"Popular science" expectant mothers must watch!Ultrasonic examination time and precautions during pregnancy

After pregnancy

The most concerned about expectant mothers is:

Is the fetus healthy?What do you look like?Is it developing normally?

Ultrasonic examination is the most common

Examination method of discharge and detection of fetal growth and development

About 5 times during pregnancy

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But there are still some pregnant mothers who have misunderstood it

For example, I feel that ultrasound has radiation, four -dimensional two -dimensional, etc.

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It has a great impact on the health of the fetus!

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Specific time and precautions for 5 pregnancy ultrasound examinations

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About 50 days of pregnancy, mothers have to conduct B -ultrasound. At this time, the fertilized eggs are in the palace or outside the palace.

If you do not bed in the normal uterine cavity, it is an ectopic pregnancy. In case of rupture, it endangers mother and fetus life.

If you confirm that you can see the fetal heart in the palace, you can basically develop normally.

The first child is a quasi -mothers who have a cesarean section. It depends on whether she is on the scar (scar pregnancy).The prognosis of scar pregnancy is very dangerous, and some even cause uterine resection.

11 weeks of pregnancy -13+6 weeks Recommend a NT examination to measure the thickness of the baby’s neck transparent layer.

NT thickening may be related to diseases such as fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal heart structure abnormalities, congenital diaphragm hernias and other diseases. Therefore, expectant mothers with high -risk factors to do this test, such as an old age, a history of adverse pregnancy, or some complications.Pregnant women.

Of course, not all NT thickening babies have problems, so further screening must be performed.

As an effective testing indicator, NT examination has been widely used in the screening of fetal early pregnancy.

At 22-26 weeks of pregnancy, the best time to see the baby is the best time to see a complete structural screening.

This examination is mainly to check whether the fetus has major malformations, and checks the intracranial structure, heart structure, stomach bubbles, kidney, bladder, intestinal tube, limb long bones.question.

To do this inspection, it is necessary to have the time and place, and the doctor has skills. The baby must cooperate and move. Do not sleep on your stomach. It is best to put your face towards the doctor.

Sometimes the doctor feels that the baby is not moving in the stomach of the pregnant mother, which will let the pregnant mother go out and go back to the back, waiting for the baby to turn around and look at it. ThereforeMore accurate and complete.

During this period, the size of the fetus was mainly measured, and some malformations that could occur during the late pregnancy were screened. At the same time, the amount of amniotic fluid and the maturity of the placenta were evaluated.

This examination is to determine the fetal position of the fetus, evaluate the growth and development indicators of the fetus and the weight of the fetus. It is necessary to emphasize that the detection rate of malformations at this time is already very low, mainly for the final productionPrepare.

The above are several examinations that expectant mothers should do during pregnancy. Of course, if the fetus has some other problems during pregnancy, observe it with the doctor’s instructions ~

(The content of this article comes from Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and there are differences in the actual operation of different hospitals)


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