"Toothache is not a disease, it must be a life pain", but must the wisdom teeth be pulled up?

Smart teeth refer to the third grinding teeth growing on our alveolar bone.Generally, it grows after the age of 18. At this time, the development of the human body is close to maturity, and it has a symbol of "wisdom coming", so it is commonly known as "wisdom teeth".

In fact, wisdom teeth, like appendix, are residues in human evolution and are not practical.The wisdom teeth are usually 4 up, down, left and right, and one to 3 in length is normal, and some people do not have long wisdom teeth.

To many people, Changzhi Teeth is not a pleasant thing.What should I do if I am swollen and painful?Can I get my wisdom teeth?Do you have to pull up the Zhizhi teeth?Today, I will talk to you about the topic of wisdom teeth.

3 major reasons for wisdom teeth

Cause tooth decay

Because of its special location, brushing is not easy to get enough, and it is so easy to cause tooth decay for a long time.In severe cases, it may also affect the function of the oral cavity and cause toothache.

The dental caries that are not deep in the occlusion can be maintained by replenishing teeth, but if there is a dental caries in the contact surface of the neighboring teeth, tooth extraction is recommended to avoid deepening deepening.


Because our oral space is fixed, there is no tendency to expand the area. After the growth of wisdom teeth, it may cause crowded dental loses and uneven teeth.Moreover, the residues in the crowded are not easy to clean, and it is easy to form a series of problems such as bacteria.

Obstacle problem

When the wisdom teeth are growing in the process of growth, when encountering insufficient space, it may indirectly affect the health of health.Smart teeth sometimes germinate insufficiently or "eastward and west crooked" to grow into obstructive teeth, causing problems such as dental inconvenience, crown cycle infection, and difficulty in opening mouth.

Do you have to pull up the wisdom teeth?

In most cases, dental medicines are recommended to remove wisdom teeth, which is more conducive to gum health and prevent diseases such as crown inflammation and gingivitis inside the oral cavity.Once the wisdom teeth are found to be dysplasia, it should be removed as soon as possible, because the dysplasia of wisdom teeth will bring us hidden health hazards. When the immunity decreases, it will cause adverse reactions such as inflammation and endless problems.

For some healthy wisdom tooth people, you can choose whether to extract teeth according to your needs.If the wisdom teeth can sprout to the normal position, form a good occlusion relationship with the opposite teeth, so that the teeth can play a better chewing function, you can remove it without removing.

Can pregnant women get teeth?

Experts suggest that pregnant women try to avoid extraction.If the pregnant woman’s toothache, the doctor dare not give you medication or take a movie to check. He can not eat well, you can’t sleep, and even worse, it will affect your baby’s development.Therefore, the dentist reminded that female friends must optimize their teeth before pregnancy.

The best age of wisdom tooth extraction

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to draw wisdom teeth before the age of 30, and wisdom tooth trauma will increase after the age of 40.


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