3D group diagram: The whole process of the fetus in the mother’s abdomen during pregnancy, fetal treasure: cultivation of adults is too difficult

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Every cute baby grows slowly from a fertilized egg in the mother’s uterus, and came to this world after the birth of October.How did the fertilized eggs grow and grow in this for ten months and for 280 days?It also said that it looks easy, but maybe only the fetus knows, this is a thrilling 100 -meter racing.

In this era of technology, prospective mothers can really feel how the baby’s baby grows and develops during pregnancy through 3D technology, and how to grow step by step into birth.

1. Early pregnancy (1 ~ 12 weeks)

1, 1 ~ 3 weeks

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At this stage, the mother releases follicles in her body, waiting for the combination of the best sperm, and eventually forms a fertilized egg with a size of 0.2 mm weighing 1.55 mg. The course of life begins.

2, 4 ~ 6 weeks

The fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, and slowly start to grow, constantly split, the brain begins to develop, the heart begins to grow prototype and divide the internity chamber, which can regularly beating and blood supply.In addition, at this stage of fetal treasure, neural tube can already connect the brain spinal cord and continue to develop.

3, 7 ~ 9 weeks

The embryo slowly grows from about 12 mm to about 25 mm. Various complex organs, tissues, and nerves have begun to develop. Facial organs can be distinguished, limbs have gradually formed, and the heart has also been divided (left atrium, right ventricle), Mom’s uterus is slowly expanded, and the embryo can be called a real "fetus" at this time.

4, 10 ~ 12 weeks

During the fetus, the size of the lentils gradually grew to 75 mm, and the eyelids began to stick together. The fingers and toes were well developed. It can be clearly seen that the ten fingers, nails, and fluffy hair began to develop.Now you can complete a series of movements, such as sucking your thumbs, swinging his arms, and kicking. Some bones have begun to become hard, and joint prototypes appear.The brain and respiratory organs have also developed.

2. In the second trimester (13 ~ 24 weeks)

1, 13 ~ 15 weeks

The length of the fetal baby grows from 76 mm to 110 mm, and the hair starts to grow. The distance between the two eyes began to closer. He can hold his hands tightly. Fingerprints can also appear on the fingers.You can start making bile, and the kidneys can also be dredged in the bladder.If it was a female treasure, her ovaries had formed an egg during this period.

2. 16 ~ 18 weeks

The height of the baby’s body has grown to about 14 cm and weighs about 200 grams. With the help of a stethoscope, you can hear the heart of the fetus. The eyebrows and eyelashes grow very long.Waiting for action.

3, 19 ~ 21 weeks

At this stage, the mother can feel the baby’s movement. He will often do various sports, such as punches, bending and flexing knees, rolling, etc., swallowing amniotic fluid, and the kidneys can complete urine.Development, the development of the female baby’s reproductive organs is completed.

4, 22 ~ 24 weeks

At this stage, the baby’s head is still growing rapidly, and the skin has changed from transparent to red and more folds. Lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes are clearly visible. The retina begins to form, and vision and hearing began to form gradually.The sound of heartbeat and gastrointestinal motility, the secretion of pancreatic and hormones is stable and developed, and it may also be pulled in the placenta.In addition, the reproductive organs of the male baby are completed.

5, 25 ~ 27 weeks

The taste buds of the fetus began to develop, a thin layer of fluff grows on the skin, and it can gradually make breathing movements. The nervous system is constantly developing. The brain nerves have reacted to touch.Opening, the function of visual nerves can already work.

Third, the third trimester (28 ~ 40 weeks)

1, 28 ~ 30 weeks

The baby has a black and beautiful hair, and the body is almost filled with the entire uterus. The eyes can begin to open and close, and gradually form your own sleep time. You can breathe through the lungs, and slowly turn your head down. He often sucks his fingers.

2, 31 ~ 33 weeks

At this stage, the baby weighs about 2000 grams and is about 48 cm tall. Its subcutaneous fat is still growing, the skin is no longer wrinkled, the head has begun to enter the pelvic bone.In the blink of an eye, it can also distinguish between darkness and can track the light source, and all aspects of the body are growing.

3, 34 ~ 36 weeks

At this stage, the baby’s weight is generally about 2500 grams, with a length of about 50 cm. The body has slowly converted into a downward posture. The subcutaneous fat is gradually developing.middle.

4, 37 ~ 39 weeks

All parts of the baby’s body continues to develop, the hair becomes long and more, the head begins to fix the pelvis, the body’s fat continues to grow.It will be developed after birth.

5, 40 weeks

The baby’s baby has been developed and it may be born at any time. It is normal to be born one or two weeks before and after the due date.Formed by the discharge, the function of the placenta will gradually degenerate until the baby is born.(WCY)

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