"Mother Growth"#

Happy growth.

I sent my nanny’s giants to the Internet daily, but I did not expect that the nanny was countless.She opened the live broadcast full screen and enjoys envy.I live in a luxury house and buy vegetables by luxury cars. I also want to be such a nanny.I was so happy.Unexpectedly, the nanny drifted in the praise.When I was most needed to take care of it, the nanny suddenly resigned: I can earn 100,000 a month by relying on this account. There is no need to wait for you.I sneered: Okay, look at the identity of her giant nanny, and there are still a few fans willing to see her.

Hello everyone, I am aunt Qin Na.I am doing dinner for my employer now. This is the ingredients I bought in the supermarket today. There are Dongxingban, Australian lobster, and a lens in my nanny aunt Qin Na in the live broadcast room to share her as a nanny in the giants.Daily, there will be a driver who will pick up and drop off when you go out. The car seems to be a luxury car. There are many stars on the top. The aunt does not understand. It is very comfortable to sit.

The nanny room I lived in the first floor was a flat floor window and an independent bathroom.Such a house rented in the city center for five or six thousand a month. I stayed free of charge.I have been serving this family for five or six years, and here is the same as my own home.Qin Na was proud to share her comfortable giants in the camera.The comments in the live broadcast room are all envy and praise for the high salary of luxury homes, and buy food by luxury cars.

I also want to be the east spots and Australian lobster. Is this three meals a day?I have a meal for a month. I salary for a month. It turned out that I was moving forward for the wealth of wealth.Is the giants lack of nanny?A cheap college student wants to apply for cleaning, and the aunt is hardworking and willing, so he can get such a high salary.The aunt looks good, and at first glance, it is a simple and honest person.Auntie is not like a nanny, more like an employer’s mother, so meticulous.

When Qin Na saw these comments, she tapped the eggs and said: I now pay 20,000 a month, and the employer loves to eat the dishes I make. She said that the dishes I made are better than her mother.I ca n’t do this family without aunt, I am also a half mother.I leaned on my husband Xiao Du’s arms to watch her live broadcast, and did not speak out of the outrageous speech of her good face.

The stomach suddenly shouted: Xiao Du looked at the time.Some don’t say that this aunt’s cooking is getting lower and lower.It’s almost seven o’clock now, and dinner has not been done. She has to interact with netizens in the live room, and the cooking efficiency will definitely be lower.I started from the media myself, so I can understand that the nanny is a nanny, and no matter how hot it is.

Her job is not happy. She kissed my cheeks. You are preparing for pregnancy now. How can you hungry me to urge her.She went to the kitchen quickly, and Xiao Du’s voice came from the live broadcast room in my mobile phone, and the movement was quickly.Ning Ning was hungry. She stood at the door of the kitchen and did not enter the camera, only the sound came out.The aunt stared at the comments in the live broadcast room with a smile. As soon as she was interrupted, she immediately accelerated the action of playing eggs.

When my husband returned to me, he just heard that my aunt was complaining to the netizens in the live broadcast room: I have to be faster.The employer urged, for fear she was angry with my salary, when I deducted her salary.My husband also heard this sentence. His eyes were cold, and she could rely on you to get angry on the Internet.Now say this.

Aunt Qin Na’s account is a luxurious villa that I took a few daily villages to make a few daily villas, which made her career, which made her career.The video seems to be showing the daily life of a nanny. In fact, the audience is really watching the life of a wealthy man.This account quickly attracted 3.2 million fans, relying on tens of thousands of dollars in this account, I used all the bonuses to pay for Qin Na’s salary.Now she actually hinted that netizens would deduct her salary.

Netizens immediately stood on Qin Na and attacked me. Rich people were mean.Auntie, a hard -working and honest person, is really easy to be exploited. The employer is quite delicate and what happened to his stomach for a while.At this time, Qin Na finally put the dinner on the table.Xiao Du obviously wanted to say her a few words, but I stopped-her live broadcast was not closed yet. I was afraid that netizens would break the charm and let Xiao Du fall into unnecessary accusations.

