34 doubts that cannot be ignored during pregnancy

I want to be a mother!This is the joy of the first mother!For the first 280 days of living with the baby, how can prospective moms live peacefully with the little baby in the belly?How can I answer my doubts?In this article, according to the four parts of diet, daily life, safety of medication, and folk taboos, the 34th doubts during pregnancy are most concerned about the doubts during pregnancy!The doubt of diet is the day, and the diet during pregnancy is the topic that every prospective muma pays special attention to it. He is afraid that your nutritional intake will be insufficient and affects the development of baby in the belly.However, pregnancy is not an indifferent to eat, and the balanced dietary principle can make moms healthy and the baby is strong!The following includes dietary problems that pregnant mothers care about, Youguan confinement meal

Xu Hongzhi, the attending physician, give professional suggestions!


Can I take propolis during pregnancy?

A: Before 3 months of pregnancy, because the fetal development is not complete, it is not recommended to take supplements, because in the period of growth of the fetal organs, any drug or supplement must be adjusted depending on the physique of the pregnant woman.Suspicious, it is recommended to discuss with obstetricians or professional nutritionists before deciding.


For 5 months of pregnancy, can you drink Western slices+wolfberry+red dates to brew tea with tea?

A: It is not advisable to drink supplements containing ginseng ingredients during pregnancy. Some pregnant women may cause uterine contraction and even need to be available.From the perspective of Western medicine, as long as the daily diet of pregnant women is appropriate and normal, the fetal ultrasound examination is normal, and other supplements are generally not recommended.


Breakfast is used to drinking 500 CC milk tea. Can you drink milk tea for pregnancy, will you have side effects on the fetus?

A: It is best to change milk tea to general milk or brewed milk, because tea contain caffeine ingredients, and should be avoided as much as possible.

Daily doubt of daily life

In daily life, the home problem of pregnant women should not be ignored!Because of the change of body shape, it makes pregnant moms feel particularly inconvenient many times, because at this time, it is not just a mummy itself!The following is a problem that pregnant moms are particularly troubled in daily life. At the same time, Dr. Qingjian, Dr. Qingjian, Chief of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Taipei Medical University, Xu Hongzhi, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Tai’an Hospital, and Wanfang Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecologyThe main physician Qiu Siyuan made a professional answer to Mommy!


Can pregnant women pull their teeth?

A: During pregnancy, the luteal hormone concentration in the blood of pregnant moms rises, and the gums are particularly vulnerable to stimulation and inflammation and swelling.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms should correct the treatment of teeth before planning to be pregnant.In traditional concepts, tooth extraction is likely to cause premature birth during pregnancy. In fact, this is because at the end of pregnancy, the fetus has been developed completely. At this time, the pregnant mommy is likely to cause uterine contraction due to tight treatment, and there will be doubts of premature birth.


What should I do if constipation during pregnancy?

A: If there is symptoms of constipation during pregnancy, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink germinated.Generally speaking, constipation during pregnancy is caused by fetal compression, causing poor intestinal peristalsis.Try to add a small stool on both sides of the sitting toilet to let your feet be stepped on the small stools. You can moderately improve the large posture, and you can also adjust the perspective of force to help pregnant moms smoothly defecate.


Does the use of a computer every day affect fetal development?

A: The radiation of the computer screen is mainly electromagnetic waves. Whether it has an impact on the body will affect the fetus has not had exact medical literature so far.However, doctors recommend that pregnant mummy is best to try to be more than 45 cm from the computer screen.If pregnant moms cannot avoid long -term contact, at this time, the electromagnetic wave protective jacket for pregnant women can also be used to isolate electromagnetic waves safely.

Safety chapter

During pregnancy, if the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable, in order not to hurt and the health of the baby in the belly, whether it is oral medicine or medicine, be sure to instruction and prescription by a qualified obstetrician and gynecologist!The following are related issues related to the safety of pregnant moms. Dr. Qingjian gave professional suggestions.

已1: Does taking motion sickness drugs and extension medicines because I do n’t know that I have been pregnant and extend the medicine?(Take Dimenhydrinate and Anhydrous Caffeine) A: Most of the medication for pregnant women is mostly B, a few are C -Class, and Anhydrous Caffeine Chinese is aquatic caffeine. In American Food and Drug Management (FDA)300mg is appropriate.The ingredients in the extension of the medicine are mainly progesterone. If there is no other ingredients, it will not have a particularly obvious impact for mummy in the early stages of pregnancy (the last menstrual period of 6 weeks).Essence


After the injection of the German rash vaccine, will it cause fetal abnormalities during the dangerous period?

A: As long as the German measles vaccine is pregnant for 3 months, there is generally no need to worry about whether the fetus will have abnormal possibilities.


Will taking cold medicine affect the baby’s development?

A: As long as the prescription doctors believe that the drug does not affect the development of the fetus, there are no problems.


May I ask the impact on the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy?

A: If the gynecologist is generally urged by a prescription, it will not cause any adverse effects on the fetus in principle.However, unless obstetrician and gynecologists judge that the woman’s pregnancy is very small, it is not easy to give a scoop.

Traditional taboos

The Chinese people’s attention to the fetus, the traditional taboo from the elders is enough to see one or two!From the current scientific perspective, it was better to find that the saying that the old ancestors were circulating at that time really made sense!The following contains issues related to taboos during pregnancy, and invite Dr. Xie Qionghui, Dr. Xie Qionghui, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhongxing Hospital of Taipei Municipal United Hospital, and Dr. Qingjian, Dr. Qingjian, director of obstetrics and gynecology at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Affiliated to Taipei Medical University, provides readers with professional suggestions.


Can pregnant women hold their hands higher than their shoulders, otherwise it is easy to have a miscarriage?

A: Due to changes in the body shape, the center of gravity is relatively unstable, so you should try to avoid things from high.It is best to place the items commonly used in the home at the height of the same height as the pregnant mother’s shoulders to avoid accidents that have unstable fell.


Can’t you take a pregnant woman’s shoulder?

A: In traditional concepts, because of fear of pregnant women, it will cause abortion, and there is this saying.During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant women is easy to be nervous and irritable. However, the adrenaline secreted by pregnant women when nervous may make the fetus move more often. As for the success rate of the fertilized egg, the opportunity is not great.


Can pregnant women sew need to sew need to sew, moving scissors?

A: According to the traditional statement, it is said that if pregnant women take scissors and sewing items, the baby may have defects!However, the baby’s defect may be because of chromosomal abnormalities or due to other lesions. Pregnant women should regularly perform birth checkups, maintain physical and mental health, balanced diet, and naturally have a healthy baby!


Each pregnant mum is the greatest woman!Please also ask moms to continue to give the little baby in the belly full of love and care!Don’t forget to think about the hard work of Mummy, the most intimate care and support for Mommy, after all, it is not easy to hold a big belly!

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