A housewife regrets marriage and having a child. If you choose again, you will only choose not to marry infertility

The 84 -year -old woman was 39 years old. The marriage that she met at the age of 30. The main reason for the other party was that her mother -in -law died, and she did not need to deal with her mother -in -law relationship.Husband ordinary staff, 5,000 a month, the father -in -law of the father -in -law of 2500 a month.

After the woman got married and became pregnant, she gave up the work of kindergarten. After she gave birth to a child, she could only be a housewife at home. Because no mother -in -law would take care of her children, her mother wanted to help her brother bring children.

The 7500 household income will remove the mortgage of 3,000 per month.Women have to make three meals a day, get up at six in the morning, go out before seven o’clock, and give my father -in -law for lunch at 12 noon. Sometimes you have to do supper at 10 o’clock in the middle of the night.Takeaway down the restaurant.

Wash the family’s clothes, clean up the house, bring children, and be more tired than going to work. The key to go to work before marriage can be spent freely. When you buy clothes, you want to go.Now buying the cheapest facial cleanser in the supermarket, rubbing children’s cream, always rush to buy vegetables at night in the supermarket and buy clothes in the season.

Children can only take it to the hospital alone, and they have to take care of the human being at home. When the child finally goes to elementary school, she finally relax, but she is pregnant unexpectedly.

There is no deposit at all, and only 20,000 yuan is still deposited before marriage.Thinking of the hard work of bringing two children, no one was serving in the confinement, so he didn’t want it, but the husband and father -in -law insisted.

The woman had a miscarriage surgery alone. Her husband did not understand and did not take care of it. She also said that the woman killed his child. Although the father -in -law did not say anything, she did not give a good look. After taking care of her mother for a few days, the woman proposed a divorce.

At the same time, I regretted this marriage. This marriage did not bring happiness and happiness at all.But her husband did not agree with divorce, but said that she had not earned a penny in the past few years, and she went out of the house when she wanted to divorce.She said that if she can choose again, she will choose not to marry, but no matter what kind of way to choose in life, if it is not good, she will regret it.

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