Qin Na came from the countryside, with a sister on it and a younger brother below.At first, she came to my house. She was so simple and honest. She also dropped out of school early and was not easy to work hard in the city.She has been working hard in my house in recent years.I am very satisfied with her and treat her as half a family.A few months ago, she told me that her brother had to get married and built a house. Her parents asked her to ask for money. She couldn’t give it out and cried several times with me.

I am a tens of millions of beauty bloggers, and my team can be called item level in the industry.During this time I was preparing for pregnancy, I let the team that was idle and did nothing to do to open a account for Qin Na. As long as Qin Na had to appear, all content planning and account operations were responsible for my team.All the income of the account belongs to Qin Na to subsidize her home. Now the account is indeed done, but things have become something wrong.I ate two slices of eggshells from the lobster egg custard. When I cook, Qin Na had to take care of the camera. I might be neglected to pick out the egg shells and eat it.Aunt Qin Na, you will not make such a careless mistake.Boss Qin Na, I now have 200,000 fans like it, they are waiting for me to start broadcast every day.You can not open the live broadcast when cooking.Qin Na reluctantly said that I was broadcasting on the live broadcast. Didn’t this meals be made?I picked out the eggshell and held down the husband who wanted to get angry.Kunna said, you go on first.Zina returned to the kitchen again. My husband said why you can bear him, but it is a nanny.I pinched a piece of lobster meat and fed it into his mouth and said that a live broadcast can make a lot of money.

She wants to make money. It is right. The salary and food and daily conditions we have given him are already very good. She seems to be uncomfortable. He pinch my face. You are too kind.Bully.I won’t be in terms of scores.

Just after dinner, Qin Na came to ask me again.Boss, many people gave gifts when I was just broadcasting. Can I see how much this live broadcast has made?I took out my mobile phone to show him the background data, plus the gift and live broadcast reward of nearly 30,000.Qin Na saw that the number of eyes was 30,000, and I could earn 30,000 in a night. She forgot her shape happily.When he packed the chopsticks, he actually broke two expensive plates.

Xiao Du and I have been married for two years. I planned to have a child this year, but my body is not very good. It is an allergic constitution. Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, the doctor repeatedly asked me to pay attention to rest and diet health.From the hospital today, the doctor said that I had a good raising, and my body was soon suitable for breeding a child.Xiao Du returned to the company after sending me to the door of the house. He was the president of Xiao’s. He was very busy, but after preparing to prepare for pregnancy, he pushed out many things to concentrate on accompany me.

This meeting today is very important, he must attend.So I went home alone, and Qin Na made me a bird’s nest and two small cakes.When I put the bird’s nest in import, I obviously felt that the taste was wrong.This bowl of bird’s nest has a strange smell, which is completely different from the bloody swallows I often eat.Did you change the bird’s nest?I asked her, Qin Na’s eyes flickered: Yeah, I changed a variety, isn’t it delicious?Strange taste.She is also responsible for ingredients.I haven’t asked much about it for so many years.I took a few more sips, and I couldn’t eat it. Let her not buy this next time.Qin Na agreed, and then took the phone to avoid me to go back.I planned to sleep, and suddenly found a lot of red dots on my back.I was startled, and quickly called the family doctor to come to the door. As a result, the diagnosis said that it was food allergies.The doctor asked me what I usually didn’t eat, and I thought about it. There was only the bowl of bird’s nest.

I asked Qin Na to ask, she took out a box of fast -eating bird’s nest from the kitchen. The brand on it was a inferior brand that had just been exposed by the news some time ago.I was doing my own media and quickly realized her intention.Did you pick me up with me?Qin Na, that is my account. You can tell me if you pick up an advertisement. I will not allow the advertising brand that you want to pick up should let the team’s people check it, not my own claim.I threw this box of inferior bird’s nest into the trash.You know that I am still allergic to preparing for pregnancy. If you have given me a problem, you have given me to eat it. Qin Na is actually right: boss, you, you, you can try what happened to me every day?My eyes were cold.

