"Pharmaceutical" reminder: take medicine randomly, it is very troublesome

The country and localities continue to optimize the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, and the public has further improved the attention of personal health and protection. Recently, the "drug listing list" and "medication order" passed on the Internet have triggered a wave of family preparation.

As the saying goes, there is no preparation, and the Chinese medicine box is full of confidence and peace of mind to defeat the new crown, but it is also reminded that at present, the new crown virus Omikon is infected.Take medicine, and take medicine to poison and even cause irreversible organs damage. If you do not hospitalize, you must be vigilant.

Take a variety of cold medicines in the same time, girls with acute liver damage

Recently, we encountered such a case: 14 -year -old girl A Mei took 7 kinds of cold medicine within 2 days of cold.I thought that a variety of drugs merged and took it faster, but Amei’s cold symptoms were not relieved, but more severe vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms occurred.Accompanied by his family, Amei was sent to the local hospital for emergency treatment, and was diagnosed with acute liver injuries by the doctor.

Clinically, the phenomenon of acute liver and kidney injury caused by self -random drugs caused by self -random drugs, mainly manifested as to varying degrees of transaminase and/or alkaline phosphatase, creatinine and other levels.And abdominal discomfort and other symptoms.Here I remind everyone: the more medicine, the better the efficacy is not necessarily effective. It is not necessary to mix different categories of drugs by themselves. Do not blindly follow the medication suggestions on the Internet.Here, a few more concentrated medication misunderstandings are explained in detail.

Eat a variety of cold medicines together, will the effect better?

Be wary: Do not take the amount of medicine by yourself

If you have a sudden cold, most people must first choose to buy over -the -counter drugs by themselves, and do not take medicines under the guidance of the physician or pharmacist.However, many cold medicines on the market, especially compound preparations, proprietary Chinese medicines, fever and analgesic drugs, contain components of acetaminol. Before taking it, you must read the instructions carefully.

If two kinds of cold medicines are used at the same time, or fever and analgesic drugs at the same time, it will cause excessive intake of acetaminol, which will cause acute liver damage, which will seriously cause liver failure or even death.

Common cold medicine containing acetaminol: pseudolytic pseudolytic hemps, phenolinumin tablets, phenolic mixed suspension, etc.

When taking a cold, remember that there is no so -called "1+1> 2" effect, but it has the risk of "1+1> 2".

Can different categories of drugs be mixed together?

Be wary: medicine can not be eaten casually, let alone mix it at will

We have always advocated that medicine cannot be taken casually. There is no so -called "prevention of disease prevention".When taking medicine, you cannot "mix with eating" at will.Note that these drugs cannot be available.

[Can’t take it at the same time: Huoxiang Zhengqi water, cephalosporin]

Huoxiang Zhengqi water and cephalosporin cannot be taken at the same time.Because Huoxiang Zhengqi water contains alcohol, ethanol will be digested in the body, and cephalosporin drugs will inhibit the metabolism of ethanol in the body, causing ethanol accumulation. In severe cases, it can induce acute liver damage, suspension of respiratory or even death.

[Can’t take it at the same time: probiotics, antibiotics]

Probiotics and antibiotics, if they are not eaten, they may not work if they eat it.Probiotics are our commonly known intestinal beneficial bacteria, while antibiotics are mostly antibacterial drugs. The main function is to kill bacteria.If probiotics are eaten with antibiotics, antibiotics will also kill probiotics while killing harmful bacteria, and probiotics will be eaten in vain.Therefore, in principle, the time of antibiotics and probiotics is at least two hours apart.

However, there are also individual probiotics exceptions, such as antibiotic -related diarrhea. Doctors will recommend Bravia yeast. This probiotic is a fungus and can be taken with antibiotics.Of course, acute diarrhea is not necessarily a bacterial infection, especially in children. In autumn and winter, it is particularly alert to virus infection.

