"The man has just received a certificate and was admitted to the hospital by his wife for 7 days?" Police responded

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News

Reporter | Jiang Ziwen

On February 4th, a video of "the man was hit by his wife into the hospital for 7 days" attracted attention.The reason is that a woman posted a video on a social platform and said: "Just getting a marriage certificate for 7 days, I will ask me. You don’t see if I will be used to you., I often wounded my new boyfriend … "The video picture is a bandaged man on the head, suspected to be treated in the hospital.

After the video was released, some netizens discussed. Some netizens said, "Everything is still calm", and some netizens think that "isn’t this a domestic violence? Why do so many people praise the comment area?"

On February 4th, the woman released a follow -up video called "seven stitches, disassembled the stitches a week, and made a brain CT to take medicine and hanging needles." In the video, her "husband" wore pajamas and wrapped her head in gauze.On February 5, the woman posted a video saying: "Please not report major media. We have no hospitalization, and he can do it at home."

The woman in the video@her "husband" account.On the 4th to 5th, his "husband" posted two videos that were wrapped in gauze and being hanging needles, and said that "seven days of getting married for seven days, thank you for your concern, CT has done it, CT has done it, CT has done it, CT has done it.After two days of review, the needle is okay. "The account also posted a wedding photo of the two.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporters noted that many netizens care about the situation of the two, and some netizens have questioned the hype.On February 5th, the reporter privately wrote that the woman and her "husband" understood the situation, and as of the time, the publication was not responded.The social account IP address of the two showed that the location was suspected to be in Henan.Below the video, some netizens are suspected to be in Shangqiu Yongcheng according to the video content.

On February 5th, a staff member of the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau told Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter that recently did not receive the relevant police situation of "women who wounded her husband" and provided contact information of the Performing Police Station of Yongcheng People’s Hospital.Subsequently, a staff member of the Performing Police Station said that after understanding the information on the short video platform, I said: "I report to our online security department, and we have to verify it. Maybe it may be from Yongcheng’s side.It may not be. "

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