5 gestational water drying goods strategies, safe and pregnant skin care products, and pregnancy must be beautiful!

Women have experienced great physiological changes during pregnancy, which may cause some skin dryness and spots during pregnancy.Pregnant women do not know how to choose high safety of water milk.

When choosing to use skin care products, pregnant women need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The skin condition of each pregnant woman will be different, with dryness, oily, sensitive muscles and other skin types.Therefore, when pregnant mothers have skin care products for pregnant women in the market, they also need to choose skin care products that suits them according to their skin quality.

2. According to different skin problems, skin care products will be divided into whitening, freckle, acne and other effects.However, in order to achieve effective skin care effects in these skin care products, pregnant women should pay attention to heavy metals and other components, which will directly affect the baby’s health.Therefore, skin care products suitable for pregnant women can only have a moisturizing effect.

3. Most skin care products contain irritating ingredients or chemical ingredients, which are not safe for pregnant women and may also affect the fetus.

For example: skin care products containing these ingredients, pregnant women should not be used: hydrogen, Leiting-A and tetracycline, vitanic acid and salicylic acid, dihydroxylcetone, visual eloanol, phthalamine, etc.Therefore, when buying or using skin care products, pregnant women should choose products with good quality, good guarantee, and simple ingredients. It is best to produce products with natural raw materials. The nature is gentle, and it is more suitable for weak acidity and the human body.

Well ~ I recommend a few self -use water milk suits during my pregnancy. I am a mixed oil sensitive muscle. It will be dry in winter. After pregnancy, the skin is more peeling and itching, so I currently use the most moisturizing and moisturizing set.Essence

Pro -moisturizing nourishing moisturizing lotion

This soy milk nourishing moisturizing lotion from the pro -Runjia is squeezed out of the emulsion like milk. It has a very light fragrance. The moisturizing lotion becomes water after wiping it on the face, making the skin very easy to absorb, and it is very easy to absorb, andThere is no burden, there will be no greasy thickness, very refreshing.

The emulsion is developed by natural soybean essence. It can quickly import water into the bottom of the skin in combination with rich amino acids and vitamin factors, while effectively improving skin moisturizing.

Germany tender pregnant women with fragrant folk folic acid water suits

Nenfu, it was developed by the Nobel winner Orto Harne Laboratory. The German professional pregnant women’s skin care brand. The core component in it is the folic acid that is eaten during pregnancy. The ingredients are absolutely safe. Pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.

Germany Nenfu’s pregnant woman has no fragrant foliculic acid water milk set, beautiful practice is full green safety. Compared with other pregnant women’s water and milk, the tenderfu’s water milk, 8 major additives (no added flavor, preservatives, pigment, mineral oil, heavy metals, heavy metals, Fragrance, foaming agent, alcohol), the pH value is closer to the skin of the human body, and the pregnant mother is more comfortable to use.

Pregnant mothers who eat folic acid during pregnancy should all know that adding edible folic acid is beneficial to the baby, and the mother is at ease.There are also a variety of amino acid surface activity ingredients and sodium hyaluronate, which can not only effectively hydrate and moisturize, insist on using it, but also repair damaged skin and improve dull skin.It is the most satisfactory set of milk I have ever used ~

Germany Nenfu’s pregnant woman without fragrant folic acid water essence: transparent texture, colorless and tasteless, pregnant mothers do not have to worry about causing pregnancy, uncomfortable use, lightly pat on the face, and a trace of brushed.No problem all day.

Germany tender pregnant women with fragrant folic acid moisturizing milk: The water is thin and thin, and the water is tender and tender after painting. It will not be greasy at all.

Yue Shi Feng Yin Moisturizing Milk

Yue Shi Feng Yin moisturizing milk can regulate the balance of skin water and oil, and use the light moisturizing lotion that contains the plant components needed by the skin, creating ideal water and oil balance and maintaining the skin’s balance of the skin.At the same time as the nutritional ingredient of the skin is given to the skin’s water without burden, it effectively regulates the skin’s water and oil balance, so that the skin can completely get rid of the greasy and heavy feeling.Contains pure natural plant extraction ingredients such as green tea, rosemary and ginseng.

HABA Runze Sofee Glutter G Lu

HABA is rich in natural trace elements, brocade extraction and scutellaria root extraction, which can improve the skin’s protection and give vitality, effectively improve the darkness, and make the skin clear and transparent.After sun exposure, it is excellent with redness and thorns.It is the legendary Japanese royal royal beauty formula formula. Crimdy root is magical skin effect, which can promote skin regeneration, soothing, effectively soothing fragility or stimulating the skin.

October Angel soft white breasts

October Angel soft white toner, which is rich in natural mountain flower essence, various vitamins and other ingredients. It can quickly help improve the dull and dry skin condition, effectively moisturize the skin, and continuously improve the skin’s own lock itself.Water moisturizing ability can always be in a state of hydrated and fullness from the root.

Everyone knows that those useful skin care products can be shared with each other ~

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