A man in Fujian has ligated, but his wife is pregnant a year later, and the hospital compensation for losses

If you do n’t want children or your physical reasons, you will have a ligation surgery if you are not suitable for children. As for whether you are 100 %, you will not be pregnant. We must depend on the situation.

On July 15th, a couple had completed the ligation surgery because her husband had completed the ligation surgery, but the wife was still pregnant a year later. Who did this fault blame?

On this day, the Xiamen Lake Court in Fujian released a trial case, which aroused my attention.

A man conducted a vast tubular ligation in a hospital in Xiamen, and the cost of surgery was more than 2,000. This was unpredictable, but the man’s wife found pregnancy one year later.

This is strange, isn’t it already ligated, why is it still pregnant? After consideration, the man’s wife has implemented an artificial abortion.

The man’s statement was that the hospital only told him that he needed contraception within 3 months after the operation, and then he was free.

This accident now not only hurts our wives, but also loses our interests, asking the hospital to bear the liability for compensation.

The entire process of trial, the hospital explained that the man reviewed in May 2020 at the time that the report showed that there were semen.

For this reason, the doctor clearly told him that he would need 3-6 months, and after 10 ejaculation to complete it completely.

The hospital also stated that the ligation surgery for the man was effective, but not 100 %, and naturally healed naturally after two years after the operation.

Although the hospital believed that the man had fully informed the relative risks and precautions of the operation, it could not provide the consent of the man signed by the man.

This hospital does not take up the item. The court trial believes that the hospital should take at least a letter of consent of the surgical surgery to record, and the existing evidence cannot prove that the hospital has fulfilled his obligation.

Therefore, the court did not inform the hospital in the hospital. The man did not take contraceptive measures, which caused the spouse to abortion. This is the hospital that infringes the health of the man and his spouse and bear the liability for infringement.

Finally, the hospital would compensate the man 4947.68 yuan and compensate the man’s wife of 9718.32 yuan.

It seems that any surgery will have risks, although it is a small operation of ligatory vasters.

Some netizens are also clear, thinking that men’s ligation is not harmful. After ligating his wife’s pregnancy, he does not doubt his wife. This can prove that a good man

This incident also reminds us that we have to see the informed consent in the hospital for surgery. Any surgery will have risks to ensure that our rights and interests are protected.

On the other hand, the hospital must be more rigorous to implement surgery to ensure that patients fully understand the risks and sign the consent of informed consent to avoid problems afterwards.

If the hospital in the news has a good signature for surgery, it will not be obliged to inform without evidence.

The man does not know enough about the risk of the operation. Although it is safer after ligation, it will not cause huge harm to the human body, but it does not mean that it is completely safe.

In this case, what is the standard of compensation for ligation?From the perspective of civil litigation, ligation and ligation itself has problems, then the hospital has to be liable for compensation.

But evidence collection will be more difficult. For example, who knows whether the puppet is pregnant with her husband’s child?It is necessary to identify DNA and prove that ligation men do.

Otherwise the court will not give support

Second, after ligation, you can ask for compensation. You can directly sue to the court to ask the hospital for compensation. This is a medical damage liability. Those who can return property and restore the original state will be returned and restored.

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