38 years ago Diana was pregnant with her pregnant belly, and after playing with Charles, she replaced it with fatty Camilla.

When Diana was wearing a blue waist skirt and accompanied Charles (husband) to attend the event, she was looking forward to the future.38 years ago Diana was pregnant with her stomach, and after playing with Charles, she replaced Camilla, full of fat.Reminder of the cold knowledge: pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, close eyes, and exercise more!This short article is about 850 words, and it takes about 50 seconds to read.

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Diana and Charles met by accident at a party.Since then, Charles has begun to Diana, pursuing and proposing crazy.When Diana, who was 21 years old, was still with William, she had a big pregnant belly and played with Charles on the beach.Although they chose an almost unknown island, they were photographed.

Maybe Anna forgot, she soon became a mother.Even if she looks inconvenient, she does not delay her play with her lover.And Charles looked full of pets in Diana’s eyes!The beauty of the beautiful woman enjoys a smile during pregnancy, this good figure is enviable!Although Diana died in a car accident more than ten years, people always thought that this moment was a beautiful moment.

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After Diana left, Charles married Camilla.Although some people do not understand, their marriage lasted for 16 years, and there are many 16 years in the future.Today, Charles and Camilla will still go to the beach.However, the style of painting is no longer so beautiful.

After all, Camilla is 74 years old.So from the photos taken by people, it is full of fat.Beauty has never been the advantage of Camilla, not to mention that now he is old, even when he is young, it is not as good as Diana’s charming beauty.What’s more, Over time, Bai Yueguang will inevitably become an old lady!

Camilla and Charles created countless sweet moments.Every birthday Charles will make surprises and often take the initiative to send flowers to Camilla.Such treatment has become Diana’s luxury.Many people still miss Diana to this day.I just don’t know if Charles took Camilla to the beach to play, would she think of the beauty with a pregnant belly.What do you think of it?Welcome to exchange, hot discussions, stop, discuss, watch, and leave a message in the comment area.

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