Aunt Qin, have you forgotten your identity?I remind you that no matter how many fans in this account, even if you are now a million -level Internet celebrities, your job is still a nanny.When the employer speaks, you’d better not to talk.If you feel that you have the ability, you can resign now, and I will give you approval.Qin Na was obviously not very convinced, but still confessed.Boss, don’t fired me.My family is poor, so I will make money by me. If you open me, I have no way to live.

Before my family was developed, I also lived in small towns and towns for a while. I have seen too many male and young families, and the girls who come out have been grieved.So I treat Qin Na, I am also willing to tolerate and understand her.You’d better know the wrong, not the next time, my allergies are not serious, and those red dots in the medicine disappear, and I do n’t blame Qin Na too much.Qin Na and I guarantee that there will be no next time.Then go back to the kitchen to deal with those inferior fast -food bird’s nest. When Xiao Du returned at night, my hands could not see the traces of allergies.

Family doctors say that the symptoms of allergies this time have no great impact on my body and pregnancy.I didn’t tell Xiao Bo today. One was that he was afraid of worrying, and the other was that Xiao Du could not hold sand in his eyes.If he let him know that Qin Na’s negligence caused me to be allergic, Qin Na’s nanny could never be kept. It was not that I could not do without Qin Na, but it was not easy to cultivate a nanny.

I want to concentrate on children now, and I really do n’t have the energy to cultivate a stranger to become a home nanny.Qin Na was also split for a while. I was pregnant a month later. Xiao Du was happy to hold me and turn around.It is said that Xiao Du’s heirs are now in my stomach. I asked him that he likes boys or girls. As long as he is born with the baby, he likes it. He is so sweet.I am immersed in happiness and not forget to board my account and share this good news with my 20 million fans.

Although I am not a star, I am also the tens of millions of Internet celebrities on the platform’s head. Coupled with the Xiao family’s giants, I announced that the video of the good news released a hot search.Lin Yuemian is pregnant, and Xiao is a famous wealthy man in Jincheng. I naturally have won a lot of attention.Some fans bless me, of course, some people recognize that I am marrying a wealthy man to become a phoenix, and I will not care about these.

Until the planning of my team, Xiaoqi suddenly sent a message to me. My sister had an accident. Qin Na had a bird’s nest advertisement in the latest video. Now the bird’s nest brand is officially fake.They are all handover.I haven’t read Qin Na’s account for a long time. I clicked her latest update. She still cooks in the kitchen, and then began to make bird’s nest abruptly.

Everyone knows that my employer is pregnant, and she likes to eat this brand of bird’s nest after pregnancy, saying that it is good for children.The rich princess like her likes the quality of this bird’s nest, everyone can rest assured.Xiaoqi, she promoted this fake bird’s nest under your name, and has sold thousands of orders. Now this bird’s nest brand has been faked. Those who buy bird’s nests say that you are getting pregnant and cheating.I was so angry.From the beginning of my media, any advertising promotion has a team to check. I do n’t lack money, so I wo n’t take my conscience to pick up those inferior brands.

I thought I was worthy of the fans, and I never had any negative news, but I planted it in my hands that I was holding a red nanny.She actually dared to use my unborn child.I called Qin Na to ask.

· This month she has touched the account operation, and she knows how to advertise herself.She stood in front of me and pulled out her cell phone to slide to the background of the account background.It shows that this month she made 100,000 yuan by selling bird’s nest.Boss, I can make a monthly income of 100,000 to make a video of the videos. Why should I wait for you?Her proud face with twisted revenge seemed to be resentful about hating me because of the bird’s nest scolding her.I sneer that there is no need to let you explain.

Since you are so powerful, then you will be your net red.You have been fired since today.Qin Na is now very confident to dismiss me. I will take this account. Xiaoqi stands up: This account is the hard work of our team, and you are not qualified to take it away.All videos of Qin Na in this account were shooting me. The people who liked to watch these 200,000 fans were also my Aunt Qin Na. Without my account, she would be abandoned. Of course, I was qualified to take it away.Xiao Qi had to argue again. I held him down and said to Qin Na: You can take it away if you want the account.

