A few days before the gynecological examination, to avoid sexual life?

On weekend friends, a gynecologist helplessly said: "Many patients have no preparation before the consultation. Sometimes a small question can be answered for a long time, but the result is not necessarily accurate.Time to see. "

So for a few days before watchingrology?, Before looking at traditional Chinese medicine, can you drink milk and soy milk?Later, we launched the precautions before the gynecological clinic, telling everyone to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department, how to effectively cooperate with the medical staff to save time and accurate diagnosis and treatment?

1. Do not do vaginal irrigation

In order to avoid the embarrassment of secretions or odors in the private parts during the consultation, some patients will be rinsed with vaginal lotion before the consultation, but this will not be beneficial to the examination, but it will affect the doctor’s judgment on your disease.For example, some slices.

If you have to clean it, it will be carried out at least three days before the inspection.

Insert: Most doctors do not agree with vaginal irrigation and gynecological lotion, because this may destroy some beneficial bacteria that can prevent infection.

2. Reject sex life without condoms

On the one hand, semen will flow into the sliced samples to be extracted, which may affect the test results.On the other hand, if you need to take medicine after subsequent treatment, you accidentally get pregnant. What should I do?The most secure thing is not to have the same room three days before the inspection.

3. Do not use vaginal drugs in the first three days

On the one hand, drugs will affect slicing samples, cover abnormal cells, and interfere with test results.On the other hand, doctors cannot see the internal conditions during vaginal and pelvic examinations.

1. It is easy to wear and take off clothes and shoes

On the day of the inspection, loose clothes should be used. Because you do pelvic examination or need to take the secretion, you must take off your pants and shoes.

2. You should understand your own situation

Do you know the gynecological examination, everyone knows this, right?

In addition, during gynecological clinics, doctors generally ask some questions, such as the latest menstrual period, menstrual cycle, menstrual flow, contraception, and history of pregnancy. These questions must be considered in their hearts and answered truthfully, otherwise they will affect the doctor’s judgment.

For example, if you observe urine or other samples under the microscope, there are blood wires in the urine or other samples. It may be abnormal bleeding, or it may be just that the aunt is coming.

3. Know the doctor in advance

There is no gender in the eyes of doctors. Although male doctors of gynecological doctors are already very common, some women will still reject male doctors for gynecological examinations for her. In this case, it is recommended that when registeringPrecious time.After all, I did have encountered it. I found that it was a male doctor when I was consulting.

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“What are the precautions for gynecological examination”

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