"Think of the Thoughts" Sun Xin was pregnant unexpectedly and paid for his impulse


The latest episode of the TV series "Thoughts of the Mind", Sun Xin went to the classmate gathering.After graduation, the students’ thoughts are no longer as simple as when they were going to school.When he was in college, Cheng Liang, who had been secretly in love with Sun Xin, is now a manager of a venture capital company.The classmate He Jing just begged him to do things, and he organized this classmate party to heavily.

After dinner, the luxury car came to Cheng Liang, and Cheng Liang asked Sun Xin to take a ride and send her home.

When I came to the Hutong, I got out of the car. Sun Xinxin was still unable to calm down, and Cheng Liang’s words echoed in his ear.Sun Xin understands that Cheng Liang used to like her before, but he still has a good opinion of her.Unfortunately, years can’t look back, she walked towards home.

As soon as he walked to the big locust tree, Sun Xin watched Xi Xiaoyu busy.Wu Xiaoyu saw Sun Xin and was shocked, and asked her so early!Sun Xin was a little bit of a monk, and he couldn’t touch it!It turned out that Sun wanted to tell her!

Wu Xiaoyu let her close her eyes and gave her a surprise.Sun Xin closed his eyes, was led by Wu Xiaoyu, and came to Lao locust tree!

As soon as Sun Xin opened his eyes, the colorful lights were full of lights, combined into one love.Too spectacular!Wu Xiaoyu put fireworks again, blowing the harmonica and music.Sun Xin was so excited that he was also moved!

Wu Xiaoyu stood on the steps again and confessed to Sun Xin, saying that he liked her since he was a child, and he must work hard to let Sun Xin look up forever, let Sun Xin proud of him, let her live a happy life!

Sun Xin and Xi Xiaoyu hugged.The two of them came to Wu Xiaoyu’s house, and they were still very excited. They finally stole the banned fruit.

Sun Xin discovered that Wu Xiaoyu’s homestay was suspended. She also learned that before Xiao Xiaoyu’s fireworks and her confessing, Wu Xiaoyu knew that the homestay was yellow, and the boss withdrew his capital.Wu Xiaoyu now raises money to rent a house, and wants to earn the government difference. Sun Xin is even more disagreeing with this matter.But Xiao Xiaoyu said that everything he did was to make a lot of money, and he had money to agree with his marriage.

The two of them argued endlessly, and finally Sun’s heart left, and she felt that Xiao Xiaoyu was so disappointed!

The next day, Sun Xin was absent -minded at work. The boss Wu Jiang asked her if she was awkward with her boyfriend.At this time, Sun Xin no longer admit that Wu Xiaoyu is his boyfriend.

Sun Xin returned home and felt that the aunt had been a week later, and she was scared.Under the question of Sun Xiang, he said the truth.They bought a pregnancy test stick, but Sun Xinzhen was pregnant.

Now Sun Xin really regrets it. On the one hand, if Mr. Li knows, a war is inevitable.On the other hand, Wu Xiaoyu is now in risk, which is too unreliable.Sure enough, Police had come to the door because he misappropriated the money on the manager’s account.Sun Xin is really regret now!It shouldn’t be impulsive!

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