"Must -see Raiders" Prepare the eight taboos in pregnancy, remember not to be careless!

If you are preparing for pregnancy or planning for your child, then congratulations, you are about to enter the greatest and happiest moment in your life.But before you welcome your little life, you must pay attention to some things, otherwise your breeding plan may be soup.Today, we will talk about the eight major taboos during pregnancy, how they affect our breeding plan.

This should be a common sense that everyone knows, but there are still many people disagree.Smoking and drinking will not only endanger your own health, but also cause irreversible damage to the fetus.Therefore, if you want a healthy baby, you must first quit smoking.

The current society pays attention to health, and everyone is paying attention to their weight.However, excessive weight loss will affect women’s menstrual cycle and ovulation function, which reduces the surrogacy rate.Therefore, during pregnancy, do not lose weight too much, and maintaining proper weight is beneficial to pregnancy.

Many people think that as long as they are full, they can eat well.However, such an idea is wrong.Unreasonable eating habits can affect the health of the body and affect conception.Therefore, during pregnancy, we should pay attention to the balanced diet, eat more healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits and coarse grains, and avoid excessive intake of sugar and greasy foods.

Modern society pays special attention to health and exercise, but excessive exercise will affect the menstrual cycle and ovulation function, leading to infertility or fetal malformations.Therefore, women who are preparing to get pregnant should choose mild exercises, such as yoga, jogging, etc.

If we are in mental stress for a long time, the endocrine system will be affected, which will affect the menstrual cycle and ovulation function. These are important factors for pregnancy.Therefore, women who are preparing to get pregnant should learn to relax and enjoy life.

Many people like to use high temperatures for sterilization to ensure the hygiene and safety of drinking water and food, but high temperatures will destroy the nutritional ingredients in food and are not good for physical health.Therefore, it is recommended that women who are preparing for pregnancy should choose scientific and effective disinfection methods.

When preparing for pregnancy, try to avoid contact with harmful substances, such as chemicals, heavy metals, and so on.These substances can cause adverse effects on the body, leading to abnormal embryo development.If women’s working environment involves these substances, it is recommended to consult with professionals in time.

If women who are preparing to get pregnant have major diseases, such as epilepsy, heart disease, etc., they must be treated and conditioned before pregnancy.Otherwise it will have adverse effects on the baby’s health.Therefore, women who are preparing to get pregnant should go to the hospital for a physical examination before deciding pregnancy.

The above is the eight major taboos during pregnancy. These are factors affecting conception and fetal health.Therefore, I hope that every woman who is preparing to get pregnant can adhere to it seriously and do not care.I believe that as long as we value the details in life and prepare for pregnancy, there will be a healthy and cute baby coming at home.

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