16 things that can be done and cannot do during pregnancy

Pregnancy means that new life is coming, which means harvesting happiness and joy. Before the arrival of the little joy, pregnant mothers will do their best to help the fetus grow in a healthy environment and make the unborn baby grow healthier.This article about what can be done and what you can do during pregnancy, I hope you can let you know what things you should avoid, and what things can help health.

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way to provide the body to support all healthy nutrients required for babies who are growing up.However, it may not be enough to get pregnant alone.

Pully vitamins contain certain nutrients of high levels. These nutrients are needed by pregnant women when they are higher in doses, such as folic acid, calcium and iron.These vitamins help the normal development of the fetus and help prevent birth defects.Your doctor can help you find a variety of vitamins or a series of vitamins that are most suitable for you.

A variety of vitamins usually include DHA, EPA or two.These are fatty acids, which are important for the baby’s brain.However, do not take multiple doses of multiple vitamins. High vitamin content may be harmful to the baby.Try to consult the doctor’s advice as much as possible before taking it, and choose a variety of vitamins that are suitable for you.

Smoking for pregnant women during pregnancy may lead to a lighter weight for babies born, and increase the risk of learning disabilities. Due to physiological nicotine addiction, children born to smoking pregnant women are more likely to try smoking when they are younger.Earlier becoming a smoker, so it is recommended that pregnant women do not smoke during pregnancy.

Because pregnancy changes hormone levels, expectations and expectations and anxiety make it difficult for pregnant mothers to fall asleep during the nine months of pregnancy.Pregnancy is very demanding, especially in the last three months, pregnant mothers need to sleep.If you feel tired, please beat as soon as possible and arrange a nap as soon as possible.Arrange sleeping time and persist.Sleep for seven to nine hours of sleep every night.Fatigue is a sign, indicating that the pregnant mother’s body needs more rest, so try to arrange as many rest time as possible.

Alcohol may greatly affect the baby’s development.Women who drink during pregnancy may produce fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).The symptoms of FAS include:

Low birth weight

Learning Disability


In terms of growth and development milestone, the backward mode

Even a small amount of alcohol may become a problem.If you need to quit alcohol, please talk to the doctor as soon as possible.The sooner the pregnant mother gets help, the healthier the baby may be.

We all know that exercise is good for mothers and babies.In fact, frequent exercise can help pregnant mothers solve many problems during pregnancy, including:


Muscle pain


Emotional problem

If you often exercise before pregnancy, keep it.And talk to the doctor what adjustments to daily work, especially when pregnant mothers enter the second and third pregnancy.If you do n’t exercise frequently before pregnancy, please ask the doctor if you include the conventional fitness plan for one day.They can guide pregnant mothers to build a safe and comfortable plan for themselves and their babies.

The risks of food and eggs are risks of food -oriented diseases, such as Lisnem and Toxoplasma.Food poisoning is also a possibility.These diseases may lead to severe life -threatening diseases or serious birth defects or even abortion.Make sure that all eggs and meats that pregnant mothers eat are cooked, and pay more attention to the healthy matching of diet.

Seafood contains vitamins and minerals, such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and iron that helps the heart.These are important for mothers and babies.But unsusted or raw seafood can also cause some problems.Seafood may have harmful bacteria and viruses, which will disappear after cooking.Be sure to cook seafood and eat before eating. In addition, pregnant women should avoid raw fish and fish containing high concentrations of mercury.Examples of fish containing high -content mercury include:



Square fish

King catfish

Eat all kinds of seafood so that you will not have only one kind of fish concentration of fish, but you must also be appropriate. Do not consume seafood and various fish too much. Do not eat more than 300 grams of seafood per week.

Cooked meat -including hot dogs, sausages, smoky salmon and other pickled meat -may lead to food -oriented diseases, such as Lisnem and Toxoplasma.Thoroughly cooked these processed foods can reduce risks.It is also important to eat Bayi sterilization (not born) milk and cheese. It is necessary to clean the products to help eliminate harmful bacteria.

Sexual behavior during pregnancy, please communicate with the doctor first to obey the doctor’s advice.

Calcium is very important for babies, but mothers must be careful how to get calcium from dairy products.Because it is not disinfected with high temperature, it is not recommended for fresh milk for pregnant mothers.This means that it does not be killed by heated and may cause you to get sick. Specifically, milk may contain bacteria Liszt bacteria.It may lead to the consequences of disease, abortion, and even life -threatening.

Pregnant mothers should avoid high temperature yoga. If you want to practice yoga, you can do it.Find prenatal or mild yoga courses designed for expectant mothers.The lecturers in these courses will know which posture is the best and which pregnant mothers should avoid.If you do not do yoga before pregnancy, please talk to the doctor before class, it is best to let the doctor help to evaluate it.

Although pregnant mothers sometimes want to relax, the high -temperature environment of hot water bathtub, massage bathtub and sauna may be too dangerous for pregnant mothers.In fact, research shows that one of them in the first three months may double the abortion risk of pregnant mothers.

Since caffeine can pass through the placenta directly, increasing the baby’s heart rate.At present, research shows that women can drink one or two cups of coffee safely every day. It is recommended that pregnant women try not to drink or drink less coffee during pregnancy.

The suggestion of "eating two mouthfuls", pregnant mothers do not have to eat if they get to eat during pregnancy.On the contrary, it is strategic for pregnant women to eat and how much they eat.Increasing weight during pregnancy may cause greater harm to the baby.During the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers only need more than 100 calories a day to support your fetus.Three months later, the additional calories are close to 300 calories per day.

For pregnant women who like to raise cats, remember to wash your hands after playing with cats, and then do not clean up the excrement of any cat family.The excreta of cats is filled with millions of parasites, especially toxoplasma.If you ignore it, pregnant mothers may never know that in various complications, babies with the parasitic disease may face serious health problems.

During the decades ago, when the level of hygiene fails, the older generation is not recommended to see the dentist.But now, pregnant women should go to see the dentist to keep oral hygiene immediately, and they should go now. To develop habits to see the dentist to keep oral cleaning and avoid bacterial diffusion and cause infection.Pregnant women are advised to conduct conventional oral health assessments during pregnancy and regular tooth cleaning.

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