"Zhuji" social security policy "knows all", 5 minutes understand | Mom article: interpretation of maternity insurance policy

In order to allow the new mothers to better understand the relevant maternity insurance policies, recently, the Zhuji Municipal Social Security Bureau printed 10,000 "new mothers -specific manuals" and sent it to the women of 8 hospitals in the city, so that the new mothers can be able to be able toIn the first time, I learned about the latest maternity insurance policies and the medical insurance policy for urban and rural residents’ urban and rural residents.

What are the problems in the enjoyment of maternity insurance benefits?See the first part: Maternity insurance policy answers.

1. Who meets the conditions for maternity insurance benefits?

Answer: (1) It is in line with the national family planning policy regulations and participates in maternity insurance and continuously pays for 12 months.The continuous and normal payment period of the self -use unit will take the month of the employee’s registration procedures for the employee’s fertility or family planning surgery from the month.

(2) Male employees who comply with the preceding paragraph can enjoy compensation for maternity and medical expenses and family planning medical expenses.

(3) Medical expenses that treat diseases (pathological pregnancy, complications during childbirth, complications during childbirth, and abnormal puzzle) caused by fertility, except for the basic medical insurance benefits of employees during fertility or abortion.

(4) Employees who transfer from different places to all districts and counties (cities), and transfer to normal and normal payment of maternity insurance premiums before and after. If the two co -ordination areas are continuously paid for 12 months, they can rely on the proof of payment of fees for maternity insurance agencies in the original coordination area.To enjoy maternity insurance benefits, the calculation standards for maternity allowances are calculated by the average monthly maternity payment salary of employees in the preparatory unit of the transfer area in the preparation area.

2. What is the treatment of maternity insurance?

(1) Compensation benefits for maternity and medical expenses: 2,500 yuan for production; 3,500 yuan for dystocia or multiple births; cesarean section 5,000 yuan.

(2) Compensation treatment for family planning and medical expenses: 500 yuan for abortion of less than 4 months; abortion and output of 1,000 yuan for more than 4 months; 150 yuan on the (taken) ring; 250 yuan of fallopian tubal breeding; 800 yuan for voltage tubes; and fallopian tubes; tubal tubes;Combine 3,000 yuan in concentration with the vascular dharma;

(3) For more than 7 months of pregnancy (including), enjoy 128 land leave and maternity allowances; if it is difficult to produce dystopia and cesarean section surgery, it will increase the 15 -land leave and maternity allowance;To produce a baby, add 15 -land leave and fertility allowance.

(4) Abortion of less than 4 months of pregnancy and enjoy 15 land leaves and maternity allowances; abortion and outlets for more than 4 months of pregnancy (including 4 months), enjoy 42 land leave and maternity allowances.

(5) The daily basis standard for maternity allowances is: the average monthly payment salary of employees’ maternity insurance for employees in the previous year was removed by 30 days.

3. What application materials need to be submitted during the reimbursement of maternity insurance?

(1) Approval payment for delivery of production, cesarean section, and delivery for delivery

1. The original and photocopy of the social security card of the insured;

2. The original and photocopy of the maternity registration service card;

3. The original and photocopy of the baby birth medical certificate;

4. Original medical expense invoice

5. Original and photocopy of the discharge record (minor knot), and the inpatient cost summary list.

(2) Approval of abortion, induction of labor, breeding, and resume surgery for approval payment

1. The original and photocopy of the social security card of the insured;

2. One family planning certificate, original marriage certificate and copy of the copy;

3. Original medical expense invoice, the original and photocopy of medical records from the beginning of the pregnancy (last menstrual period); the original and photocopy of the discharge record (minor) and a copy of the hospital for hospitalization;

4. A certificate of abortion or output issued by medical institutions.

(3) Approved payment for medical treatment for unlimited spouses

1. The original and photocopy of the social security card of the insured;

2. The original and photocopy of the family planning certificate (such as fertility registration service card);

3. The original and photocopy of the baby birth medical certificate;

4. Original and photocopy of discharge records;

5. Original invoice of maternity medical expenses;

6. One of the original notes of the spouse’s employment and the unlike employment certificate where the hukou is located.

special reminder:

If the monthly fertility or family planning surgery, the fertility insurance reimbursement must be applied for the following month and afterwards.(At present, the monthly payment record is incurred at the end of the month, and the actual payment must be completed the next month. Maternity insurance benefits need to be given birth or family planning surgery to be enjoyed after the monthly payment is completed.)

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