6 small things that improve the dog’s "happiness", one of them is to earn

I believe that every shoveling officer wants his dog to be happy and happy, so the following is the six small things that improve the dog’s "happiness". One of them is made, and the small book quickly write down!

Give enough care and companionship

Dogs are social animals and need our company and care.Take time to interact with your dog, play, touch, build a deep emotional bond, so that they can feel your love and concern.

Provide appropriate exercise and activities

Dogs need appropriate exercise and activities to maintain good health and psychological satisfaction.You can take more dogs to walk, run, play, or participate in dog movement and training activities to allow them to release energy, explore the world, and interact with other dogs.

Provide rich toys and intellectual stimuli

Dogs need intellectual stimulation and entertainment to prevent boring and anxiety.Provide a variety of toys, intelligence games and maze, so that they can solve problems, find food or make interesting challenges, and stimulate their intelligence and curiosity.

Provide a safe and comfortable environment

Dogs need a safe, clean and comfortable living environment.Provide them with comfortable mattresses, suitable temperature, clean drinking water and cavities.

Positive training and reward

Through positive training methods, establish good communication and understanding with dogs, let them know your expectations and rules.To strengthen their positive behaviors with praise and rewarding snacks, this positive interaction and training will increase their confidence and happiness.

Regular feeding

It is very important for dogs to fill your stomach every day. If the dog has nothing to eat, it will make the dog feel very anxious, so the shoveling officer can put food at a regular point every day for the dogs to eat, and it will be eaten.Make them feel very happy.

If you want to be healthy, in addition to quantitative feeding, you should also pay attention to the choice of staple dog food.The dog food selected for the dog is best low salt and a balanced nutrition.You can refer to this one!

Conclusion: Have you done these happy little things?

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