"Pay attention" during pregnancy, these 6 types of foods need special attention

There are also 6 categories that you need to pay special attention to and control during pregnancy.

These foods may occasionally eat, but in terms of choice, you need to be more careful than usual.

These foods include: cold vegetables, barbecue, fried and smoked foods, biscuits, pastries, sweet beverages and other deep -scholarships, caffeine drinks, animal liver, and various health products and supplements.

Let’s talk about it in detail one by one, what aspects of each type of food need to pay attention to.

Pay more attention to during pregnancy: cold dishes, nostalgia, deep -processed food, caffeine, caffeine,

Animal liver

1. Stay away from metamorphic food: Do not go to small stall vendors, do not eat leftover cold dishes

First of all, it is to stay away from metamorphic food, do not eat street stalls, and do not eat leftover cold dishes.Remember to completely heat and cook after the leftovers of the refrigerator at home.

Small vendors and stalls on the street have no hygienic permits. There is no way to ensure the freshness and health of the raw materials, and it is impossible to ensure whether there is cross -pollution during the meal. Whether the tableware is clean and disinfected, and the risk of poison in food is relatively high.

If you choose to eat outside during pregnancy, try to choose places with high food hygiene levels as much as possible, eat some cooking with rice, cold dishes and cooked food, browning products, etc.Essence

Of course, many mothers will eat cooked foods such as duck necks and loquat during pregnancy. My suggestion is to choose a large chain brand, and pay attention to the store’s food hygiene safety level logo, try to choose A -level, that is, the store of the smiley logo.

In addition, many brands have now launched a vacuum -packaged loquat product. Vacuum packaging products are not easy to be invaded by bacteria, and it is also a safer choice.

I will also explain the choice of work meals and food restaurants during pregnancy in the subsequent courses.

2. Stay away from barbecue, fried, smoked food

Secondly, it is to stay away from barbecue, fried, and smoked food.

Barbecue, fried foods, and smoke products contain a variety of carcinogens. These are harmful to both babies in the mother and belly. Ordinary people should eat less, and expectant mothers should be the case.

In addition, most of these foods add a lot of seasonings to cover up the taste of the ingredients itself. It is difficult to distinguish whether it is fresh and completely familiar, and it is difficult to ensure food safety.

Of course, some mothers occasionally want to eat a barbecue and fried chicken to solve it, then choose a clean restaurant. Occasionally, it is no problem to eat it for 1-2 times, but you must not eat it often.

3. Stay away from sugar -rich and sweet beverages, deep -processed low -nutritional value foods

Next, pay attention to stay away from low nutritional value foods from sugar -containing beverages and deep processing.

We admire natural foods and reduce the intake of processed food. Fresh vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products, grains, meat, poultry, fish and eggs are important sources of nutrition.

The amount of ingredients itself in deep -processed foods is very small. For example, in fish intestines or fish balls, the content of fish is very small, most of which are starch, flavoring agents and additives;The meat is undoubtedly added with a large amount of salt and food additives, and the nutritional value is far less than fresh meat. There are canned fruits soaked in sugar water that people can’t stop as soon as they eat, which will also allow you to take a lot of sucrose.

Therefore, these packaging foods that have added a lot of salt, food condiments and additives to the ingredients should not be the first choice for your daily diet.

Sugar -containing drinks include a variety of sweet tea beverages, milk tea, carbonated beverages, fruit juice, fancy coffee, etc. Too much sugar drinks during pregnancy, which will even increase the chances of children in the future.

4. Caffeine: less than 200mg per day

The fourth point is that expectant mothers should control the intake of caffeine.

According to US research, the abortion rate will double when the quantity of expectant mothers exceed 200 mg daily.The abortion rate does not change when it does not exceed 200 mg every day.

In other words, the caffeine that takes no more than 200 mg every day is basically safe.

What is 200mg caffeine?

The caffeine content of a Star Buck (480ml) latte is about 150mg. If you tell the clerk to go to the low -cause coffee of caffeine, it is lower, it may be about 25mg.

Of course, in addition to coffee, various drinks such as tea, cola, chocolate, cocoa, etc. also contain certain caffeine, and you need to pay attention to control.

I want to remind you here that the milk tea we drink may actually be a large household with caffeine!

Because the state does not have corresponding production standards for such beverages, the caffeine content is really uneven, especially Hong Kong -style milk tea is recommended to avoid expectant mothers.

Therefore, if the mother loves to drink, you can avoid the beverages made by strong tea, and choose some flower tea or fruits to be more assured.If you feel uncomfortable after drinking milk tea, don’t be greedy next time.

"Coffee content in common drinks":

Starbucks concentrated coffee (large cup) 250 mg, Starbucks American coffee (large cup) 225 mg, Starbucks hot chocolate (large cup) 25 mg, Starbucks caramel Matto/ latte/ Kabuccino (big cup) 150 mg, Lidon Lemon Black Tea 550 ml35 mg, Nestlé Speed Coffee 50 mg/bag, Golden Crown Red Bull 2 5 m L50 mg.