[Can’t take it at the same time: phlegm medicine, cough medicine]

Taking phlegm and cough drugs at the same time, beware of the respiratory tract.The effect of chemical phlegm is not to let the sputum disappear out of thin air, but to dilute sputum and be more easily excreted.The volume of diluted sputum will increase. If it is not discharged in time, it is particularly easy to block the respiratory tract, so we must use coughing to discharge sputum.

If you take cough medicines at the same time, it hinders sputum, which may cause poor breathing.The younger the younger child, the higher the risk of blocked the respiratory tract, the worse the phlegm ability, the more vigilant.Therefore, the two are not recommended to take them at the same time, nor are it recommended to take it at a time.

[Can’t take at the same time: painkillers, anticoagulant drugs]

Anticoagulant drugs can prevent coagulation factors from synthesis and are often used to prevent thrombosis; painkillers have the effect of antiplatelet.The role of the two is similar. The former is to prevent coagulation, and the latter is to extend the time of coagulation. At the same time, taking it will increase the chance of bleeding, which can easily cause patients with internal bleeding, such as: skin congestion, bleeding, digestive tract bleeding, etc.;Difficult to stop bleeding.

Common anticoagulant drugs: Huafarin, Lidahabian tablets, Aidshaban, etc.;

Common painkillers: ibuprofen, sodium sodium chloride.

[Can’t take it at the same time: alleviate nasal congestion, lower blood pressure drugs]

The use of nasal congestion and blood pressure reduction drugs will affect the antihypertensive effect.Relieve nasal congestion drugs usually contain a reduced bleeding ingredient (mainly alpiner -based drugs), which can relieve the nasal congestion by shrinking blood vessels, but this may lead to rising blood pressure and affecting the effect of lowering blood pressure drugs.Patients with hypertension, especially patients who take blood pressure -lowering drugs, should use nasal congestion in time. Under the guidance of a specialist or pharmacist, the nasal congestion is used to alleviate the nasal congestion, such as ephedrine drip nasal, pseudolytic nattin capsules, pseudolyticin pseudolytic pseudolytic pseudo -pseudoManamimine tablets, compound orange ephedrine syrup, etc.

These common medicines must be remembered not to be mixed, and interactions are likely to endanger human health.

Can special people take medicine as needed?

Be wary: Special people take these drugs to pay attention

【Old Man Drug】

The metabolism of the elderly slows down, the function of various organs weakens, the drug sensitivity increases, and it is more prone to adverse drug reactions.Due to the compound cold medicine (such as Tyno, Xin Kangtaik, Bai Jiahe, etc.) contain pseudo ephedrine, it can easily lead to adverse reactions such as increased blood pressure and accelerated heartbeat; elderly people with prostate hypertrophy should use cautious cold medicine with pseudo ephedrine, takeLater, the condition may be aggravated, such as the urination cannot be discharged, the bladder rise, etc.

【Pregnant women’s medication】

Pregnant women are not unable to use medicine, but to take medicine when the medication is used, and should be used under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.Early pregnancy (5-14 weeks) is the critical period of fetal brain, nerves, and organ development. Whether it is a cold virus itself or anti-cold medicine, it has a great impact on the fetus. It is recommended to avoid medication in the early pregnancy, but colds and fever during pregnancy occur during pregnancy.Symptoms should be seek medical treatment in time.

【Children’s medication】

Due to the immatureness of infant liver and kidney development, the removal and excretion of drugs are slow, and adverse reactions are prone to occur during medication.The World Health Organization (WHO) and China’s heating guide are recommended. Children are fever. You can choose to reduce fever for acetaminol or ibuprofen, but it is not recommended to use or alternately.

In addition: Do not take two types of cold medicines at the same time to avoid excessive medication for the same ingredients; use children’s dosage type drugs or drugs recommended by children;At 38 ° C, it is suitable for using antipyretics.

(The author is Jiang Wei, Director of Xiamen Hospital, Xiamen Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Jiang Wei, Director of Xiamen Hospital and Executive Director of Gastroenterology)

Source: Wen report

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