10 yuan 3 fire dragon fruit is a scam?Can you eat it?

Recently, we can often see that we often see that 10 yuan and 3 dragon fruit. This kind of dragon fruit is round, probably the size of the palm, and it is very sweet after eating it.Xiao Jin also likes to eat fire dragon fruit, and the dragon fruit can promote intestinal peristalsis and treat constipation, so it is very keen on the dragon fruit.Because it usually takes more than ten pieces of dragon fruit, this kind of dragon fruit only needs 3 10 yuan to cause me curiosity. Can this dragon fruit be eaten?Why is it so cheap?

Honey treasure is a type of dragon fruit, which is different from ordinary dragon fruit.

First of all, honeybot is a type of red -hearted dragon fruit, so the red of the flesh of the honeybod, while the pulp of the dragon fruit is divided into three types: red, yellow and white.

The honey treasure fruit shape is like a sphere, the leaves are close to the peel, and they are slightly wrinkled, and the general dragon fruit whether it is red -hearted dragon fruit or white heart dragon fruit. The fruit shape is slender, and the leaves are separated from the peel.

The most important thing is that the sweetness of the red heart dragon fruit can reach 18-23 degrees. After eating sweet people, there will be some greasy taste. The sweet dragon fruit sweetness is about 15 degrees.It’s worse.

In the past few years, only Vietnam’s red -hearted dragon fruit accounted for the mainstream. There were a small amount of planting in China and a small number of Taiwan honeybots imported.Therefore, at that time, the price of red heart dragon fruit was not low, and it was normal for one to do dozens of pieces.

In recent years, the domestic honey treasure planting base has expanded very well, especially in Guangxi’s belt is very suitable for planting honeybots.Moreover, Honeybao is really sweet and sweet. The Chinese people particularly like it. Therefore, the domestic honey treasures have been sold very well in recent years.

The anthocyanin content in honey treasures is very high. It has antioxidant vitamins and minerals. It can not only protect the human body from being damaged by free radicals, but also improve the human ring system, improve the smoothness of the skin, effectively relieve inflammation and effectively.Allergies are quite beneficial to the human body.

Honey treasure contains vitamins and carotene, which helps improve the immunity of the human body, regulate endocrine function, and enhance physical fitness.Anti -aging, anti -oxidation, removing free radicals in the body, inhibiting the precipitation of melanin in the body, increasing skin elasticity, and preventing wrinkles from forming.Eliminate the functions of stains, sunburn, butterfly spots, and old spots.It can also improve insomnia, dreams, panic, palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, menopausal syndrome, neuropathy, neurasthenia, sore tongue sores, redness and pain, gum swelling and pain, etc.

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Therefore, if you see a dragon fruit of 10 yuan, don’t worry, buy and buy directly![witty]

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