29+ Journey to the Second Tibetan Pregnancy

Please allow me to come to a self -only white first. What about dry goods?Those who are interested, you can keep watching, love you [Heart] [Bi Heart] [Big Heart] [Kiss] [Flying Kiss]

I am a woman who lives in Hubei, Guangxi, and lives and lives in Huizhou. There is no in -laws to help the mother -in -law. Only my mother brought my brother to study here to live with me.Nympho

In this sudden 29+ old age, I am not so smooth. I am not so smooth. I ’m more sad.Tao, finally summarize and share it again …

Before I was pregnant with the second child, I worked in the night market for two or three years. I stayed up late at night and took the child to the kindergarten in the morning.In the case of 7.8, in addition to laziness, staying up late, drinking, smoking, and playing, my husband’s life has given me some money, so I don’t care about anything or housework.Misunderstanding, forcing me to collapse and despair, and to be inseparable from being separated, I can only do everything myself. He is basically useless, and I don’t know how I persist to this day.I want to disappear the other party …

Speaking of which, some people will say that they are so tired. Why are there a second child?I also reflected this problem. Finally, I finally knew the real reason: First of all, the relationship between my husband and my husband was good and bad.For example, I can’t bear the child.

Secondly, I also have selfishness: they all say that my daughter is like a dad, my son is like a mother, and now I have a daughter. She is exactly the same as his father.It is very big, but seeing the child’s good -looking, lively and cute look, I think she is too lonely. I am neither willing to be lonely, but also want to have a vanity like her son.I also have to persist. I accept it whether it is a boy or a girl. It is fate for two years.

The second child was born in August next month. I very much welcomed the child’s arrival.My ability, I have the confidence to accept this challenge. I believe that when they grow up, they will definitely bring a lot of surprises, joy and happiness to me. At least all the beauty is from me.Two children.Now that I have finished speaking, I will officially enter my theme. I ’m a science of my personal pregnancy test career. I hope it’ s good to share it. I can give it for reference for pregnant women who need or have worries during pregnancy., Reduce some worry, nervousness and anxiety in the career of pregnancy tests, and can also share them in bad places, to give people those in need, and avoid confusion

The first question: I did not remember the trouble of the last menstruation after pregnancy.

First of all, I can conceive these two babies because I resigned from K Ge Mu’s foot in 2019. February 2019. Full -time to bring my baby at home for 2 years.There are several times that are the fake pregnancy of menstrual disorders. Until 2022.12.16, I successfully passed the driver’s license subject, and under the body of 115 kg of 150-155 cm in height, I really conceived my second child.I thought at the time that I did n’t have a long time before, was it because I was caused by staying up late and drinking and hurting my body for a long time. I did n’t pay much attention. I really felt pregnant.The habit of the period is really unexpected without care and unknown. It comes so naturally. Later, when I was confirmed that when I was pregnant, I did not know when the last menstruation was.Speaking of the time to the doctor, let the doctor pass the B -ultrasound data. The doctor estimated that an early doctor calculated a week, and the second doctor was calculated one week early, and there was no definition, and it was set to one week later.Later, there were still several problems in the process of pregnancy. The whole mood of my entire pregnancy was a ups and downs, a wave of twists and turns.

The second question: The cash screening test is a critical risk. Later, the chromosomal deformity child examination was performed in the middle 1500-1600 in the middle of the 1500-1600. Fortunately, the green light was lucky.

The third question is to do the four -dimensional lottery time, because I do n’t know when the last menstrual period is, the results of the examination is that the nurse said: the fetus is small for a week, the amniotic fluid is insufficient, and the fetus lives in a poor house.I am worried;

Later, the doctor said to say: The fetus will grow in the later stages. Pay attention to nutrition in the middle of this way. After returning home, I will make up for nutrition. I also bought 18 big green coconuts home online.After doing these things, go to the review, the month is fine, and it is okay, but it has not been long, and there is another third question.

The third question: After pregnancy, I have always made three meals a day and take care of the children. All housework is self -dedicated. The body is very tired, the pregnancy vomiting response is very good, the appetite is not good, I often insomnia, calcium supplementation, calcium supplementation, calcium supplementation, calcium supplementation, The fetus is not very good. Once the delivery was checked, the doctor said that the fetal nutrition was not good to go back to make up. The next time I came back to the review, the nutrition was not enough., Economic conditions are not good, and they are still hospitalized. It would not be troublesome. At that time, I still thought that I couldn’t do it twice. After I was transferred to the hospital, I went home with a sorrowful mood.Fortunately, I went to the second time, reached the standard, and I didn’t feel the hospital. I felt quite lucky.

The fourth question is: there is a split sign for the B -ultrasound of the birth check. The doctor said that there is the risk of the fetus around the neck. Let me pay more attention to the fetal movement.

The fifth question: is to go every two weeks in the third trimester. The data of the fetal supervision is not very good each time. Yesterday, I replaced it before passing the level. The nurse also said that I was overweight.Control weight, reduce four pounds. These 29+ age pregnancy, slow metabolism, and fatter are fat. There are many problems. All of them are almost the same.The question form is different; now I have to go once a week, I hope there will be no other problems. My small heart can not afford it. I think I can unload it right away. I can finally feel more at ease.The time, I wish you good luck, and all the way to produce all the way. I will share this today. I hope it will be helpful to the need.

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