The caffeine content of tea is relatively low, and the caffeine content of green tea will be lower than that of black tea and Pu’er’s full fermented tea. You can drink Longjing, Biluochun and so on.You can also try that there are basically no caffeine tea and fruit tea.

If you need coffee refreshing, or you can get a lot of luck from caffeine products such as cocoa and chocolate, and there is no need to be too tangled. As long as it is not unauthorized, there will be no big problems.

I personally recommend that expectant mothers choose not to add sugar, not only to replenish calcium while enjoying coffee, but also don’t worry about taking too much sugar.

In addition, I do n’t recommend expectant mothers to drink quick -soluble coffee. Most of them are produced by some of the coffee beans. After high -temperature vapor extraction, the aroma substances in the original coffee are mostly disappeared.Coupled with antisenic fatty acids such as "milk" added by artificially, it is harmful to the baby in the stomach.

5. Animal liver food: 1-2 times a week

There is also a type of food that cannot be eaten too much, which is animal liver food.

Animal liver is a food source with super -rich vitamin A. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that women in pregnancy eat 1 or 2 animals liver during pregnancy.

But if you consume a large amount of animal liver or liver food, it may be harmful.This can cause excessive vitamin A, affecting embryos in development, and may even cause malformations.

Even if you like to eat pork liver, you can’t eat it every day.

6. Unless the doctor’s order, try not to use supplements as much as possible

In addition to food, the use of drugs and health products also requires expectant mothers to pay special attention.

I suggest that obtaining the nutrients required at all stages of pregnancy from diet is the first choice. When the diet cannot be satisfied, you should also choose the appropriate dietary supplement with the advice of a doctor or nutritionist.

Do not blindly follow Fenghai Tao’s various instructions that you can’t understand.The more nutrients are not as good as possible, especially some fat -soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A, too much intake during pregnancy will accumulate in the body, which is easy to increase the risk of fetal malformations.This is the same as that it should not eat a lot of liver during pregnancy.

In addition, healthy pregnant women do not need traditional supplements for additional nourishment, such as Ejiao, bird’s nest, ginseng, etc. If you have special beliefs, it is also recommended to eat under professional doctors.

Some expectant mothers pay special attention to the intake of some supplements during pregnancy, such as bird’s nest, shark fin, flower glue, etc. It is said that eating is good for the baby’s skin.

Eating bird’s nest has no letter for your own skin or not, and it is necessary to use the skin of your baby’s future skin in your belly, it is even more unsuccessful.

What’s more, the nutritional value of these foods is not high. For the protein needed by expectant mothers, eggs are the perfect source of excellent protein. Don’t grab it with it.

As for peach gum and white fungus, there is no collagen, sticky and smooth taste, but it is only a soluble dietary fiber to prevent and relieve constipation. It is a bit effective.

But if you like to eat these, there is nothing bad. It is nothing more than spend more silver. Happy mood is the most important thing!

common problem

Question 1: Sometimes I especially want to eat junk food (instant noodles, fries, biscuits, drinks)?

Sometimes I especially want to eat junk foods, such as instant noodles, fries, and biscuits. What can I do?

my suggestion is:

Eat! But don’t eat too much!

Ordinary people are not recommended to eat junk food, not to mention pregnancy expectant mothers.But when anyone has a mouthful, isn’t it? So if you particularly want to eat and write puffed food, then indulge in buying a pack of eating a pack. The most important thing is to control the amount.

I also love snacks. Here are a few tips to share with you:

1. Don’t store snacks at home and office, otherwise you can get it at your hand, and you can eat a lot.

2. When you want to eat it, you can go to buy it nearby. You will choose a long distance.

3. Try to pick the smallest packaging as much as possible when buying, or choose to have independent packaging as much as possible. Each food can be controlled.

4. Don’t eat junk food alone, remember to share eating with colleagues or family members.

5. Drink some tea, lemonade, and boiled water before eating snacks. You can suppress your appetite appropriately without eating too much.This is the same, the same is true of instant noodles, fries, and cola.But in the end, I also want to remind you that you can get fat when you eat too much.

Question 2: Can I eat spicy food during pregnancy?

Someone mothers will also ask, can I eat spicy and heavy food during pregnancy?

Yes! Eat less!

For prospective mothers who love spicy food, can really not eat hot pot, can not eat spicy hot and spicy, do the old godmother want to get the high cabinet?

In fact, it is not necessarily. If the mother naturally loves spicy food, it is not uncomfortable because of spicy food.

However, the seasoning of pepper, pepper, curry, etc. can easily stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and enhance appetite.

So the only problem is that they will make the expectant mothers appetizing.So remember to control your appetite. Do n’t eat a large bowl of rice. You must ensure the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

I suggest that if you eat spicy and hot pot, you can have more leafy vegetables, melon eggplant, and choose less processing meat products (such as balls, kiss intestines, etc.).

It is recommended that you choose 4 dark leafy vegetables, 1 portion of meat, 2 staple foods (noodles, rice noodles, potatoes, and 1 part of about 50g). This is a balanced nutritional meal.

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