.In the process of abortion, women need to pay special attention to physical changes and possible complications.

Drug abortion is to terminate pregnancy by using drugs.Although this method is relatively safe and effective in some cases, there are still some potential risks.Disease abortion may cause severe symptoms such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and dizziness.These symptoms may be severe enough to be hospitalized.Drug abortion may also cause excessive bleeding, which may require additional medical intervention.

Compared with drug abortion, surgical abortion is a more invasive method.Surgical abortion usually involves curettage surgery, which may cause certain risks to women’s physical health.During surgery, there is a risk of complications such as damage, infection or bleeding of uterine walls.

2. Negative impact on mental health

Women’s flow of people may not only cause harm to physical health, but also have a negative impact on mental health.Unexpected pregnancy and termination of pregnancy are a very important and sensitive topic. For women, this process may bring huge psychological pressure and impact.

The flow of people is a difficult process of decision -making, and women may experience inner struggle and contradictions.They may face different situations and considerations, including factors such as individuals, families, society and morality.This inner conflict and stress may lead to the emergence of anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.Women may feel uneasy, worried and helpless, and have a negative emotional response to the future and decisions.

The flow of people may also cause psychological trauma.Termination of pregnancy is a profound decision, which may have a significant impact on women’s identity, moral concepts and self -evaluation.Some women may experience guilty, regrets and regrets after the flow of people.They may have a negative evaluation of their decisions, question their choices, and even feel self -blame and self -punishment.This psychological trauma may have a long -term impact on women’s mental health, affecting their emotional stability, self -esteem, and quality of life.

3. Ethics and moral distress

Ethics and moral distress are an important issue that revolves around women.Artificial abortion involves the lives of end embryos, which has triggered extensive and intense ethics and moral disputes.Different people hold different views and positions, which may cause women to face the inner contradictions and distress when making people decision -making.

The embryo has the dignity and rights of life, and the termination of pregnancy is considered a moral error.The embryo has the same life value as an adult and should be protected and respected.Starting from this view, the flow of people is considered an infringement of innocent lives, which is contrary to the principles of morality.

Women have the right to determine their bodies and fertility, including termination of pregnancy.They advocate women’s autonomy and options, and believe that women should have the right to decide whether they continue to get pregnant and give birth.They emphasize women’s life and health needs, and believe that the flow of people is an important means to protect women’s rights and quality of life.

4. Some negative impacts on society

Women’s flow of people may have some negative impacts on society, and we need to pay attention and think carefully.With the popularization of artificial abortion technology and the improvement of convenience, some problems may cause some problems, including excessive dependence and abuse.

Excessive dependence on abortion may cause people to despise the importance of contraception.Some people may think that they can rely on artificial abortion to terminate pregnancy without taking appropriate contraceptive measures.This attitude may challenge the fertility morality and family value of society.Contraception is a responsible and mature behavior, which helps to avoid the needs of unexpected pregnancy and termination of pregnancy.Excessive dependence on abortion may misunderstand the importance of contraception and weaken contraceptive consciousness and practice.

Excessive artificial abortion may also lead to a decline in fertility and impact on population structure and social development.Population is an important factor in the development of a country and society, and artificial abortion directly affects the fertility rate.If a large number of artificial miscarriage leads to continuous decline in fertility, it may have a negative impact on the population structure, such as aging population aging and insufficient labor force.This challenge the sustainable development and economic prosperity of society, and may need to take measures to balance the relationship between artificial abortion and fertility.

Women’s abortion will bring some potential harm and risks.We need to work hard in education, prevention and women’s rights protection, provide more support and choices for women, reduce unnecessary abortion, and protect women’s physical and mental health and harmonious development of society.

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