"Wife Yang, who is 8 months pregnant, I want to separate.": The epidemic, the most witnessing human nature …

Many people say that if you have a child, you know that you are a dog.

Now, there is another one. When you are sick, the Yang is yang, and you can see the people around you.

Heze, Shandong, a woman posted a video. She had just been diagnosed with positive the last night and had a high fever to 39 degrees.

Anyone who has a high fever knows that this taste is very uncomfortable. Not only will people’s consciousness be a bit unobstructed, without appetite, but also without the energy to take care of themselves.

What is even more uncomfortable is that he was painful, as if he was beaten fiercely.

High fever does not retreat, in fact, it is the time to care and take care of family members.

However, the woman’s family, after her diagnosis, made her decision very chilling.

The woman’s husband took the child and mother -in -law, and the family of three generations returned to his hometown.

The husband said that he was afraid of the child’s infection, so he regardless of his wife’s life.

Not only took the children away, but even the supplies at home were almost taken away.

The woman woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to eat some fruits, which made her collapse.

There is only one rotten banana in the cabinet, a rotten pear.

What is even more annoying is that the pear is still good on the surface, but if you pick it up, there is a huge black hole.

The husband and mother -in -law took away all the intact fruits, leaving only the rotten and worse, that is the "nutrition" left by them.

The physical discomfort, coupled with a psychological gap, cried and cried.

The woman said that the family is usually very good. I did not expect that when they needed most, they were so affectionate.

After the video was released, it quickly rushed to the hot search, causing 200 million attention.

The netizens are very puzzled and angry about women’s husband’s approach.

Some people say: It’s just Yang, and it’s not hung up. The first thing to turn to Yin is divorced. How can such a family live?

Some people say: You can understand that your mother -in -law takes the child. What kind of ghost has husband left?

Some people say: I have just been diagnosed with positive, and even the fruits are packed and took away. If you have a serious illness in the future?

To be honest, after watching this video, I also feel sighing.

If the content of the video is real, then this situation in this marriage is really sad.

People are more fragile in the illness. If the people around them do not take care of themselves, they even care about themselves. Usually, their feelings are good, and they will not be able to lose their helmet and abandoning the chills brought by the helmet at a critical moment.

The husband and wife were originally difficult and suffering.

But with such a husband, it was difficult and sinned. The other party not only could not help but even slipped.

A epidemic detects negative, positive, and human nature.

There is a saying on the Internet. Today, this world is distinguished from the yin and yang.

Many problems in marriage are also revealed in a special period.

There is a question on Zhihu: My wife is 8 months pregnant, Yang.Is it appropriate to separate with your wife?

The questioner said: His wife has been pregnant for 8 months and has been sunny for 4 days. She gives meals from her mother -in -law separated by a road every day.

Now he goes home on a business trip and isolated his wife alone, hoping that he will go home to take care of.

But the questioner didn’t want to go home because he was afraid of infection. He lived in his parents’ house and gave his wife a meal at the point.

He even felt that going back was a meaningless sacrifice.

So, he was holding a big face and asked on the Internet: Is it appropriate to separate from his wife at this time?

After reading these descriptions, I just feel that the slot is bullish.

Now this situation, even if you don’t go home to take care of your wife, you will not be Yang?

So afraid of infection, just buy two boxes of instant noodles for his wife, while she was born.

What’s even more angry is that he said in the follow -up: My wife’s body temperature fell, and I was Yang.I just want to go back, and my wife will not let me go back.

When he was in the sun, he still did not go home to accompany his wife.

But he still has to throw his own pot to his wife.

In the final analysis, he is a coward who escapes!

Not deserve to be a husband or a father!

I said this, not to say that my wife was infected, and my husband was not good at yang.

But you say that you are worried, but you will abandon it as if you are doing it, and let the 8 -month pregnant wife carry it alone. Is this your worry?

This is just a minor illness, so disgusting. If something really happens, what else can you expect you?

And another netizen posted, it was even more worried.

Her husband is Yang, and her mother -in -law dare not go to the hospital to take care of it.

She had just finished the cesarean section surgery, and she dragged her painful body, took care of the small food, drinking Lasa, and gave her husband tea to feed medicine.

