"School Flower" daughter was pregnant early, and was locked up by her father for 5 years. After rescue, her father cried

Early love seems to be a very shameful thing for the vast majority of parents. Once the child is in love with early love, parents will also treat them in extreme methods.

There was such a thing before. Sisi was a very smart little girl. The results have always been good during school. Later, the grade slowly declined, which was also a great blow to her.

Sisi’s parents were busy working all year round, saw the children’s performance decline, did not ask their children to teach, and did not let the child in a training class. Instead, she sent her to a vocational school.

As we all know, the learning atmosphere of vocational schools is relatively poor. Many children have early love at a young age, as are Sisi.After entering the vocational school, because of the outstanding face value, he was rated as "school flower", and soon attracted the attention of some boys, and he stolen fruit and caused pregnancy.

Dad learned that her daughter was very angry about her early love. The couple pulled their children to abortion. The child could not bear a huge blow. There was a problem in her heart. Then the father was locked in the small black room for 5 years.

For so many years, the girl has lived worse than beasts, and her parents do not give her to eat.Originally, she lived in a dark life. In the end, Sisi’s classmates took the initiative to expose the matter, and the girl was rescued. After the rescue, the father cried.

Because living in the dark all year round, Sisi’s mental illness is getting worse and more serious, coupled with long -term malnutrition, weighing very light weight, and severe muscle atrophy, it is difficult to walk.After seeing the tragedy of her daughter, the parents finally realized that they regretted their decisions very much.

Children are young and have not yet matured. Once parents find that children are in love, they will use the following errors to deal with it, but in fact these processing methods will hurt children very much.

①: Strict reprimand

Once the vast majority of parents find their children’s early love, they will feel that this is a matter offending, not only will severely criticize children, but may be beaten children.But doing so will only make children rebellious. Maybe there is nothing happened between the children, but it will also go closer because of the strong resistance of the parents.

②: intimidating children

Some parents have discovered that their children will tell them that early love is a very scary thing, which will not only affect academic performance, but also cannot be admitted to college.Doing this may solve the problem for a while, but after the child grows up, the parents’ psychological strikes on them will continue.

③: Don’t ask

There are also some parents who heard their children early in love, and they always feel that they are a family between their children, and there will be no big problems, so I choose not to ask.But this is not responsible for the growth of children. Children lack the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and it is easy to do something that hurts themselves because of early love.

Children’s early love is indeed not good for their growth, but what parents have to do are not to solve roughly, but to convey the correct view of marriage and love to their children.


First of all, parents must play a role model in their lives. Sometimes they do not need to deliberately educate their parents. As long as the husband and wife are affectionate and the family relationship is harmonious, it will have a positive impact on children.They will see the mode of getting along with their parents, and they will not become a casual person, and they will become a responsible person in love and in marriage.

2. Communicate with children in time

Once parents find that their children have a tendency to have early love, they must communicate with them in time, and they should also pay attention to the way of communication.Talk in the way of friends and tell them what is the right love, rather than roughly to stop criticism.Only with an equal communication relationship can children accept their parents’ ideas, so as to better understand the true meaning of love.

I believe that parents and friends have also had the object of admiration when they were young, and when they had ignorance of the opposite sex, in fact, they did not distinguish between sooner or later. The child was in love at a young age, and parents did not need to worry too much.In fact, in many cases, the children’s getting along is not love, just because of the curiosity of love, parents must guide the child correctly and disperse the attention of children.

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