3 months after giving birth and 2 months of pregnancy, how many people will not get pregnant without menstruation without menstruation

After a woman comes to menstruation, there is a fertility function. Generally speaking, women’s normal menstruation means that women have normal ovulation, so many people thinkWill get pregnant.

However, I do n’t know that because of the influence of prolactin after birth, many women are relatively late to come to menstruation, especially for maternal breastfeeding babies.Therefore, if the same room is not good at this time, it is easy to get pregnant again.

Recently, in Nanjing, Jiangsu, the 28 -year -old Baoma was only 3 months after a cesarean section. When a routine inspection was conducted, it was found that I was pregnant for 2 months. This situation is very dangerous for the mother whether it is continuing to have birth or abortion.Essence

Because after a caesarean section, the uterus recovery is originally slow. If you continue to give birth, as the fetus increases, it may cause the wound to break, which will not only affect the health of the fetus, but also endanger the life of pregnant women.

Even if the abortion surgery is performed, because the time after the caesarean section is still short, this is also a high -risk abortion, which may leave many sequelae.

After delivery, contraception must be done well

Generally speaking, whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, because the uterus has not fully recovered, at this time, the risk of abortion surgery is relatively high, especially may cause uterine perforation, which seriously affects physical health.

In particular, mothers with caesarean section should pay more attention, because this wound has not fully recovered, whether it is abortion or pregnancy, the risk is very large.

How long will ovulation after giving birth

Although many maternal breastfeeding mothers have a small chance of ovulation within 6 months after delivery, there are also many mothers who will return to normal ovulation in 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth.measure.

Even if the chance of pregnancy within half a year after giving birth is only 2%, for individuals, the probability is only 0%and 100%. It is likely that you are 100%, so for safety reasons, in order to avoid pregnancy, from the beginning, you must do a good job from the beginning.Contraceptive measures.

How long can I get pregnant again after giving birth?

Generally speaking, the method of childbirth is different, and the recovery of the body is different, so the time to get pregnant again after delivery is also different.

Generally speaking, if it is a smooth delivery, you can get pregnant again after half a year, so it is okay to hold two years in 3 years.

However, from the perspective of eugenics, even if you are born, it is best to prepare for the next child after a year.

If it is a cesarean section, it is generally recommended to conceive another child after childbirth. The earliest one year after giving birth can be pregnant again, otherwise the risk is very high.

In fact, the problem of this lady in Jiangsu is not a special case, and the incidence of unexpected pregnancy every year is still very high.

So warn all women, don’t think that the baby will not get pregnant without menstruation. This is a very wrong idea. This will not only hurt your body, but also harm a life, and even affect the next pregnancy.


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