"Shourly pick this time to say pregnancy": Don’t let the way to ask for leave, betray your workplace low emotional quotient in the workplace

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Yesterday, a news that "Women’s self -exposure to July in July" appeared on Weibo hot search, making people feel speechless after reading.

Ms. Chen, Changchun, Jilin, said that she joined a company in March this year. After she was pregnant in July, the company had been urging her to resign.Ms. Chen appealed and asked the company to perform the contract and win the lawsuit.On December 3, she was pregnant for 7 and a half months and returned to her post, but found that the company arranged for her to work at the construction site.

Ms. Chen was very angry. In a self -exposed video, she had a cold and inconvenient environment that was cold and inconvenient, accusing the company of being unpopular.

In the past, after the incident of women’s rights and interests in the workplace was exposed, they could be supported, and there would be rational discussion of accountable companies. However, this time, the comment area fell to the ground to stand up to the company.inappropriate.

From the self -exposure of Ms. Chen’s video, let’s take this matter:

First, take the initiative to dodge at work.The newcomer will consult with the company, but Ms. Chen obviously avoids the topic and did not inform the preparation intention.After she was pregnant, the company was in a relatively passive state.

Employees who are only recruited, pregnancy, and maternity leave. The company either hires newcomers to take on her job, or she can only add work to other colleagues in the job.

The recruitment explains the lack of people. Now this situation is equivalent to no recruitment.

Secondly, the probation period deliberately concealed.Ms. Chen is pregnant in 7 and a half months, and the calculation is already pregnant in April.

She joined in March and became pregnant after more than a month, but never told the company.Wait until July, and after the probation period is over, I will pick it out at this time.

Think about it, if the company invited a newcomer to replace Ms. Chen, and when she had finished maternity leave, what would happen for almost a year after leaving the post?

All jobs need to re -teach Ms. Chen, how can I have a newcomer who has become a cooked hand?Obviously, a waste of resources is formed.

The company urged Ms. Chen to leave, and it was helpless.

Netizens said well, women are pregnant normally during work, and the company does not care about maternity insurance.When the probation period is pregnant, you can go home and raise your fetus.

Now, eating is too ugly.

Women’s pregnancy and childbirth are rights and interests. They need to be firmly obeyed, but when the opportunity to inform the company, when to ask for leave, and how to use leave, not only reflects professionalism, but also exposes a person’s workplace emotional intelligence.

1. Proper leave, take care of the company’s interests

Near the years, employees of various enterprises are saying that they are difficult to ask for leave.In fact, it is not difficult to ask for leave.

At work, everyone will occasionally have emergency and emergencies. In this case, leave for leave is understandable and forgive.

But don’t ask early, don’t ask for a time, regardless of the time point, regardless of whether the company has any things, should you find someone to hand over, don’t consider whether you will delay the process and do it willful.This method is not appropriate.

The author Song Hang wrote a story, saying that his college classmates lost a job because of a leave.

"The college classmate had a wedding during the National Day, and she thought that she had returned to her hometown, so after the seven -day vacation of the National Day, she continued to ask the boss for half a month vacation.Essence

From a moral perspective, we will think that the honeymoon for vacation is normal. After all, marriage is a major event in life, and we cannot affect life because of work.

However, from a professional perspective, it seems unreasonable to delay work for a long time for the honeymoon.

The classmate actually bought a ticket for traveling abroad in advance, but only got a holiday at that time at that time.

Before that, she also had a very important project in her hand. Her holiday can be said to directly affect the work progress of the entire team.

The most angry thing for the boss was that she did not do a good job of work before the holidays, nor did she find someone to replace her work in advance.

After this, colleagues began to alienate this classmate.In the end, in the case of being isolated by everyone, she submitted a resignation letter … "

Entering an enterprise and signing the "Labor Contract", it has formed a contractual relationship of "you pay for, I contribute".