In the end, I couldn’t persist. The hospital takeaway could not be called. She couldn’t replenish nutrition at all, and the child had no milk to drink.

You can only choose to be discharged on the third day.

Then because of taking care of her husband, she also infected with a new crown in confinement.

A woman just took a trip from the ghost door, and the wound on her body had no time to heal. When the body was very weak, there was a big one after taking care of it.

In the end, it is also necessary to bear the attack of the virus.

I know that the Yang is really painful, but after making the wife who had just finished the surgery, I still felt incredible.

However, on the Internet, men are generally more "heavier" than female symptoms.

There is a picture that summarizes this phenomenon well:

Some women said that after her husband was sunny, she couldn’t afford to bed, and the fruits were cut into the bed.

The fourth day after her husband had a fever, she had already recruited. At this time, she had already recruited, but her husband still couldn’t afford to bed. After cooking a pot of porridge, she entered her belly.

She and her son are both sunny, and no one is as weak as her husband.

Some people have 8 months pregnant belly, taking care of the positive husband, and her husband has 5 meals a day.

This is the new crown, this is a pig addict.

Someone reached the due date, taking care of her husband, and the other party was served, and they were not cooperating.

Other pregnant women compared the performance of themselves and her husband, and found that her husband was weak like Lin Daiyu, but she was like an iron -hit man, and the burden of serving the person naturally fell on his head.

It is also a virus infection. It seems that men can instantly switch to a mode of weakness and cannot take care of themselves, and women are mostly tired into dogs.

They mocked themselves to call themselves a "cottonor", taking care of their families and taking care of their children.

It is not that the virus’s attack on women is lighter, but that they have a living in their eyes, and their hearts are pretending to be family.

Seeing a person clearly, you will understand if you are sick.

I think of Zhang Quanling in "The Story of Qi": Do you think that when you have a marriage, aren’t you single mothers?

How many women are in the status of marriage in marriage.

I always think that marriage can cover the wind and rain.

In fact, the unreliable person brought you all the storm.

Human nature is the most difficult to look at. Even if the disaster comes, the deep and complexity of human nature will appear when the disaster comes.

What kind of partner is worthy of entrustment?

The man in Tianjin made an excellent demonstration for the entire network.

He received a call from his wife and said it was a fever.

What made his wife unexpectedly was that when she woke up, her husband had already carried a large bag of medicine and drove home thousands of miles away.

He also has a job, and he is also afraid of the virus, but in his eyes, his wife who is sick at home alone is more important than these.

After a woman confirmed that she was positive, her husband hit the ground at the door in order to be able to shout, and he was always at any time.

Water, fruits, etc., he was placed in front of him to give his wife as soon as possible.

After Sichuan, after a man became positive, he planned to carry it hard, play games, sleep, take medicine, and don’t care.

But when his wife became sunny, he attached great importance to measuring body temperature, washing fruits, hot breakfast, cooking, and insisting on punching medicine every day.

The woman said that although there are usually many quarrels, when they really need it, they find that he is a very reliable person.

The epidemic is a facial demon mirror, and the test is also human.

It allows you to see that when a part of sacrifice may be made, he will choose to sacrifice you or himself;

It made you notice, whether the husband who loves you in that mouth really puts you in your heart;

It makes you see clearly that sometimes people who are the most distressed you.

Many young people now say that they are afraid of marriage. Many people are puzzled. What are they afraid?

In fact, it is fear of human nature.

What they are afraid of is not afraid of marriage itself, but they are afraid of that person in marriage.

Afraid of giving everything, but in the end, he found that the knowledge was unknown.

It is not a lot of women, but hope, when the most tired time, when the most fear and support, there are individuals who support her shoulders, hold up her hand, and tell her: I am there.

I like the definition of that "emotional account" in psychology.

Two people lived like opening a bank account.A person to be good to you is to save money in your account. If you are not good for you, you can pick up the money.

In a good marriage, only the emotional account will always be appreciated by the common dedication.

Such a marriage will last long.

The combination of two people must be desperate through secular tempering. After trivial and major tests, they must put away those selfish faces in human nature.

Then it can be determined that the person around him is worthy of being accompanied by his life.

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