"University pregnancy and study will not delay for one year and then go to school." Imagine is beautiful, and reality is cruel.

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It is said that the society is open now, and it is normal to fall in love during college.During college, it is easy to get pregnant.

I read a lot of unexpected posts during college. Many netizens said below, anyway, they have to give birth sooner or later. If you are pregnant during college, you will give birth.After all children have, they can perfectly avoid fertility discrimination, and they are more competitive in the workplace.Therefore, pregnancy and child during college can be described as winning on the starting line, and there is no loss.

Netizens stand on the perspective of bystanders, holding a beautiful imagination of girls’ pregnancy and children.It is undeniable that there are college mothers who have academic, marriage, and children who have a child with a child, but most of them have ended in tragedy.

During my college, there was a classmate. Sophomore was pregnant and wanted to give birth to a child for one year and then came back to complete his studies. However, he had a drop of school shortly after giving birth. Now he is a housewife and brings two children at home.

One of my young people was also pregnant during college. She and the boy did not receive a marriage certificate. They gave birth to a child to raise children together with the male parents, and of course, they did not go back to school again.Later, when the man graduated, he met a girl at work, and broke up with Fa Xiao. The only reason to get the little reason was that he had no children.Now sending a small person to work in a foreign country, this experience during college has become her life pain.Girls are pregnant for a year and then go to school for a year. Don’t dream, reality is far more cruel than expected.

Love and marriage are two different things, let alone give birth to children. Human energy is limited. During the period of school, I have enough economic strength to ask for a nanny. No one helps people living in my mother -in -law.There is no time to take care of others, let alone the energy reading.

Therefore, girls must adhere to their studies.Economic independence and then consider marriage and baby.If you have to give birth to a strong mother, there is a strong mother’s support, whether it is economical or physical.When you should be a mother when you should study, when you become a mother, the world has already turned upside down.

The love during college is very simple, but it is mostly hormonal.Both of them were under the shelter of their parents. They did not have any pressure on life, had no independent life, and did not go through social experience. They had no certain understanding of marriage and family.Because of the accidental pregnancy, the two hurriedly decided to have a child, so they got married and gave birth to a child.

After the child is born, it is a big problem to take care of raising. The two themselves are not mature. The arrival of the child will greatly change the lives of the two and the two families.Especially for two young people, the pressure of money, taking care of children’s fatigue and trivial marriage can be broken.

When I graduate to work, I have experienced too much in society. It is easy for people who meet like -minded people to love and love. I feel that the impulse when I was in college was not love at all, and then divorced, pitying children and parents.

Marriage and having children are the least needed.Girls still have to study as a student. Don’t love your brains, waste great years, and harm herself throughout his life.

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