Qin Na was very proud to think that this was what she deserved.She returned to her room and packed her luggage.Xiao Qiqi is anxious: She is obviously a white -eyed wolf. How can you be so cheap? I laughed: The fans of this account want to see the life of a giant nanny rather than the life of the nanny, and there is no environment for giants.Do you think how many fans will hold this Aunt Qin Na.Xiao Qi suddenly realized that playing from the media, I am a thousand -year -old fox. What can she play in my hands and wait for a joke.

After Qin Na left my house, I would pay attention to her account. She updated a video in the first week of leaving the giants.In the video, she returned to her home in the countryside, and her house was indeed two spoons.The money she has made in these years has been built to her brother. It is estimated that the new house has not been built. The cover is also used for his brother, without her.In such a ruined background, all her actions became mediocre.And this video is messy, both mirrors and editing.

If it wasn’t for the account of 200,000 fans, wouldn’t anyone stop at this inferior content at all, and the comment area would be puzzled.Don’t you go back to your employer’s house?We still want to see the wealthy environment, and we want to see the big villa and a tens of thousands of dinner. Aren’t you a nanny now?The video is very boring. I want to shoot rural life, and there are no other bloggers to take off.The bird’s nest I sold last time was fake, don’t you explain it?This video is more questionable than the number of praises-times.

Soon she started a live broadcast. Obviously, her sister was obviously a live broadcast. The camera was messy and very unprofessional.Qin Na tried to use cooking to retain the audience. However, the dim light and the spatial kitchen kitchen made the picture no ornamental.The comments in the live broadcast room are mostly questioned.You do n’t do nanny now, what do we see if you do n’t do nanny?Don’t think we are here to see you.What about East Star Spots?What about Australian lobster?What are you looking good for you?Please.What we want to see is the daily work of wealthy, not you.

Qin Na was obviously a little panicked in the camera, but she stood for her face.I left from the previous employer’s house and wanted to stand on their own and hope to get everyone’s support.Why must you have a big villa?This house is also where I grow up.Although it is broken, I want to renovate it again. I hope fans who like me can brush me more gifts and help my dream.Netizens don’t buy it: What do you want to build a house?What does your dream have to do with us?No, is it begging online now?There is no gimmick.There is no look at this account. It is better to go back as a nanny. They live better than your own home.

In the end, the live broadcast was closed early in a embarrassing atmosphere.I turned on the computer and glanced at the background data of the account. I forgot that the account was registered by my team and belonged to my name.Although Qin Na took this account, as long as I want to take a program, this account can return to me.I saw her account data these days, a live broadcast income of two thousand, and the newly updated video playback volume fell.The brand who had been looking for her cooperation and promotion, after discovering that her latest videos are wrong, have canceled the cooperation plan. In the end, the revenue of the final background was only 5,000 in total.And this is just the beginning. Without the professional team behind it, the income she gets will only get less and less until it is worthless.

Xiao Du gave me a cup of warm milk and asked me what I was watching?Watch a joke.I said that in the third month of pregnancy, my pregnancy began to worsen. What did I eat?The master sent by the Xiao family has changed four or five, but I still can’t get used to it.

I often wake up at night.After the supper came, I didn’t eat two sips and started to vomit. I was fell off by the torture. I was distressed by disinfection, but there was no way.He can invite Michelin’s chef to cook three meals for me.It’s a pity that I am not eating or not, but whether I can eat it.

Qin Na was in my house for five years. I had been used to meal for five years.In terms of cooking, he does have a unique advantage, which is one of the reasons I can repeatedly tolerate him before.I want to eat lobster egg custard.I put the table in Xiao Du’s arms late at night.Xiao Du picked up his mobile phone to make Michelin’s chef to do it. I prevented him from eating the craftsmanship of others.I said that the egg custard made by the nanny before was the best.

