"Nightmare, spring dreams, weird dreams", what are the special meanings of these dreams often made by pregnant mothers?

Recently, the cousin of Sugar Mom is pregnant. She told Sugar Mom that she had to dream every night since she was pregnant. She obviously slept for a night, but she was still exhausted when she woke up and did not rest at all.

When I thought about my pregnancy, I found that when I was pregnant with small candy, I often dreamed of, and sometimes I even had some "weird dreams."

What is going on, why do women often dream after pregnancy?Does these "weird dreams" affect fetal treasure?

"Dream" belongs to a normal physiological phenomenon, and psychologists believe that the content in dreams is produced by people under the combination of the original cognition and memory.

"Dreaming" is closely related to our sleep quality. When we have poor sleep quality, the number of memories of dreams will increase, which will cause us to mistake that we are dreaming of "all night".

If you want to dream, you must first sleep. For pregnant mothers, "drowsiness during pregnancy" is a very normal phenomenon. Especially in the early pregnancy, the metabolism of pregnant mothers accelerates, which can easily cause the fatigue of pregnant mothers.

Secondly, some changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy, which may lead to some anxiety emotions in pregnant mothers, which will also seriously affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers and cause more dreams during pregnancy.

In the end, the dream during pregnancy may also be related to the personality of the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother who is sensitive, inferior, excessive dependence, and acute is more likely to dream during pregnancy.

Dreaming during pregnancy is nothing more than nightmares, spring dreams, and weird dreams. So what are the special contains these dreams?Will these dreams often cause danger to the fetus.

Pregnant women often have "nightmares", on the one hand, due to the change in hormone levels, and on the other hand, the pressure in her heart is too strong.

The sugar mom often has nightmares when she is pregnant. I dreamed that the baby was suddenly gone several times, and even once dreamed that she had given birth to a nest. The first thing after the sugar mother woke up was to see that her belly was still inNo.

Pregnant mothers who often do nightmares during pregnancy must pay attention to relaxing. Don’t keep tight. You can exercise more. Try not to look at your mobile phone before going to bed at night.

Some pregnant mothers will do "spring dreams" during pregnancy, which is normal. Pregnant mothers do not have to be shy.

After pregnancy, the increase in pregnancy estrogen in expectant mothers has also affected the physiological response of pregnant mothers to a certain extent. In addition to the forgive for a long time, this will also cause the pregnant mother to have such a dream.

If the above two dreams are normal, then the "strange dream" below needs to be alert to pregnant mothers.

When pregnant mothers dream of "someone knocked on their heads" or "Someone irrigated their heads" during pregnancy, this is likely to have something wrong with the pregnant mother’s brain or nervous system.

Furthermore, if you often dream of "strange sounds", it is likely that the hearing center or the blood vessels have a lesion; dreaming of "stuck by food, or being held by someone to hold his neck" may be a problem with the respiratory system.

In the end, if you dream of someone chasing you, you ca n’t call, you ca n’t run, and you still have the symptoms of palpitations and sweating after waking up. This is likely to be a problem with the heart of a pregnant mother.

No matter what kind of "strange dreams" you have done, you should pay attention to it. Maybe this is that the fetus is asking for help from the pregnant mother, especially the pregnant mothers who often do "strange dreams" must go to the hospital for investigation.

If you want to "sleep until dawn" during pregnancy, you must grasp the correct sleep method.

Pregnant mothers should choose a "suitable comfortable" sleeping position. There is no sleeping position in the early and early pregnancy. How can the pregnant mother comfortable.

After the third trimester, we recommend that pregnant mothers use the "left side" sleeping position, which can use small pillows or pregnant women’s pillows to help pregnant mothers maintain their sleeping position.

Appropriate exercise also helps the pregnant mother’s sleep. It is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the community after dinner (17: 00-18: 00) every day to ensure that the exercise can also breathe fresh air.

Pregnant mothers can also soak their feet before going to bed, and massage appropriately to help soothe lower limb edema, increase blood circulation and improve sleep, usually 15-20 minutes.

Let’s talk about it, have you had any strange dreams during pregnancy?

I am a candy mother, a mother who studies a growth type, focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, do n’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your parenting road.

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