"Son, I don’t want to help you bring your children." Finally, an old mother refused to help take the child


Today you call and say that Fang Ning returned to his hometown.This time, I did not bring Lele.You said that you are busy at work. Please ask the babysitter to worry about whether I can apply for retirement in advance. I used to help you look at Lele.

To be honest, I am very Philharmonic, and I hope to stay with her more.Every night after get off work, I watched the photos and videos of Lele for a long time. She was like a cute angel, drove my troubles and cured my loneliness.

I have always been thinking about you and Fang Ning, and I want to take care of your life.But I have to reject you this time, please don’t blame your mother ruthless.As for the reason, you can understand.


Fortunately, you also struggle, admitted to your favorite university, and found your favorite job after graduation.Later, when I encountered a gentle and virtuous Fang Ning, you both loved each other. I felt that I also explained to your dad.

However, my friends only said half of the right, looking forward to your marriage, I am not to enjoy blessing.Behind my heart, I have reluctance and loneliness.

The book says that the separation of parents and children will have many times, but they all represent the beginning of growth:

Cut off the umbilical cord, heralds new life and hope;

Weaning, representing love began to have independent space;

Sending the child to school is to promote him to the society;

The most difficult and deepest one was to witness him and the other person in his life holding hands. From then on, he walked the second half of his life.

Son, you have grown up, starting a new chapter in life, and your mother will let go of your hand and support you to go forward.


Not long after marriage, Fang Ning became pregnant.

It was a happy thing, but I did not expect that the marriage between you and the love is introduced into a state of arguing.

Fang Ning’s progesterone is low and needs to rest in bed.You said, anyway, you have a high salary and can support a family, advocate that Fang Ning resigned to raise his fetus and take a full -time baby.

At first I tried to oppose it. I was not afraid of making money alone, but because I experienced the feeling of bringing baby alone, and witnessed the sadness of a lot of full -time mothers. I don’t want Fang Ning Taicang to make a decision.

But looking at the consistent attitude of you, and complaining about my stopping, I can only agree.

Fang Ning is more sensitive and vomited in pregnancy. After he is happy, he is emotionally ups and downs. I do n’t worry about it. Take care of them in the past.

Later, the intermittently receiving the call is the news of your quarrel:

You say she is arrogant, and others are pregnant with their hands. She is not satisfied with her home, and she is not satisfied with anything.

She said that you didn’t care about everything at home. The child was crying. You just stood aside and shook his head. When the child was ill and fell, he only knew that she was blame her even a child.

You say you are tired, just want to be quiet every day when you get home from get off work, but she complains with you all day to bring your child to the back pain;

You think she is unreasonable, "How tired to bring a child", but did not expect her to go well, and when she left the child, she returned to her mother’s house!

Son, I haven’t hit you since I was a child, but I really want to draw you two slaps!

You never do housework. Occasionally you play with Lele for a while after get off work. Have you ever thought about why the family can always be neat and new, and how can Lele grow from a baby to a three -year -old girl?

You said that Fang Ning had a strong temper, the original tenderness disappeared, and he didn’t pay attention to clothes at all.Then do you understand that no one will change for no reason. After she is a mother, she looks like a person. How much embarrassment is hidden behind it, and how much grievances have accumulated?


Mom tells you that the family will not automatically become clean, and the toilet does not brush, so she can only accumulate dirt.

Similarly, Lele, like you, does not grow up a day.When children have to drink milk when they are young, they do n’t sleep, especially when they are sick, they will only stick to their mother. Even if the mother is struggling, she must take care of that child wholeheartedly.

In addition, as the child grows up, the burden on the mother’s shoulders will not decrease: to arrange the child to enter the park, to guide the child to develop good lines, and how much you want to worry about.Can you hold back your temper?

As the writer Chen Ami said, "Mom is not a bad temper, mother is too tired."


There is a well -known proverb abroad: "Happy Wife, Happy Life." The literal translation is: "Wife is happy, the days are comfortable."

Son, don’t underestimate these eight words, it contains the pattern of husband and the wisdom of the family.

A family is the wife mostly.The husband’s love and care, respect and understanding, can not only give his wife’s dynamic power and courage to not fear difficulties, but also the secret of ensuring the happiness of the family and the beautiful life.

"Snail House" says "Details defeat love", and my mother wants to say "small things kill marriage."The woman who had to divorce because her husband did not wash the dishes in four days actually accumulated too many grievances, so the dishes have become the last straw that overwhelms their marriage.


In the end, I want to say that my son, you and Fang Ning take the housework together, and accompany Lele, is the best way for Philharmonic to give her the best nourishment.

In these years, although you have worked hard, I have never complained about half a point. Apart from loved you, one reason is that when your dad has given me a lot of understanding and support.From my pregnancy to the overall care of production, from your tooth learning, toddler, and then to be a teenager, whether it is changing diapers, coaxing or education, he is fully assisted.

The TV series "My First Half Life" said: "What are we getting married for? Because of the difficult life, we need a person to help each other."

Son, my mother hopes you, and sincerely speak to Fang Ning, thank her sincerely, and then take her home to run a marriage with her, raise fun, and regain happiness.

Remember: Children are two of you, not Fang Ning alone, and you don’t have who to help who.

To be distressed by each other, be considerate of each other, and love each other. This is the best support for children.

Love your mother

October 2018


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