51 -year -old Faye Wong was exposed to give birth to children?The details of the news are doubtful, but the queen is not so stupid

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, a 11 -year -old couple, have a polarized reputation. Friends who like them call them a fairy couple.

Friends who don’t like them say they are irresponsible, do not deserve to be parents, or support Cecilia Cheung and Li Yapeng.

The love between Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse is the talk of people after dinner. From this year, they have broken up, and now they have said that they already have the crystallization of love.

A photo of a mother holding a newborn on the Internet, the title says that Faye Wong risked her life and gave birth to Nicholas Tse’s son.

Nicholas Tse cried, lamented that he finally had a complete home, and he was going to marry Faye Wong to cross the door next step.

This breaking news is very fierce, and the details are full of loopholes. It is not true at first glance.

First of all, the photos of the maternal woman are blurred and cannot be judged that it is Faye Wong. The ward facilities are simple. At first glance, it is ordinary people.

The cost of rumoring now is too low. The breaking news of the blindfolding is fuzzy to see the photos of people who can’t see clearly, and it has detonated the hotspot. It is indeed the queen, and the heat is not reduced.

If it is true, it is impossible for the photos to be low enough to see the face. This may be that someone who is a heart is made, and it is deliberately blurred to confuse the audiovisual.

The facilities in the ward are not tall at all. The celebrities have children and are elderly women. They must go to the VIP ward of the noble hospital to enjoy first -level care.

The queen is not bad, and the body is tight. Why should it be in such a rude ordinary ward?This is unreasonable.

Secondly, Faye Wong is 51 years old and will be menopause immediately. Maybe he has menopausal, and the chance of pregnancy is extremely low.

I checked that women’s menopause is about 50 years old, and most people are between 45-55.

If Faye Wong is pregnant and has a child, it has long been pregnant, so there is no need to wait until menopause to get pregnant and have children.

The risk of giving birth to a child for an elderly mother is too great. Even if Fayevy was born, Nicholas Tse would not let her live.

The reason is very simple. Nicholas Tse already has two sons, and Faye Wong also has two daughters. The children are not scarce for them. Why should they take risks to have children?

For those who are avant -garde, giving birth to children is not for raising children to prevent elderly.

The disadvantages of La Laizi are greater than the sharpness. When they are older, they are very difficult to bring their baby. When Faye Wong is 70 years old, the child is only 20 years old.

In the future, children will need to handle their weddings. They will also work hard. Children will have children in the future. They can’t even bring their grandsons. What we can think of, they also want to get it.

Third, in the marriage of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse were not wrong.

In the marriage of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, who is the wrong party?I believe everyone has also seen that Li Yapeng loves investment. At the longest 6 years, he has no income, and he has to pay money to pay for employees and operate the company.

He deceived Faye Wong at the event, completely exposed his selfish nature, and Faye Wong began to die from that moment.

If Faye Wong’s divorce at the time was timely stop loss, then Nicholas Tse divorced was also affectionate.

Cecilia Cheung became the target of criticism overnight. Nicholas Tse ended up, but Cecilia Cheung didn’t cherish it well.

Whether Chen Guanxi took a photo on the plane, whether it was true or not, it had become the last straw that crushed their marriage.

After the divorce, Cecilia Cheung and Li Yapeng became responsible good father and mother, the best ex -wife and the best ex -husband.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse have become selfish men and women in people’s mouths. Their personality is the person who is doing and who is doing. It is the best explanation without explanation. Let time prove it.

Regarding Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, it is also an inevitable result. If you do n’t forget, you must have a sound. The two injured souls meet again.

Finally, don’t underestimate their love, they may not get married or break up.

The fate of Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, from the beginning, went around, and there were too many obstacles in front of them, such as the age difference of the 11 -year -old, the growth environment, and status.

They each married and divorced, and after trying the sweetness and bitterness of the marriage, they turned back and found that each other was true love.

If you have a thousand miles to meet, you will not meet the opposite side.

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong’s love, like the movie "Life One" played by Nicholas Tse, has split and combined many times, and missed it again, because love bonds a lifetime.

Although the male lead had an accident in the end, their love was eternal, and true love would not disappear.

Therefore, everyone still underestimates the love of Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse. They are not ordinary sister -in -law love. They have a 100 % fit soul and do not need to rely on marriage and children to prove this love.

The heart of the mind is the highest state of love. Only the talents who have really loved it.

I think Faye Wong Nicholas Tse may not get married or give birth to children, but they are happy, and they will always be the best way to prove love.

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