42 -year -old Xie Naoshuai?Bring 3 daughters shopping in the mall, the belly is raised obvious, and I was guessed that I was pregnant for 5 months

Xie Na is a well -known singer, host and actor. After she married Zhang Jie, she gave birth to three lovely daughters, namely twins and buds.Xie Na has always been a very caring and patience mother. She not only took care of her children, but also participated in various public welfare activities and contributed to society.Xie Na is also a very talented and courageous woman. When she was 42 years old, she dared to challenge herself and participated in a variety show like "Sister Lang", showing her charm and strength.

Recently, some paparazzi exposed the picture of Xie Na’s three daughters. At the same time, because of her belly, she was questioned that she was pregnant with a third child. Paparas also speculated that she was pregnant for five months.Once this news came out, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Some people expressed their blessings, some expressed their doubts, and some were worried.So, is Xie Na really pregnant?Let’s analyze it.

First, let’s take a look at the video and pictures taken.It can be seen from the video that Xie Na was wearing a white dress and the style was very loose. She just stroked her belly as soon as she came down from the car.This action makes people think of the habit of pregnant women.And it can be seen from the picture that Xie Na’s abdomen is indeed relatively obvious. Whether it is bending and drinking water, putting the bag on the waist, putting her hands on her belly, walking on her back, putting her hands on her waist, etc.It can be seen that her belly has a protrusion.These are possible signs of pregnancy.

Secondly, let’s take a look at Xie Na’s recent itinerary.It is reported that in addition to the three daughters, there are two nanny and a driver. After the driver sent Zhang Jie to the airport, he turned his head to pick up Xie Na and the children.Zhang Jie’s door has a special driver with two bodyguards around him. It can be seen that it is really not bad. It should be more than a few more.And Zhang Jie has no job arrangement recently. He said on Weibo that he would accompany his family.These show that Xie Na and Zhang Jie have enough time and conditions to meet new life.

Once again, let’s take a look at the situation of Xie Na’s participation in "Sister Lang"."Sister Lang" is a female inspirational variety show that requires participants to conduct various training and challenges.As a 42 -year -old veteran, Xie Na performed very well in the show. Not only did she win the love of audiences and judges, but she also gained many new friends.However, how much the training intensity of Sister Lang can imagine. Many female artists call it a weight loss camp. Na Ying lost more than 20 pounds after participating in the show.If Xie Na is really pregnant, training and performance in such an environment is not conducive to the health of the fetus.Moreover, Xie Na did not disclose any pregnancy in the show. Instead, she performed a split on the stage, which made people feel that she was not like a pregnant woman.

In summary, Xie Na was photographed by a paparazzi to bulge and was questioned that she was pregnant with three babies, but she participated in the training intensity of Sister Lang. Whether she really became pregnant has to be observed.We cannot judge whether a person is pregnant only with the appearance, nor can we disseminate the unskilled news at will.We should respect Xie Na’s privacy and choices. If she is really pregnant, I believe she will announce it to everyone at the right time.If she is not pregnant, then we should not give her unnecessary pressure and trouble.We just hope that Xie Na can always be happy, healthy, and beautiful, and continue to use her talent and charm to bring us more surprises and movements.

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