"Seeing red" during pregnancy?Doctor: It is generally not a good thing!

In the early stages of pregnancy, because the fetus is not very stable, many pregnant mothers will also be particularly careful, for fear that there will be some accidents in the fetus in the abdomen.But many times they will go wrong, and some pregnant mothers find that they "below" bleed!Generally speaking, menstruation will be suspended after pregnancy, and no vaginal bleeding will occur.So what is the reason for "bleeding"?Does it mean that the baby is gone?To this end, family doctors interviewed Li Yingtao, chief physician of the obstetrics at the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, let her explain to us what causes the cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy.

"Women will not have menstruation during pregnancy, it must be early pregnancy and vaginal bleeding." Director Li Yingtao said, and then emphasized that as long as bleeding is a bad sign!Because the symptoms of early pregnancy merged and bleeding symptoms occur, the most common is abortion, and bleeding may be bleeding in other parts, such as cervical inflammatory polyp bleeding, vulvar vein bleeding, hydatidal bleeding, and bleeding of ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, Director Li Yingtao stated that when pregnant women have vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, they must go to a regular hospital to find out the cause of bleeding and let the doctor treat the symptoms and corresponding treatment.

In addition, what happened to many pregnant women’s response to dark brown secretions, will it be a precursor to miscarriage?Although not red blood, it is inevitable to worry.In this regard, Director Li Yingtao said that dark brown secretions are actually caused by bleeding. This may be because a small amount of congestion is gathered in the posterior dome or vagina, which causes dark brown secretions when discharged.

As Director Li Yingtao said, as long as bleeding is not a good sign!Therefore, if you want to avoid vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy and avoid abortion, you should do a good job of prevention.Many pregnant women say that they are usually very careful, why is there a miscarriage?Director Li Yingtao said that this is because your preventive measures are not in place!

If you want to prevent early abortion in the early pregnancy, you need to understand which factors are prone to cause abortion of pregnant women. Director Li Yingtao said that abortion in the early pregnancy is often caused by major factors.

Maternal factors: Maternal factors include endocrine, immunity, local parts, mother infections, and mothers, as well as some combined internal medicine diseases.

Fettient factors: The fetal factors are mainly chromosomal abnormalities.

How to prevent it?Director Li Yingtao believes that whether it is an unfamiliar, aborted, or even repeated pregnant women, preventive measures must cover the two aspects of the mother and fetus.

Endocrine: exclude endocrine abnormal problems, including whether there is abnormal secretion function such as luteal incomplete function, estrogen, progesterone, etc.

Diseases: Mother’s disease is one of the important factors that cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the risk of whether there are hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases.

Immune: Because the embryo is foreign and semi -antigen, if the mother does not discern the embryo, it will exclude it. Therefore, if there is an immune abnormality, the standardized immune treatment must be performed;

Museum shape: Pregnant mothers need to rule out whether there are problems such as abnormal uterine cavity, uterine malformations, and vertical uterine;

Infection: Common infections include high fever in pregnant mothers, as well as infections of reproductive tract, which requires relative causes and treatment.

Before pregnancy, you must check the chromosomes of both husbands and wives to see if there is a balance or not abnormal or not.If there is a bad pregnancy, such as anemia, such as thalassemia, Director Li Yingtao advocates preparation couples to go to eugenics and prenatal diagnosis outpatient areas to evaluate the risk rate of re -issuance.If you can continue your pregnancy, if the risk is high, it is recommended to do the diagnosis of implanted type to reduce the pain caused by the family because of poor pregnancy ending.

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