"My mother wants to come home for two days."

Many elderly people always think that their children are growing up, and their own tasks are completed. In fact, the child’s marriage is still a hurdle for the elderly. It takes a lot of money to buy a house. Even after the child becomes a family, he needs to bring the child again.Life can be described as a dedication.

But the situation of each family is different. Some elderly people have enough funds to help their children buy a house, but some elderly people are very difficult and have limited ability, but many young people, especially daughter -in -law, think that such elderly people have not completed their own tasks.Rejecting filial piety will inevitably make the elderly chill.

When Chen Xia was married, her mother -in -law’s body was not good. She was hospitalized. Chen Xia was not embarrassed to mention the thing about buying a house, but it did not mean that this matter did not exist.

Not long after getting married, Chen Xia was pregnant. My mother -in -law took care of Chen Xia very carefully. I was afraid that Chen Xia would have something to lose, and almost did not let her do anything.When production, her mother -in -law was already hospitalized again.

After finally waiting for her mother -in -law to be discharged, Chen Xia wanted to let her mother -in -law see her children and go to work by himself, but her mother -in -law said that her body was not good and could not see the child.It is also true that the mother -in -law’s health is not good. Chen Xia did not take care of it, but later the aunt gave birth to a child, but her mother -in -law went to see her children. This made Chen Xia very angry.

Chen Xia fancy a house, thinking that let her mother -in -law add some more, and she could buy this house. When Chen Xia told her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law told Chen Xia first, my body has always been that my body has always been, and my body has always been that my body has always been.Not good, I couldn’t help you at all, Chen Xia ate a closed door.

Mother -in -law does not give money, so Chen Xia can only borrow money from relatives and friends to buy a house.Coincidentally, Chen Xia had just bought the house. The aunt wanted to buy a car, which was 50,000 yuan, and borrowed it with Chen Xia. Chen Xia did not, so he had to ask her mother -in -law. She never thought that her mother -in -law gave the money to her aunt.

My child, my mother -in -law does not bring it, bring the child to the younger son, borrow money to buy a house by himself, the mother -in -law does not give it, the aunt buy a car, but the mother -in -law gave money. Chen Xia began to hate her mother -in -law from the inside.

Since moving upstairs, Chen Xia and her mother -in -law have almost no intersection, and the relationship between the two people has faded a lot. Naturally, her mother -in -law knows that Chen Xia has no feelings for herself, but she wants to see her children and wants to live for a few days.Essence

So he conveyed his meaning to his son. Chen Xia’s husband said to her, "My mother wants to come to our family for two days!",,

In Chen Xia’s opinion, if you do n’t see your mother -in -law, you are not angry. When you see your mother -in -law, you will think that those unpleasant things that the whole person will become bad, so she does n’t like her wife, but after all, there is a copy of the house in the house.The mother -in -law should also come. In the end, under the legend of relatives and friends, the mother -in -law came on the same day.

There are often many problems between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law. Therefore, smart mother -in -law often leaves far away from her daughter -in -law. When daughter -in -law does not need herself, stay as far as possible. On the one hand, it can create a sense of distance.If you want to occupy the upper hand, it will inevitably cause contradictions. As a mother -in -law, you must learn to tolerate. The harmonious family often has a kind and endurance mother -in -law.

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