"Pregnant women cannot do chest transparency and not accepted." Behind: I have risked to ask the hospital to do chest transparency and was rejected

Surging news reporter Duan Yanchao

When receiving the phone notice, Zou Xiaolin (pseudonym) felt that "the sky has collapsed."

The other party said that because she was unable to do chest permeability, the medical examination was missing, and the recruitment of teachers was not accepted.

Zou Xiaolin, who was pregnant for 5 months at that time, originally thought that when she reported to the new school, she and her husband could end the "weekend couple" life.More importantly, when the child is born, "the family can be together", and she is more convenient to take care of and educate the child.

"I was determined at the time, and I must take the test." In order to prepare for the exam, Zou Xiaolin "worked hard when I was in the college entrance examination."

In the end, Zou Xiaolin scored first in the candidates reported by his report and was notified of the medical examination.During the medical examination, the hospital staff said that pregnant women cannot do breast permeability, as long as the results of the pregnancy examination are proved to be proved on the medical examination.Because I heard that many places recruit teachings and special teachers, pregnant women were not affected, she didn’t care too much.

"After receiving the notification (not accepted), I cried." Zou Xiaolin went to the hospital to ask for chest threatening, and went to the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau to question leaders and reported to the mayor’s hotline, women’s federation and other departments.

In August 2020, after "pregnant women could not be reached by chest transparency", they attracted attention after reporting from the surging news.In November, Zou Xiaolin went to the Yuanyang County Court to sue the Plain Demonstration Zone to organize the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Cultural and Education Sports and Health Bureau to demand that the decision is not allowed.The case will start tomorrow (December 11).

"I just ask for a statement." Zou Xiaolin said.

A better life "becomes a bubble"

"The biggest motivation of (apply for advice) is the child." Zou Xiaolin told Peng Mei News.

31 -year -old Zou Xiaolin, his parents live in the Demonstration Zone of the Plain in Xinxiang City, and the husband is from Xinxiang City.At the end of 2014, she was admitted to a primary school in Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City to teach.Because her husband works in Zhengzhou City, the two are "different" on working days, each busy.On the weekend, Zou Xiaolin’s parents who were closer to the two lived.

On June 6, 2019, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Plain Demonstration Zone and the Cultural and Education Sports Bureau issued the "Second Batch of Public Recruitment of Kindergarten Teachers in Primary and secondary schools in 2019". Zou Xiaolin, who had been pregnant at the time, reported its name.

The Plain Demonstration Zone is located on the north bank of the Yellow River. It is close to the Zhengzhou Metropolitan area. It is an important node for seamless docking in Xinxiang City and Zhengzhou.

"The plain demonstration zone is a new area, and the conditions are better in all aspects. After pregnancy, I want to take the test and be closer to my parents. The family can also be together to facilitate care and educate children." Zou Xiaolin said.

A few months ago (February 2019), the Plain Demonstration Zone recruited taught. Zou Xiaolin, who was not pregnant at the time, also reported the exam."This time, I thought I must be examined, for the future of a good life. Zou Xiaolin said that when she taught at the end of 2014, there were also pregnant women among the examiners.Inquiries, the recruitment of special post teachers, pregnant women are also admitted.I think it is impossible for the Plain Demonstration Zone to say that discrimination against pregnant women, right?"

It happened to be summer vacation before the exam. Zou Xiaolin began to endorse at seven or eight every day, and sometimes read books at night."Except for eating, almost all are studying." In the end, in the posts he reported, Zou Xiaolin got the first score (written test second, the first interview), and entered the medical examination.

Zou Xiaolin and his family celebrated.The elementary school she applied for was only 20 minutes ‘drive from her parents’ home, and 30 kilometers from Zhengzhou City.She plans to have a new home near the new school.

There are also five other pregnant women who have entered the medical examination as Zou Xiaolin.Zou Xiaolin recalled that during the medical examination, the staff of the hospital’s front desk said that pregnant women could not do their breasts. They asked what to do. The other party said that as long as the test results were proved to be proved on the medical examination.They also asked the teacher to lead the teacher whether they did not do chest permeability. They would not affect the admission. The other party did not say that it would not affect it, but just smiled and said that they were unclear.

