A 50 -year -old woman in the UK has eight grandchildren and grandchildren who are pregnant with four twins through the body.

Tryi (right) and daughter

Tracy (blue skirt) and family

According to the "Daily Mail" reported on September 13, a 50 -year -old woman in Britain, Tracey Britten, was pregnant with four twins through her body fertilization. She will become the oldest four in BritainFederation mother, and she has eight grandchildren under her knees.

Tryci and husband Stephen spent 7,000 pounds in Cyprus through test tube baby surgery in Cyprus, with four twins, 3 of which were girls, one was a boy, and one of the 3 girls was the twins of the ovulation twins.Essence

There are eight grandchildren of Trysey, ranging from 7 months to 11 years old. She is glad to be pregnant again. She said, "I always want to ask for children again, I am 50 years old, I think that’s that.Just do that. "

For those who questioned her 50 years old and became mother, she said she didn’t care, she said, "People say ‘you are all grandson’s grandma’, but what about?It will be the last old woman. I don’t look like 50 years old, and I don’t think I am 50 years old. If you want to say what you want, they don’t know me. If they see these four beautiful babiesAt that time, they will change their ideas. "

Trysey and the first husband had three children. The three children are now 22, 31 and 32.After the divorce, she was with the current husband, Stephen, and became pregnant in less than a year, but at that time, because the timing was inappropriate, it flowed away.Trysey said that this was a great soul trauma for her, and it was also an important reason why she always wanted to ask her children anymore.

Trysey is now 25 weeks of pregnancy and is planned to perform caesarean surgery at 32 weeks.

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