32 -year -old pregnant mothers suffer from tuberculosis into dilemma experts remind: pay attention to prevent and screen

Tuberculosis is chronic infectious diseases caused by tuberculosis, which is closely related to the body’s resistance.Pregnant mothers are in a decline during pregnancy and are easily attacked by tuberculosis.

"Since this year, the hospital has treated a number of pregnant women with tuberculosis. Women of childbearing age should prevent tuberculosis in the early stage of pregnancy and avoid damage caused by pregnancy tuberculosis." On November February February, Li Fangbai, Director of the Second Department of Studios of Hunan ProvinceEssence

The 32 -year -old Li Xin (a pseudonym) is from Huaihua, Hunan. After pregnancy, Li Xin has no other discomfort except for early pregnancy reactions.In August of this year, she was pregnant for more than 4 months. She found that she occasionally had dry cough, and sometimes she cough a small amount of white sticky sputum.She thinks it is caused by a cold, but if she wants to be pregnant, she will not take medicine.In October, Li Xin’s cough and sputum aggrava, accompanied by symptoms such as paroxysmal pain, shortness of breath and chest tightness in the chest area.Looking at "big belly", she was getting thinner, and her family quickly sent her to a local hospital for examination.The doctor suspected that she was suffering from tuberculosis and suggested that she transfer to Hunan Provincial Chest Hospital for further treatment.In the second department of the Provincial Chest Hospital, Li Xin was diagnosed with tuberculosis after system examination.

Can the drugs of tuberculosis be used?If you do n’t need the medicine, will it affect your baby if taking medicine?When I first learned this diagnosis, the Li Xin family was in a dilemma and worried.

Li Fangbai said that if the expectant mother suffers from tuberculosis, she should seek medical treatment in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, judging whether she can continue pregnancy depending on the specific condition.If expectant mothers suffer from multi -drug tuberculosis, extensive tuberculosis lesions, and empty tuberculosis, and positive phlegm tuberculosis bacteria examination, such conditions need to be terminated.If the tuberculosis of the prospective mothers is mild and can tolerate anti -tuberculosis drugs, the cardiopulmonary and liver and kidney function are normal, they can continue pregnancy and receive anti -tuberculosis treatment under the guidance of the physician.At present, Li Xin’s condition is relatively mild, under the guidance of a doctor for personalized anti -tuberculosis treatment.

Since pregnancy tuberculosis is so easy to be diagnosed or misdiagnosed, how can pregnant mothers judge whether they have tuberculosis?Li Fangbai said that when pregnant women have symptoms such as cough, sputum, low fever in the afternoon, and night sweats, and the length of more than two weeks, this situation should be treated in time to eliminate the possibility of tuberculosis.All pregnancy tuberculosis tests are preferred to test and phlegm tuberculosis slices are checked to clear the diagnosis.

Li Fangbai reminded that before the pregnancy of women in childcare, before the family has a history of tuberculosis or the history of tuberculosis, a tuberculosis should be conducted; women of childbearing age should pay attention to enhance physical fitness in daily life, make reasonable schedules, and ensure normal diet nutritional intake; Avoid going to people with crowded people and reduce the opportunity to contact tuberculosis bacteria.If you have symptoms such as cough, sputum (or decreased appetite and fatigue) after pregnancy, have more than two weeks of symptoms, and it will not be relieved after anti -inflammatory treatment, and you should seek medical treatment in time.(Correspondent Yang Zhengqiang)

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