A 27 -year -old man looking for a 16 -year -old girlfriend?Netizens question the authenticity and legitimacy, and the police intervene in the investigation

Recently, a "27 -year -old man looking for a 16 -year -old pregnant girlfriend" has caused heated discussions on the Internet.It is said that the man posted a picture of a girlfriend and a text on a social platform, saying that his girlfriend lost at 2 am on May 5th, and hoped that netizens would help find it.The news quickly attracted the attention and comments of many netizens. Some people expressed sympathy and support, and some questioned the age, marriage status and pregnancy situation of the man and his girlfriend.In response, the man responded that they were introduced by the matchmaker, and their girlfriend’s parents had agreed with their relationship and received a gift.However, such a response did not calm down the doubts of netizens, but triggered more controversy.Some people have pointed out that according to the "Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China", the minimum age of marriage is that men must not be 22 years old, and women must not be 20 years old.Therefore, the relationship between the man and his girlfriend may be suspected of illegal.At the same time, some people also doubt whether their girlfriends are really pregnant and believe that the man may be a lie to make sympathy or other purposes.

In order to clarify the truth, the local police have been involved in investigating the matter.According to police staff, the identity information and contact information of the man and his girlfriend are currently verifying the man and his girlfriend and trying to get in touch with them.At the same time, the police also said that it is unclear whether his girlfriend is really pregnant and needs further investigation and confirmation.In addition, the user account involved has been banned by the platform and can no longer post any information.

This incident has aroused the attention and discussion of netizens’ concerns about the protection of minors, marriage laws, and social platform supervision.Some netizens believe that if the relationship between the man and his girlfriend is true, then they not only violate the law, but also cause serious harm to minors.Some netizens have called for society to strengthen education and protection of minors to prevent them from being adversely affected and seduced.At the same time, some netizens also suggested that social platforms should strengthen the review and management of user information to prevent false, illegal or bad content.

In any case, we all hope that this incident can get the truth and justice as soon as possible, and hope that all minors can grow up healthily and happily.

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