190 times / minute!Passing and breath before pregnancy does not pay attention to women’s heart failure after pregnancy.

The doctor of Xinqiao Hospital is using the three -dimensional labeling to perform surgery for Ms. Zou

On June 11th, Ms. Zou, the prospective mother of 7 months of pregnancy, was discharged from the Xinqiao Hospital of the Army Military Medical University at Xinqiao Hospital, and returned to the home of Yuechi, Sichuan to wait for the baby to be born.The heart rate at that time reached 190/minute.

Ms. Zou was 30 years old this year. Beginning early last year, she found that she would occasionally panic, and sometimes she had a darkness in front of her, but she didn’t care, "I feel that her body is too bad."

At the end of last year, Ms. Zou was pregnant with her baby. In the early stages of pregnancy, she occasionally had the symptoms of panic, but because she did not last for a long time, she still didn’t pay much attention.It wasn’t until the pregnancy gradually increased that Ms. Zou felt that her heart was getting more and more wrong. From the past a year or two, she was panicked once or two. Later, she had a panic and poor breathing every week, and the duration of each time was inExtend, "and sweat every time."

Earlier this year, Ms. Zou, who was unable to live normally, conducted an examination in a local hospital. After examination, Ms. Zou’s heartbeat at the time of illness had reached nearly 190 times/minute, and she had a tachycardia at a tachycardi.Originally simple surgery, because Ms. Zou was in a critical period of pregnancy, the risk was high, and local hospitals could not surgery.

In the middle of last month, because the symptoms of panic continued to relieve, Ms. Zou’s pregnancy became more and more strenuous. She could only go to Chongqing to seek treatment with her family.After admission to the Xinqiao Hospital of the Army Military Medical University, the hospital’s cardiology was discovered that Ms. Zou had experienced heart failure and symptoms such as heart insufficiency.Development and life safety during pregnancy.

Experts from the Department of Cardiology of Xinqiao Hospital told Ms. Zou that radio frequency ablation surgery can help him completely cure the disease, but Ms. Zou is worried that the surgery’s rays will affect their children.In the end, after the discussion, experts from Xinqiao Hospital decided to perform RFC surgery without rays for Ms. Zou.

After full preparation before surgery, Deputy Director Tan Hu led the electrical team to cooperate. With the assistance of the three -dimensional standard system, the whole process was zero -rays. After finding Ms. Zou’s lesion, the radio frequency instrument was discharged for 10 seconds. Ms. Zou was successful.termination.Postoperative examination shows that Ms. Zou’s heartbeat is completely disappeared. She is exactly the same as other normal pregnant women, and her subsequent pregnancy and production will not be affected.

Tan Hu reminded pregnant mothers that although Ms. Zou was eventually frightened, pregnant women with rapid arrhythmia should be found, evaluated early, and treated early. When there were problems such as panic and palpitations, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Upstream News · Chongqing Morning News reporter Shi Heng

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