After the number of medical examinations, Zou Xiaolin received a notice of "the shortage of the medical examination was not hired"."I think the sky has collapsed, how can I do this?" Zou Xiaolin said. Originally, she felt very lucky. Suddenly, all the imagination "became a bubble."

I took the risk of seeking the hospital and then I was rejected by my chest transparency

Now that the child is 1 year old, Zou Xiaolin is still working in the original school.Unlike before, she ran between her parents and schools every day.

"Because the medical examination was stuck, I was really unwilling." Zou Xiaolin said that after giving birth, he was busy with family and work, but every time he mentioned the matter, he still felt a lot of anger."This is a discrimination against pregnant women," she said.

After receiving the notice of not being hired in August 2019, Zou Xiaolin immediately called the call on the announcement, and no one answered.Later, she rushed to the hospital twice, and begging for her breasts was rejected.Because there are regulations, it is not possible to do chest permeability for pregnant women.The second time, Zou Xiaolin even said that he could write a commitment. If the child had problems, it had nothing to do with the hospital.

"At that time, there was really no way." Zou Xiaolin said that at that time, the fetus had been 5 months old and thought that the risk would be smaller on the stomach.

"Children and work are important for me." Zou Xiaolin said that there were not many such enrollment. The competition she enrolled at the time was almost fifteen or six.In recent years, there are many graduates, and competition has become bigger and bigger.In addition, recruiting education also has requirements for age. The older the age, the less opportunities.

In the hospital, Zou Xiaolin met a pregnant woman who had a cesarean section for chest threatening.

"Because it is a cesarean section, there are wounds, she walks crooked, and she moves forward little by little." Zou Xiaolin recalled.

Zou Xiaolin and another pregnant woman questioned leaders at the Cultural and Education and Health Bureau of the Plain Demonstration Zone."We said, we are just pregnant, not to say that we can’t move anymore, nor does it affect class. Let’s say that Introduction leave, we are resting now, and we will never take it anymore. Do you have no pregnancy now?","

Zou Xiaolin said that at the time, the leader accidentally mentioned that it was because the previous batch of admission to pregnant women was too much, which led to this optimization plan."You optimize the plan, you must explain when issuing an announcement!" Zou Xiaolin said.

Zou Xiaolin and other pregnant women called the mayor’s hotline, and later received a reply from the Plain Demonstration Zone, still saying that they were missing in the medical examination.The Women’s Federation replied that the negotiation was negotiated, but did not do it.

In the WeChat group built by the teacher, teachers who continued to participate in the medical examination said that they received a notice of reporting.Someone proposed that why a pregnant woman was on her job, the group fry the pan, and the administrator disbanded the group.

"It is tantamount to blocking us, and we don’t let us know anything." Zou Xiaolin said. At that time, she felt that there was really no hope, "preparation."

"I think it is still possible to win the lawsuit"

In August 2020, the surging news reported that "pregnant women cannot do their chests and not accepted", which aroused heated discussions on the public.Pregnant woman Xiao Zhang said that she had given up, and suddenly saw hope.But what she didn’t expect was that the relevant departments of the Plain Demonstration Zone did not change the decision."If you do not recruit pregnant women, you should make it clear that it will hurt us to waste time prepare for the exam and also have a physical check -up fee." Xiao Zhang said.

"I just want to ask for a statement." Zou Xiaolin said.

In November 2020, she went to the Yuanyang County Court to sue the Plain Demonstration District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau and the Cultural and Education Sports and Health Bureau, asking for a decision to withdraw from the reserved decision and make a decision to recruit in accordance with the law."Someone told me, don’t tell me anymore, saying that it is not good for me and my current work. I mean, I pursue fair treatment, as long as I give me reasonable explanation, withdrawal is certain. If I don’t give it, I must be sureCan’t withdraw the lawsuit. "

The surging news noticed that the "Second Batch of Public Recruitment of Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Teachers’ Announcement in 2019" released by the Plain Demonstration District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Cultural and Education Sports Bureau pointed out that the physical examination is in accordance with the "Henan Provincial Teachers Qualification Application Staff Inspection Standards (2017 revised in 2017)》 Executive, take care of yourself.

