A 25 -year -old girl resigned and accompanied Grandpa to fulfill her 100 wishes, "family health is more important than Party A’s opinion"

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CCTV News (Reporter Wang Jingyuan Peng Jun): In May last year, after the 95th, Sichuan Zigong Girl Wanbao (pseudonym) resigned from Chengdu to return to his grandfather from Chengdu.Because of a letter written to grandma, she decided to bring Grandpa to fulfill his 100 wishes.

In May 2022, Marlboro went home and visited Grandpa. She wanted to surprise his grandfather and did not tell him in advance. After opening the house, Wanbao saw that Grandpa was leaning on the sofa.Grandpa’s eyes and ears were not good. Wanbao stood in the living room for a long time. Grandpa didn’t find her.There was a red blanket on the side of the sofa. Grandma’s legs were not good, and she was always used to putting a blanket on her legs.

Grandma has left for six years, and Grandpa has become more lonely over the years.Wanbao looked at the scene in front of her heart. She suddenly realized that she only took care of her forward and farther the old man behind him. "Suddenly noticing that Grandpa was behind me, it turned out that he was so old that he was so old."

I went home for a few more days to go home. She wanted to see how Grandpa’s life live.She accompanied Grandpa to "listen to the class", but found that it was a pension fraud agency specifically for the elderly. What surprised her was that there were many elderly people living alone like grandpa.

Wanbao reported to one of the fraud agencies. Unexpectedly, after the police got, the old people were still maintaining those "sales staff". At that time, she felt that it should not be done enough, so Grandpa would believe in those people so much.Wanbao is also worried that after he leaves, Grandpa will be embarrassed by the scam institution.

At that time, she was in a stage of wage increase. She was engaged in planning work and could work online.After thinking about it, she decided to resign and stay at home. "There are a lot of things in life that can’t be missed.

The more important reason is that she finds that Grandpa’s life is not as fulfilling and happy as she imagined.Every year, she and her parents ignored the inconvenience of living alone in the lives of the elderly, and this inconvenience could not even realize her grandpa himself.Grandpa often forgets to take medicine because of poor memory. When the hot milk is cooling, I do n’t drink it. I will forget the refrigerator door from the refrigerator.Pay attention to the range of sight on this side … Wanbao can’t help worrying that if the grandpa falls at home one day, what should he do?

One day Wanbao practiced characters at home, and Grandpa came to practice with interest. Wanbao did not expect that Grandpa wrote a letter to his grandmother, "let me" break the defense ".Because of this letter, she talked to Grandpa many old things, and she knew that because the grandmother’s legs were inconvenient, she couldn’t get far away. Grandpa kept at home in order to accompany her grandmother. "It’s not good at home. "

In this way, Wanbao decided to bring Grandpa to realize his 100 wishes and make up for his regrets.In Wanbao’s video diary, she recorded many of the first time I had done this year: the first time climbing, the first time I watched a movie, the first singing, the first time I took the subway, the first time I passed my fatherOn the festival, the first time I watched the drama performance, the first time I did a handicraft … When Grandpa went to Beijing for the first time, I prepared all the clothes I wanted to wear the next day in advance, and secretly brought my grandma’s photos.

"There is a saying before,‘ the death of loved ones is not a momentary rainstorm, but the dampness of life ’, it really feels this.” Grandma died one month before the Wanbao college entrance examination.Wanbao recalled that in the past, a large family could sit on a table to eat lively because the grandparents were there. After the old man left, the relatives gradually only paid attention to their respective families, and Juguo became the norm."You don’t think it is precious at some moment. When you really lose that moment, you will feel that the original experience is called happiness."

Wanbao said that during the year of resignation and returning home, the biggest difficulty she encountered was not to lose a stable job and the social circle of her peers, but Grandpa fell ill.Some time ago, Grandpa had been in a hospital for more than a month, and his physical condition was not as good as before.During the hospital’s escort, she recalled that when she struggled outside, she would use health to change money. Now she value the health of her family most. "This is more important than Party A’s opinions."

What makes Wanbao happy is that Grandpa’s mentality is much better than in the past. When he is sick, Wanbao often says "wait for you to take you out to play." Grandpa has become more hopeful for life. I look forward to the granddaughter who can bring himself to himself.Go to dream.

With the popularity of recording their own accompanying grandfather videos, Marlord received a private message from many netizens. They said that they wanted to resign and go home to take care of the elderly like her. Wanbao did not recommend this.Before deciding to resign, she fully considered her nature of work and her life circle after returning to her hometown. She believed that if she could not even take care of her life, it would be painful to go home just for filial piety. "Some kind ofIn terms of extent, this is a bit like ‘moral kidnapping’ ".She said that grandparents have experienced so much, and they must have their own wisdom of life. This kind of life wisdom is not as good as us. "We must let your life be seen in the light before bringing light to your family."

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