In the company, each position has its responsibilities, and the interests of corporate interests are connected with employees. If the collective interest is damaged, personal interests will be affected.

A person does not even have the minimum workplace respect and etiquette. It is not responsible for the work at hand and no consciousness of handover.

Your workplace emotional quotient is high or not, please know once.

During the end of the matter, the loss caused by the company’s loss is the manifestation of low emotional quotient.

2. Appropriate leave, you will consider colleagues cooperation

A while ago, there was a news on Weibo.

A year ago, Luo Mou, a Dali woman in Yunnan, wanted to travel.She chose to ask the leaders directly on WeChat, but did not get relevant reply.

Luo returned after 5 days of travel according to his travel plan, and found that the service unit had to terminate the labor contract with him.

Luo filed a lawsuit in the court and tried that the WeChat chat record between Luo and the leaders in charge failed to confirm whether the leader agreed with Luo to take leave and rejected Luo’s claim.

Coincidentally, in September this year, the news of the leave of leave has also caused heated discussions.

Ms. Xie and the roommates of the two universities plan to travel to Hong Kong in early July to commemorate the third anniversary of graduation.

She had bought the ticket early in the morning and set the hotel.It is planned to travel for a total of 9 days with 5 days of annual leave, plus the weekend of the weekend.

At the end of the month, Ms. Xie asked the department manager to ask for leave. The manager said that recently the unit received a large project and was very busy. I hope she can take a vacation in August.

Ms. Xie believes that my girlfriend has long been taken off, and she cannot "reflect the water in the middle."She took out her air tickets, hotel records, etc., and successfully asked for fake.

After a happy holiday, she returned to work, and she found that colleagues and leaders changed their attitudes towards herself.She inquired that during the vacation, because of the busy project, her work was allocated to other colleagues, and everyone worked overtime at 10 o’clock every day.

The colleagues complained that she was invited to "Overlord".Leaders no longer arrange important affairs, Ms. Xie can only do very basic work.

Please go back to travel and come back to the workplace crisis, which made Ms. Xie have to have the idea of resigning.

The interests between colleagues are attached to each other. Everyone’s responsibilities in the workplace are independent, and no one has the obligation to help deal with the problem.

It is commonplace for people to ask for leave.Before the leave, you can start from the interests of the team and not to add trouble to colleagues. It is a mature workplace and has a professional literacy.

3. The appropriate leave is to fulfill yourself

I have seen a story of a high -emotional business workplace on the Internet.

A project manager has a long time for each vacation time. From the perspective of work responsibilities, her role is very important. It is necessary to coordinate and guide many project team progress.

She has never delayed traveling with her husband twice a year.

Her approach is to determine the vacation date 1 month in advance, and inform her boss’s work arrangements as soon as possible.

Three days before vacation, all work progress will be reported to leaders.Then send the delivery list of important tasks to relevant colleagues.

After a very smooth vacation, her boss was quite satisfied with her arrangement and work.

Come back on vacation and bring some special gifts to colleagues who help hard work. Please eat a big meal.

Under normal circumstances, each company has a standard leave system.You need to fill in the leave of the request in advance to apply to the leader, and you can rest after the formal approval.

If it is an emergency, when it is too late to fill in the leave report, it should be verbally requested to the leader by phone and obtains the consent of the leader.

If you take a long leave time or in a special post, you need to find the handover and explain the work during the vacation.

Standing from the standpoint of enterprises and leaders to think in the other way, considering the problem from the perspective of colleagues, it will make your next leave and be smoother.

Fake leave is a common trivial matter, and it is also a detail that cannot be ignored.

The method of asking for leave is like a boat on the river, the water can carry the boat, or the boat can be covered.Don’t let inappropriate ways to betray your workplace low emotional quotient.

Author: 子 型, a cross -border science and engineering man with a glorious hairstyle.Fortune 500, focus on writing the workplace.Write the story of the soul and live a living life.Public account: Yangongongzi2015.

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