"Stream" silly girl!Drug flow, not just taking a few pieces of medicine

Nowadays, women who have accidentally pregnant are increasing year by year. Some of them choose to buy medicines for irregular channels for quickness, money saving or other reasons.

According to the explanation of a certain explanation process, the drug abortion is privately believed that the drug flow is to take a few tablets of medicine. It is over for a few days like the menstruation. There is no risk, no!hurt!son!palace!

Divide abortion is not so easy

Due to individual differences or irregular medication

Light is not to achieve the purpose of miscarriage

If you focus on your life


Is it necessary to talk to you


The method of taking the drug through the drug to terminate the pregnancy is to use the drug to stimulate the uterine to contract strongly, so that the gestational sac will flow off.

The whole process is actually similar to production, but because the pregnancy sac is not a fetus, the pain time has not been produced as long as possible.

The drug flow is suitable for women within 49 days of pregnancy. Although it is easy to take it, it is not appropriate after 49 days.


Is it okay to buy the medicine by yourself?

The drug flow must be used under the guidance of a doctor after a regular hospital for a regular hospital.

Because you need to know if you are suitable for medication, and some risks in the process of medication. For example, do you have taboos in your body?For example, how to judge drugs?What should I do if there is an emergency?

And if it is an ectopic pregnancy, you can buy medicines to eat casually. In addition to might cause abortion of drugs, there may also be major bleeding. This is possible to be fatal.

Blind medication must be used.

Compared to injections, there is no pain in taking medicine.It will make people mistakenly think that it will not hurt too much when taking medicine.

This idea is wrong. It still depends on personal constitution when it hurts. Some people feel that they are similar to diarrhea and auntie, and some people can’t stand this degree of pain.

Even many people can’t carry the pain of the flow of medication, and the abortion surgery can also be anesthesia. To some extent, the abortion surgery may have a lower pain.


Drug flow is smaller than abortion?

The biggest difference between the flow of drugs and the flow of people should be that the flow of people should perform surgery, and the drug flow is not used.

In fact, to some extent, there are even greater hidden dangers in the drug flow, because the time required for the drug flow is relatively long, and it is easy to be infected during this period.

And in case of the loss of the medicine, it will also be underwritten.

Under the control of doctors, the flow of people can be treated in a timely manner.

Can the drug go to work immediately?

Some people think that the drug flow is not a surgery, so there is no need to rest, and the drug flow can continue to work.

This cognition is wrong.

If the rest is not good after the drug flow, it will not only hinder the recovery of the body, but also cause anemia and infection.

Therefore, after the abortion of the drug is over, female friends still try to rest at home to ensure that the body and uterus can be fully recovered.

For drug flow

In addition to understanding the misunderstanding

Also know

Related knowledge of drug flow


time limit

There is a best time period for drug flow, which is generally better within 49 days of pregnancy.

Because the gestational sac at this time is relatively small, it is suitable for abortion through drugs.But if this time, the fetus grows up, it depends on the judgment of the doctor.

The specific pregnancy time must be determined.


Unsuitable crowd

Disease abortion is not what everyone can do. For example, it is generally not appropriate to get pregnant for more than 50 days.

The bed and size of the pregnancy sac are also a key factor, and whether ectopic pregnancy has occurred.

Some contraindications, such as liver and kidney function abnormalities, hypertension, gastrointestinal dysfunction, ectopic pregnancy, and ring pregnancy.

It’s too young or too old.


Clear harm

The drug flow is not necessarily safe. The success rate of the drug flow is only about 75%. The loss of drug loss means to go to the hospital for surgery to clear the palace.

The drug flow process is also relatively long. Once the discharge is not complete, it may cause continuous vaginal bleeding, cause inflammation, and may cause fallopian tubes, damage to the uterus, and even infertility.

In addition, taking drugs may also have side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

If you want to choose a drug abortion

Must go to a regular hospital

Only professional doctors can judge

Is it suitable for medication

And deal with various problems in the process of drug flow

protect yourself

Don’t let accidental damage

Once an accident is helpless

Please select regular hospitals and safe methods

Keep the opportunity to be a mother for yourself

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