The surging news found that the regulations did not specify the physical examination of pregnant women.

After the test results came out, on August 5, 2019, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Plain Demonstration District and the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau released the "Notice of Physical Examination of Teachers for Kindergarten Teachers in Primary and Middle School Kindergartens in 2019", which mentioned "the medical examination reference to the recruitment of civil servants’ recruitsRelevant standards and regulations ".

Zou Xiaolin’s acting lawyer Wang Hui pointed out that although the same type of cases are rare, they have inquired that in July 2019, the Human Resources and Social Affairs Department of Hubei Provincial Human Resources and Social Security has released the "Publicity of Comrade Zou Moujie, Candidates", saying that according to the superior level, it is said that according to the superior levelThe relevant provisions of the "Reconstruction of the Candidates for Medical Candidates for Medical Examinations", the department’s 2018 civil servant Zou Moujie was temporarily participated in some medical examination items due to pregnancy.The medical examination and inspection have been completed. It is planned to be publicized as a staff member of the civil servant law to manage the staff of the public law.

Zou Xiaolin’s acting lawyer Zhong Lanan pointed out that the relevant administrative departments of the Plain Demonstration Zone refused to recruit with the lack of medical examinations, infringing Zou Xiaolin’s equal employment right, and it was an administrative violation of the law.Administrative organs should protect women’s legitimate rights and interests, not discrimination."I think it is likely to win the lawsuit by communicating with a lawyer." Zou Xiaolin said.She didn’t think about future things, "I will teach me a truth."

Expert: Direct rejection of hiring, too rude

According to Surging News, the staff of the Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau of the Plain Demonstration Zone have stated that it will indeed affect the results of the medical examination during pregnancy, and it will eventually not be hired due to the lack of the medical examination items.The staff of the third affiliated hospital of Xinxiang Medical College who provides medical examinations said that it is not recommended to do chest permeability during pregnancy during pregnancy. At present, there are no other examination methods to replace chest permeability.

"Like Zou Xiaolin, it is relatively rare and has not encountered it before." On December 10, Guo Jing, the initiator of the 074 female legal hotline in the workplace, told Surging News that discrimination against pregnant women violated the Women’s Rights Protection Law.

074 Women’s Legal Hotline in the workplace was launched in November 2017 and is committed to eliminating the gender discrimination.From November 2017 to December 2019, the 074 hotline received 103 consultations.Among them, pregnancy discrimination accounts for 47%.Pregnancy discrimination refers to the different treatments, rejection, and restrictions that women receive in the workplace due to fertility.In all consultations about pregnancy discrimination, the proportion of consultants (69%) was dismissed nearly 70%, followed by tuning (13%) and deducting salary/reduction (11%).In addition to obvious discrimination, some employers by making mental pressure on pregnant women from disguised disguise.Some units will encourage other employees to be difficult to get pregnant.

Liu Minghui, a professor at the Law School of the Chinese Women’s College, told Peng Mei News that after the second child was released in 2016, the fertility rate did not rebound significantly as expected.In this context, society should pay more attention to the protection of the rights and interests of pregnant women.It believes that in the case, the setting of the medical examination items did not consider pregnant women, ignoring the special period of women, and it was discrimination against pregnant women."You can slow down, you can try it. But it seems illegal and too rude." Liu Minghui said.

In Liu Minghui’s view, teachers work is not to carry large bags and lower mines. After pregnancy, they can still work normally after pregnancy."As for maternity leave, it is the legitimate rights and interests of mothers. Moreover, in reality, it is very common to go to work without full maternity leave. This can be negotiated. Pregnant women can voluntarily give up her legal rights and interestsReject recording. "

Liu Minghui also pointed out that at present, various real estate leave policies have different policies, and long -term reaching one year, but the longer the maternity leave time, the more likely it will cause more serious employment discrimination.Investigation should be conducted.

"Another key issue is that in the Zou Xiaolin incident, the local government did not understand the country. Now it is serious. You must protect pregnant women in order to encourage fertility." Liu Minghui said.

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