8 kinds of early pregnancy signals suggest that you are pregnant, don’t hurry up and test

A few days ago, a news said that a woman knew that she was pregnant for 5 months. First of all, because she did not feel much in the previous month, did not vomit, and did not fatigue. The most important thing was her.The belly is not as big as 5 months pregnant, and it is more like a belly that has just been eating.After all, this is a minority, but most women still feel after pregnancy. So what signals will be available after pregnancy?

1. The occurrence of bleeding phenomenon

Generally, women’s menstrual periods are relatively regular (irregularly), but obviously there is no way of menstruation, why is there a little blood? So this may not be your aunt, but it means that you may be pregnant.It will appear when you sit in bed in fertilized eggs. Generally, about 10 days after the same room, this is also the fastest sign of women’s pregnancy!

2. Mild pain in the abdomen

In the early stages of women’s pregnancy, the stomach still has a slight pain, and even a "falling feeling". This kind of pain is much lighter than the aunt.Congratulations, you may be pregnant!

3. Nauseous to vomit

"Pregnancy vomiting" is also the most direct pregnancy manifestation, but each woman’s physical condition is different. Some women do not have pregnancy.But nausea is found by every woman. It will be very disgusting when it encounters greasy things. This sign will also appear around the 15th day of pregnancy, especially in the morning!

4. It is easy to feel fatigue and drowsiness

In the early pregnancy, some expectant mothers will have different degrees of drowsiness. They will want to go to bed early at night, and they will feel unable to get up in the morning.I feel very tired when shopping or exercise.

5. The body temperature rises to a certain extent

This is a small common sense that is relatively unpopular.But for young people who are not very stable in our body temperature, we cannot completely serve as a reference standard for pregnancy.

For most women, delaying menstruation is the most intuitive manifestation of pregnancy.But delayed menstruation does not necessarily mean pregnancy, especially for women who are irregular during menstruation.In addition, stopped contraceptive YAO sometimes delayed menstruation.On the contrary, sometimes when the fertilized eggs are in bed, it can cause minor bleeding, so do not mistakenly judge that you are not pregnant because of bleeding.

6. Frequent toilet

I often want to urinate is one of the manifestations in the early stages of pregnancy.The blood circulation is accelerated during pregnancy, so that the burden on the kidneys increases, and it must be discharged from the body through urination.This manifestation is particularly obvious at night.

7. Hate smell some smell

I may not want to smell the smell that I can bear before during pregnancy.This is still caused by hormones.Estrogen and progesterone secreted by the placenta can make pregnant women very sensitive to odor.Therefore, pregnant women may suddenly reject the taste of cigarettes, coffee or fried food.

8. Vaginal secretions become more

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to hormones, vaginal discharge will increase, and normal secretions will appear transparent or pale white.Rest and seek medical treatment.

Not every pregnant woman will have the above 8 phenomena, and each person’s physical condition is different. Therefore, the changes in adapting to pregnancy will be different.It provides a reference indicator for everyone to check myself ~

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