A 10 -year -old girl in Shandong was raped and pregnant.


A few days ago, a 10 -year -old girl in Shandong Hospital was diagnosed and confirmed that the girl had been pregnant for 5 months.After learning the diagnosis, the girl cried in the hospital.After the police involved, I learned that the girl had been raped.

Contemporary society is becoming more and more open to sex, but the awareness of protection and related cognition of minors has not been comprehensively improved.Even in the familiar environment, the minors are still full of danger, which makes people have to be guarded.

What are the aspects of the harm of minors encountering sexual assault?What are the factors of such cases?How to avoid such risks in daily life?

The cases where minors are sexually assaulted, both in society and individuals, are extremely harmful.

1. Psychological level

Some studies have pointed out that sexual assault has a great psychological impact on minors, and this category generally has the characteristics of long -term sustainability.

Because such cases involve personal privacy and have high privacy, and it is easy to put the shame, inferiority and other psychology of the minors, so most of the victims are unwilling to deal with the problem as soon as possible, and they are unwilling to ask for help.Essence

With the continuous deepening of complex emotions and negative psychology, and continuously cause mental torture, most of the victims will produce self -aversion and self -denial.

Even the criminal’s fault was strongly imposed on himself, so that he could not face intimacy after adulthood, and did not know how to deal with it.

In addition, the lack of courage to escape in an early age will also increase the psychological pressure of the victims.At the social level, it is generally advocated to face such problems, but there are only a handful of victims who have strong psychological support and can be brave.

Under complex psychological struggle and social opinion, victims are often difficult to face bravely.The cowardly and evading approach will cause people to be contradictory.The victims will gradually start complaining, hate their fragility, and deepen their self -denial.

2. Physiological level

Physiological damage is more direct.Due to incomplete development of minors, organ organizations are likely to cause damage when they are infringed.During the resistance, if the criminals do violence, the victim will suffer from flesh.

In addition, if sexual assault leads to minors pregnancy, early pregnancy will bring many problems.Artificial abortion is more damaged to the body, which is easy to destroy the inside environment. In severe cases, it will even lose fertility.If the adventure leaves the child, there will be many obstacles and difficulties in raising.

So what factors are related to such problems?

In order to promote the education of minor human nature, the lower grades of a elementary school have organized related social experiments to allow children to get along alone with strangers and have physical contact.As a result, more than 90%of children in the class did not have a sense of protection, and they were touched by strangers.

Perhaps the ideas are relatively backward, and parents are always in a more embarrassing situation in sex education.

So that many children already have a certain gender awareness, they have begun to spare sex, but they do not have corresponding cognition, and they do not know how to protect themselves.

The family’s negligence from the campus has led to weak self -protection ability and insufficient awareness of self -protection, which will increase the possibility of infringement.Many criminals are frequent because their children are unknown.

1. Strengthen monitoring at the family level

Contemporary people’s life pressure and busy work, carelessness in taking care of children.Especially for children with a certain ability to live, parents often relax their vigilance in safety.

Parents are advised not to ignore the protection of their children no matter at any time.Raising awareness of prevention and strengthening safety knowledge can avoid children’s risks as much as possible.

2. Campus education and management

Many schools now have sex education classrooms and related safety education courses.This can effectively improve the awareness and sexual safety cognition of minors, and allow children to avoid and reduce risks from themselves.

In terms of teachers and campuses, we should also pay attention to such problems.Once similar incidents occur, they must not be hastily or bring them. The victims should be first placed first, actively dealt with and strengthen management and supervision.

3. Increase strike at the social level

Considering the psychological pressure and social pressure caused by sexual assault incidents to the victims, most of them are unwilling to investigate afterwards, which can easily lead to lack of law on crime.The low cost of crime will increase the possibility of criminal crimes again.

In order to increase deterrence, the society must not only severely punish the criminals and increase punishment, but also fundamentally strengthen education, improve the level of ideological knowledge, and create a harmonious social atmosphere.The possibility of crime is reduced, and minors can be truly protected.

Minors seem to be far away, but they are actually around.This will not only affect children’s health, but also destroy their mental health and cause long -term torture.In order to avoid adverse factors, families, campuses, and society are also requested to raise awareness of prevention of prevention and increase punishment.

Friends, what do you think of minors’ infringing pregnancy?What do you think is more suitable for children to receive sex education?

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