8 -month -old children eat yellow -bone fish allergic long eczema, nutritionist: 5 categories of allergic foods should not be supplemented

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Piggy is a novice mother. I usually like to watch some videos and sharing of parenting bloggers on the Internet. Learn how to raise children and how to give children supplementary food.””

Seeing that the child can make yellow bone fish for 8 months, he followed the tutorial above and made a meal of yellow bone fish. The child still likes to eat it. I did not expect that the child was crying that night.There is a stool with a smell of fish, and the second day of the face grows one by one.

The piglet also told the doctor that he bought black sesame pork liver powder for the child, white sesame oyster powder, and was talked about by the doctor.

Children are so small that supplementary food can only account for 30%. More than 70%of them have to drink milk. Eating so many supplementary foods for children can cause weak spleen and stomach.

When children add supplementary food, many parents do feel what nutrition eats for their children. In fact, the child’s gastrointestinal digestive ability is relatively weak. Try to avoid foods that are easy to allergic to children.

As a nutritionist herself, she often reminds her mother when going out to lecture: to give children to eat, really not what nutrition is eaten.

Children must prevent food allergies before they are one year old. Once the child has food allergies, it will not be able to eat well for several days, which will directly affect the child’s growth and development. The mother time spends money.Impact.

Category 1: Egg protein

When the child is a child guarantee for about 7 months, the doctor can recommend adding some egg yolk to the child, and the egg yolk is indeed a kind of supplementary food raw material that is relatively easy to obtain. It is recommended that parents cook the entire egg after cooking.Essence

Some parents feel that children eat egg protein more smooth and nutritious, so they use the entire egg steamed egg custard with the entire egg.

Egg protein is a kind of alien protein for children, which is easy to cause allergies.Many parents have spoiled their children’s custard and causing their children to skin allergies, eczema, and even diarrhea. Moms do not step on these children’s rear.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

It is recommended that children eat protein after one year old, and children are drinking milk every day, so protein is not easy to lack, and there is no need to supplement protein by egg protein.

The second type: peanuts and nuts

When we buy many finished foods, we will find that it will contain peanuts on it. In fact, it is reminded that these foods contain peanuts. If you are allergic to peanuts, don’t eat it.

Foods such as peanuts, cashews, and walnuts may also cause children’s allergies.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

Before your child is one year old, do not give your child a nuts that may be allergic to peanut butter, walnut powder, etc.

After the child is one year old, you can try to use peanut walnuts to make powder or soy milk, try a small amount, and then slowly increase without allergies.

Third type: Fruits of allergies

Fruit is also a kind of food that is easy to be allergic. For example, litchi is delicious, but for the baby, the sugar is too high, which will cause children to have symptoms like eye shit and irritability.

For example, mango, the content of carotene is very high, but for children before the age of one year, it is a fruit that is very susceptible to allergies. Mango juice contacts the child’s skin may cause skin allergies.

Even if you eat too much, the child’s throat edema causes breathing difficulties. At this time, you have to go to the hospital for emergency treatment.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

Fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, and grapes are relatively mild, and they can supplement their children before the age of one year.

Mango, pineapple, lychee, durian and other fruits that are susceptible to allergies should not be eaten for children before the age of one.

Fruits with potential allergies, such as kiwi fire dragon fruit, first try a small amount when eating for children.

4th type: Haiyu

Fish is also rich in protein, especially sea fish, which is more nutritious and the possibility of allergies will be higher.

There are also some parents who may buy canned fish for their children, such as canned tuna for supplementary food, which is not advocated in this way.

In order to increase the shelf life, these canned preservatives or other ingredients will be added, which is more likely to cause children to be allergic.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

Before the age of one year, you can try a small amount of freshwater fish. It is best to wait for the child to try a small amount after a child. If there is no allergies, you can slowly increase.

5th type: crustacea

Consorneys refer to foods such as shrimp, crabs, and snails.The protein content is high, the zinc content is high, and the risk of high nutritional value is also high.

Some adults will be allergic to shrimp and crabs, let alone children who have no mature gastrointestinal development.

Before, a relative took a few hairy crabs for the two -year -old children. As a result, allergic purpura appeared. After being hospitalized in the hospital for a week, took a year of medicine, and the meat could only take chicken lean meat in one year.Slowly recover.

【Reminder of Jing Mom】

Before you are one year old, you should not let your children eat sea shrimp, river shrimp, lobster, crabs, and hairy crabs all kinds of conch field snails.

You need to add a small amount after one year old.

Making supplementary food for children is not delicious, the child is unwilling to eat, and the mother feels hard to please.

Incorrectly, children are prone to diarrhea and get sick, affecting growth and development!

Eating too much food for children can cause children to indiggore, and eating less can cause their children to malnutrition.

It is really a technical job to add supplementary food to children. How to add?What do you add?How much is added?Every mother must be clear.

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