38 -year -old mother’s pregnancy experience: The whole pregnancy is suffering, but the body is particularly strong

My feelings of my whole pregnancy are three points: my mouth is bitter, my body is energetic, and I am unconsciously happy (poor and happy).

I knew that after I was pregnant in November 2019, I started to pay attention to all aspects, especially if I have to eat well, and I have to rest. For the health of the baby in the stomach, I specially bought the facial cleanser of pregnant women.I won’t rub the oil anymore, I’m afraid it’s bad for my baby.

Even though I thought very detailed, it was particularly nervous.I feel that I am an elderly pregnant woman. I don’t know what will be exhausted throughout pregnancy?I am still worried that the reaction during pregnancy is great, will it be particularly painful?


In fact, my reaction during pregnancy is very small. There is almost no nausea and vomiting. It is to brush my teeth to retider several times, but I can hold back.The only uncomfortable thing is that my mouth has been suffering, and it is particularly uncomfortable. I know it is the reason for endocrine disorders during pregnancy. There are no other good ways to solve it. I just want to eat some sour things every time.I was winter in the early stages of pregnancy. There was no seasonal fruit. When I turned to the New Year to get out of Xiaoxingzi, I passed by the park and saw the green Xiaolingzi who had not grown up, but I especially wanted to eat it.I secretly picked a few times. At that time, I was afraid that the people passing by said I wasted.As a result, I tasted one, not the taste I wanted. In short, I just ate it, and I still suffered in my mouth.I have been looking for ingredients that can deal with bitterness in my mouth.

Unfortunately, in the late pregnancy, I accidentally eat the crispy plums. After I found that after eating, I was particularly good in my mouth and did not suffer. I felt that my throat was much more comfortable.I only hated that I knew that the crispy plum could solve the bitterness in her mouth early, and she had been in the painful feeling of bitterness during my pregnancy.

I happened to have a new crown epidemic throughout my pregnancy. My small shop has not opened the door. I have been resting at home. By the way, I accompany the boss to go online. I only opened the job until the end of May.When the epidemic is the worst, we can risk control in our community, and we cannot go anywhere, especially the month of the first month.Once I wanted to buy something with my husband, I was disgusted by the grid staff, saying that we are fine.Haven’t you all prepared for many years at home?I didn’t dare to tell her that I wanted to eat some cool fruits, and I always felt that my stomach was hot.

All -out

In the early days of pregnancy, I was easy to sleep. My big treasure went online at home. I lay down to sleep. I could sleep particularly every day.My family is not large. I play in the living room for a while except sleeping every day because the epidemic does not let go.Later, I was almost crazy, and I felt that my strength was useless.I just practiced boxing at home and hit myself a few times.

Originally I thought I was a second child, and I was older. I was definitely tired of pregnancy. I did n’t expect it to be the opposite. I was diligent than when I was in the first pregnancy.Swipe the bowls and wash clothes. Even so, I feel that my strength is still unused. It really becomes particularly diligent and diligent than when I am not pregnant.

Thinking of my Hua Dabao, I was young at that time, more than a dozen years younger than now, but I was too lazy to do nothing. After eating daily, I was lying on the sofa watching TV. The whole pregnancy was still at work in the first five months.I have been watching TV on the sofa.

So, those who came here said: Don’t want children when you are older. If you are pregnant, you ca n’t stand it.I think they are not exactly right, I am an exception.

Don’t feel happy (poor and happy)

I am also particularly strange that I am particularly excited during my whole pregnancy. It seems that there are happy factors in the body, and I always feel particularly happy.Some pregnant mothers say that they are particularly depressed after pregnancy and inexplicable. I think I just opposite them. Although there is nothing in my life that makes me excitedly happy, I will be inexplicably excited and happy.In addition to my husband, sometimes I am angry, I am still very comfortable during pregnancy.

So, let me summarize: I think that if old women still want to have a baby, in fact, you can boldly give birth. Don’t think too much or too much. Everyone’s physical condition is different. Others are uncomfortable.It does not mean that you will be uncomfortable and will vomit.I am not the same as Erbao. I was very lazy when I was in Huai Dabao. Huai Erbao was particularly diligent.So, if you want your baby and you are pregnant, don’t have any unnecessary concerns to affect your mood. Happy every day and enjoy every day during pregnancy!


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