"Yujian Science Popularization" is about hair loss: right medicine, postpartum hair loss is not terrible

Recently, Ms. Zhang, who had just given birth to her baby long, encountered a "headache". She found that since she was born, her hair had dropped a lot, and she fell more when she washed her hair.In life, many Baoma will be like Ms. Zhang. In the months after production, there will be continuous hair loss, and even some situations are more serious.Why is this?Today, let’s talk about Bao Ma’s hair loss.

The culprit is the change of hormone levels

This phenomenon is called postpartum hair loss, which is a type of endocrine loss, mainly due to the severe changes in the level of estrogen in the body before and after fertility.During pregnancy, the level of estrogen is significantly higher, which can stimulate the growth of the head to a certain extent. After childbirth, the estrogen level drops sharply and will appear hair loss.

In addition, great mental stress (feeding causes insufficient sleep), insufficient nutrition (Bao Ma deliberately diet, etc.), poor sanitary habits (not washing your hair during confinement), etc., will cause postpartum hair loss.

According to statistics, about 35%to 50%of Baoma will encounter postpartum hair loss, especially 3 to 4 months after childbirth, which is the most significant, and generally continues until the end of breastfeeding.

Place the right medicine, solve the problem of hair loss

Postpartum hair loss is generally normal physiological phenomenon, which is temporary, and most people will gradually return to normal state over time.After childbirth, women do not have to be too anxious about this, they can rest more and observe more.At the same time, do the following points:

1. Keep your mood happy

Many Baoma’s hair loss problem is important to keep the relationship with stress and poor living habits. It is important to maintain a happy and regular work and rest.

Movement of Bao Da and his family to take care of the baby together to ensure sufficient sleep and pleasure. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange time exercise. Baoma can regularly do yoga to help relieve stress and promote physical function recovery.

2. Nutrition is indispensable

Hair growing protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamin groups, etc. These all come from a balanced diet.

Moms should pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc., such as soybeans, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkins, fish, shrimp, spinach, celery, kelp, laver, apple, grapes, lemon, etc. to avoid eatingHigh sugar, spicy and greasy food.

3. Postpartum hair care requires science

It is recommended to be greasy to be greasy after giving birth to clean your hair regularly.When shampooing, the outside temperature should be appropriate, blow dry immediately after washing.Use shampoo without silicone oil, the water temperature cannot exceed 40 ° C. After shampooing, the conditioner or hair mask nourishes the hair.You can also wash your hair with ginger water to better nourish the scalp.

Usually, the mothers can comb their hair with a wooden comb to promote the blood circulation of the scalp. It should be loose when tie hair to avoid causing hair loss.

Part of the knowledge in the article refers to the "Reading a Book Reading and Understanding Hair". The author: Wang Xijing, published by the Central Plains Farmers Publishing House.

(Author: Zhang Ruobing Editor: Yang Hua)

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