"Pregnant Mom will Tibet" Most Complete Maternal Inspection Project timetable release

When you are pregnant, many mothers are in a hurry. What inspections do you have to do, what time, and why do these checks?Today, Xu Xiao screen will come to the system for everyone.

6-13 weeks

It is mainly to establish pregnancy health care manuals, determine the pregnancy week, calculate the expected period, evaluate high risk factors, blood pressure, weight index, fetal heart rate, blood routine, urine routine, blood type (ABO and RH), fasting blood sugar, liver function and kidneyFunction, hepatitis B virus surface antigen, syphilis spiral body, HIV screening, ECG.

Those who have not had a marriage examination or pre -pregnancy examination before, they also need to increase the screening of thalassemia. People who have pets in their families should increase their parasites.


The first inspection items performed by the first production inspection are relatively the most, which is also to comprehensively check the health of expectant mothers.Bring the prospective dad to check together, and understand the health of you and his direct relatives and family members.

14-19 weeks

It is mainly to analyze the results of the first prenatal examination, blood pressure, weight, palace height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, and Tang’s blood screening (15-20 weeks) in the middle of pregnancy.


The most important project is Tang’s screening. During the Tang family screening, the food and water were discontinued after 12 pm the day before the inspection. The next morning, the hospital came to the hospital for examination.In addition, the examination is also related to the menstrual cycle, weight, height, accurate gestational week, and the size of the fetus. It is best to consult the doctor for other preparations before the examination.

20-24 weeks

Mainly check blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, B-ultrasound fetal malformation screening (18-24 weeks), blood routine, urine routine.


The most important thing is that B -ultrasound screening fetal malformations. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasonic examinations are performed, mainly to see if there is a big problem in the appearance of the fetus.Doctors will carefully measure the fetal fence, abdominal circumference, see the length of the thighs, and check whether the spine is congenital abnormal.If the expectant mother does the system color Doppler (four -dimensional), you can even see the baby’s facial expression (related to the location of the fetus).Before doing the lottery, the prospective mother must do a peaceful mindset. If it is too nervous, it will affect the fetal activity.

Doctors will introduce the understanding and prevention of premature birth to pregnant moms, guiding them with nutrition and lifestyle, and tell the significance of ultrasound screening of pregnant mummy fetal system.

25-28 weeks

Mainly check blood pressure, weight, palace height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, sugar resistance screening (75G OGTT), blood routine, urine routine.


The most important item is the screening of gestational diabetes -sugar tolerance screening, which is generally done in the 24th week of pregnancy.Do not eat after 8 pm the day before the sugar tolerance screening, and drink less water.Don’t be too fast when you drink sugar water, drink slowly, drink little by little, don’t drink it in one bite, you need to drink within 3-5 minutes.It is best to walk more after drinking, so energy consumes such an hour, which will help reduce blood sugar concentration.

Doctors will also understand and prevent premature birth of pregnant mothers, guidance of nutrition and lifestyle, and the significance of introducing diabetes screening during gestational diabetes.

29-32 weeks

Mainly check blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, obstetrics B -ultrasound, blood routine, urine routine.The incidence of anemia during this period has increased, and expectant mothers must do anemia examination.


Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, the production inspection has changed to every two weeks, and the fifth and 6th birth checkups are inspections of conventional projects.

Doctors will guide pregnant moms to give childbirth, reminding moms to start paying attention to fetal movements, while guiding breastfeeding and newborn care.

33-36 weeks

Mainly check blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, blood routine, urine routine.Start at 34 weeks of pregnancy!Do fetal heart monitoring once a week.


This week’s production inspection is a conventional production inspection item. Expectant mothers should pay attention to several fetal movements every day, and find that abnormalities should seek medical treatment immediately.Doctors will also guide pregnant mothers before childbirth, popularize the knowledge of childbirth, screen for newborn diseases, and prevent depression.

37-41 weeks

Mainly blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, fetal position, blood routine, urine routine, fetal heart monitoring.


In the 7-11 times, in addition to the conventional production inspection items, expectant mothers need to do fetal heart monitoring. Before the fetal heart monitoring, you should walk as much as possible, or eat some snacks to allow your baby to move.Can be done more smoothly.You can choose a comfortable posture for monitoring to avoid flatness.If the fetus is unwilling to move during the monitoring process, it is very likely that the fetus is asleep, and you can shake your abdomen gently to wake the fetus.

During the period, expectant mothers need to do a detailed ultrasonic examination, including the size of the fetal double diameter, the functional classification of the placenta, and the amount of amniotic fluid.Doctors will use this to evaluate the weight and development of the fetus at that time, and estimate the weight of the fetus at full monthly production.Once the fetus is insufficient, expectant mothers should add more nutrients.

In addition to fetal heart monitoring, doctors will also conduct fetal position examination in addition to fetal heart monitoring to confirm the fetal position to determine that expectant mothers can give birth or surgery naturally.The doctor will help the mother check the comprehensive situation of pelvis to determine the way of childbirth.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, it was almost the due date. At this stage, the checkup was mainly based on conventional examinations and fetal heart monitoring.However, the most important thing is the habit of detecting fetal movements every day.

40 weeks of pregnancy, close to the due date!Move from several tires!It is hospitalized in time!

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