"Tintin" installed the prosthesis, is it the same as normal people?

Recently, the team of Zhu Xinxuan, deputy chief physician of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital (First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang Medical College), successfully performed penile implantation surgery for patients with erectile dysfunction patients to solve the disease of patients over the years.The patient was admitted to the hospital for more than 3 years due to erectile dysfunction and had long -term oral drug treatment. The effect was poor. In order to further heal the treatment, he came to Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital.Deputy Chief Physician Zhu Xinzheng of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital fully evaluated the patient’s condition, improved relevant examinations, and fully communicated with the patients decided to perform penile prosthesis implant surgery for him.

Penile prosthesis implantation

Refers to the cultivation of the artificial tannut in the penis sponge cavity, replacing the sponge body’s loss, erectile, and supporting penile function, so that patients can re -obtain normal sexual behavior.

At present, the most clinically applied is three -piece puzzle that can be freely controlled, mainly including three components: cylinders that will harden after full water, control pumps that control erectiles and weak state, and liquid storage sacsThe three parts are connected by connecting the tube.

What type of patients need to have surgery

Mainly severe erectile dysfunction or organic lesions, nerve injuries, vascular injuries, or trauma cause paraplegia and cause erectile dysfunction (ED, commonly known as impotence, refers to continuous erection that cannot be fully erected to obtain satisfactory XING life)In this type of patients, if they do not respond to drug treatment or are more inclined to permanently solve the problem of erectile function, the operation may be considered.

What are the advantages

mainly include:

1. Easy to operate, good concealment, not easy to detect;

2. Do not affect urination, ejaculation function and sexual pleasure after surgery;

3. You can freely control erectile hardness and time according to your personal wishes;

4. After ejaculation, you can still maintain the Xing intersection, so that the partner can get the dual satisfaction of physiological and psychological;

5. Avoid side effects brought by some drugs.

In fact, penile prosthesis surgery is the most ideal and advanced surgical method for the current treatment of severe ED, which can help more male patients "reorganize".

Expert introduction

Deputy Chief Physician Zhu Xinzheng

Department of Urology/Deputy Chief Physician at Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital

Member of the Standing Committee of the Men’s Science Branch of Jiangxi Medical Association

Vice Chairman of the Men’s Science Branch of Jiangxi Provincial Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society

Member of the Chinese Society of Prostate Diseases Branch

Member of the Chinese Society Private Plastic Surgery Branch

Good at: I have a wealth of experience in diagnosis and treatment for urinary stones, urogenital tumors, prostate hyperplasia, and male scientific diseases.Mastering various minimally invasive surgery such as percutaneous renal mirrors, stone oscillating stone surgery, urinary tract prostate resection and bladder tumor cutting techniques, and laparoscopic operation technology.Sacrifice varicose veins, consolidation tubes, vascular epididymia, etc.

Expert clinic time: Every Monday morning, Honggutan Hospital Outpatient Clinic Outpatient Outpatient Clinic

Every Wednesday all day of the outpatient clinic of the Patriotic Road Institute, the 4th floor of the urology department of the urology department

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