A boyfriend in Wuhan took advantage of his girlfriend to be pregnant and derailed. He was severely warned by the school and praised the school.

I just saw a news report that a very shameful thing happened recently in the Central and South National University of Wuhan, Hubei. A male college student at the school actually took advantage of her girlfriend to be pregnant and derailed other girls in other girls.Essence

After being exposed online, the school also verified it and found that the facts were indeed the case, so the school also punished Xiaowou and was severely warned.

It should be said that the school’s three views in handling this matter are still right, and they must praise the school.

The first point is that Xiao Dou is a college student. He should be eighteen years old. Falling in love is a common sense and should be encouraged and supported.Dating in college is always stronger than the object after work.

Secondly, college student Xiao Dou made his girlfriend pregnant. In fact, this problem is understandable. After all, the two are in love and have a relationship. The woman’s pregnancy is also reasonable. Now college students can also get married.

The third point is that Xiao Dou should be responsible for the pregnant girlfriend, and everyone is pregnant with a baby. You should get married with others.

In the fourth point, Qian Qian should not be. Xiao Dou should not be as good as other girls during pregnancy. This is a moral issue.

In summary, what the male college student Xiao Dou did was a scumbag.

As a school, after learning that the students had such a problem, they verified it as soon as possible and found that the fact was true.

How should the school deal with this small sinus?

First of all, Xiao Dou did not have illegal crimes, just moral issues, so they could not be fired.

However, as the school reported that the behavior of Xiaodou was harmful to the image of college students, violated public order and customs, and had adverse effects.

Xiao Dou was also very afraid of things, and it was said that he also made a deep review to the school.

Therefore, in order to educate Xiaolin and serious discipline, the school gave Xiao Dou a serious warning.

The school’s approach is reasonable and properly handled.

Of course, some netizens pointed out that Xiao Dou and her pregnant girlfriend are just a relationship between men and women, not a marriage relationship. Therefore, Xiao Dou went to other girlfriends and could not describe it with derailment.

Therefore, some netizens also suggested that Xiao Dou can go to the school to revoke the punishment.

I have to say that this view is a bit too much.I am not loyal to the girlfriend who is pregnant, and the emptyness of the law, there is really no moral bottom line.

Of course, I have to say that Xiao Dou’s pregnancy girlfriend is also uncomfortable. In the future, she cannot find this kind of scumbag as her boyfriend.

In addition, I also hope that Xiaowou will go to the society, don’t continue to do such things, it does have an impact on his virtue.

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