42 days of pregnancy returning from blood test, the doctor said it was good!

I went to test the blood this morning. I took the blood in the morning and took the results in the afternoon, purchased it in the middle, went to ship, delivered melon seeds.The results were taken in the afternoon. The doctor said that it was normal and normal. She also said that if the B -ultrasound can find the pregnancy sac, it is recommended to review it after a week.The fetal buds or something ~

I have occasionally stomachache in the past two days. I have never had it before, but I just woke up as soon as I slept. I hope it will be better!

A few days ago I dreamed of going to my mother’s house. There were two big pythons at home. One was entangled with me. I killed it, and the other was lying on my nest. I don’t know what it means!Is it a boy?I don’t want to ask a boy anymore, I want a girl!But since I knew that I was pregnant, I felt that the girl was the best, but if it was a boy, I would accept it. Now I look forward to the healthy baby in the stomach!Intersection

Now pregnancy is no different from pregnancy. He ran behind his son’s ass all day. When he was tired of shopping, he hugged me. Sometimes he was fierce when he was disobedient, and I was tired of shouting!Now I am pregnant without a lot of fanfare, because the first boy, Erbao is not in the policy!There are very few people who know, and they have to look at the children.

) There is no special treatment, it feels tired!

I didn’t tell the mother’s mother that the mother -in -law’s sister -in -law was also a second child. She was going to take medicine to adjust the boy, so I don’t tell there first ~

Finally, I hope everything goes well!Intersection

Ma Ma Ai Dou 0323 Posted on 2015-03-07 22:50

My dear, I will only have a simple baby supplementary food. You have to rest early, you can’t stay up late!If you are pregnant, you will have to rest!Hmm, I just sleep. Today I really feel physically and mentally exhausted. Dear, you should rest early. If you have time, you have more supplementary food and food posts. After Erbao comes out, you can make supplementary food like you!good night!

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