Xiao Du rubbed my hair helplessly.I have been looking for a new nanny recently, and I can always find a more suitable one.And my mother returned to China next month. You know his cooking skills. He wants to take care of you in person.Xiao Du’s mother conquered Xiao’s old chairman with one -fighting cooking.I have also eaten his craftsmanship.Unfortunately, my mother -in -law still has something to deal with abroad.In order to take care of me, he has been earlier, but the industry returning to China is the fastest next month.My family is Ningning.Xiao Du has been a teenager since he was a child and has no talent in cooking.Last time, he insisted on learning the kitchen for me to burn the kitchen.Since then he has dispelled the idea of cooking.Seeing that I had a bad appetite because of pregnancy, he always apologized to me full of old.

Of course, I won’t blame him, but I ca n’t eat a meal. It ’s really uncomfortable, and it’ s not good for the baby in my belly.Just when we were worried about the new nanny, Qin Na came to the door. I didn’t see him without seeing him for two months. The previous glowing spirit, the clothes on his body also dropped by a grade.He should have a bad life during this time.The boss is good. He almost wanted to kneel down and confessed to me. You asked me to come back and make your nanny again.I will wait for you with all my heart, and I dare not have conscience anymore.

Qin Na had only left my house for two months. Aunt Qin Na, the account of 200,000 fans, was almost half abolished, and fans also dropped more than 50,000.It turns out that this account is not a nanny, but the lack of giants in the second month of luxury cars, and the account without professional team operations has no possibility.Qin Na was slapped by reality and took a big bag on my house to ask me for forgiveness.I want me to continue to accept her as a nanny.Holding a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan in a hardcover room with floor -to -ceiling windows.She was not satisfied with such a day, but now she regrets it.

Xiao Du protects me in her arms for fear that Qin Na will get started to pull me.Xiao Du, when you are my house, you want to enter, and you want to go.Qin Na’s same monthly salary conditions, I can invite a nanny that is more professional and more honest than you.Qin Na is not very afraid of me, but she is afraid of my husband.Xiao Du has the sense of compression of the president, but he usually does not compare with a nanny.Once you care about it, you can break Qin Na’s boldness.Qin Na lowered her head and suddenly knelt down.Mrs. Mr., my family is not good, and I still owe money. If there is no income, I really can’t live.I don’t want that account.Just let me go home and continue to be a nanny.I must keep myself safely, and I can no longer dare to be honest.You are pitiful me.He said, he cried, and I couldn’t bear it.He had a look at Xiao Du, and Xiao Du obviously disagreed.What I was going to say, suddenly a disgusting came.I rushed to the garden to retider.Xiao Dudu helped me shoot back. Uncle Qin looked at me very much, and I went to boil a bowl of sour plum soup for his wife.Pregnancy is good to eat this.I haven’t eaten well for two months, and I really miss his craftsmanship, so I raised his hand to let him go to the kitchen quickly.Qin Na came with a bowl of sour plum soup. I drank two, it really felt a lot, and the nausea faded.Looking at Qin Na’s eyes is not so sharp.He acquiesced.Qin Na’s pleading Qin Na returned to my house and started a nanny. The salary I paid for him remained unchanged but confiscated the account that was almost invalidated.

She seemed to be a normal nanny for a while.The dishes she made are not as good as chef Michelin, but my appetite is very good, and my appetite is significantly better.Qin Na’s words Qin Na can make me eat east, so I didn’t say much.In the past few days, because the group wants to expand the territory, Xiao Du needs to go to the city to participate in an important meeting.I sent her out in the morning. During lunch at noon, Qin Na twisted and walked to the lady in front of the table.

What I told you is whether you can let your team continue to shoot me and make that account again.I put down the chopsticks and smashed Qin Na, isn’t it to concentrate on making a nanny?It is a pity that Qin Na’s account of 200,000 fans just put it like this. That is also your efforts. I promise that this time, I will no longer listen to you.I smiled, as long as I think my team can make dozens of 200,000 powder accounts.You think the valuable things are not worth the money here. This account is abolished in half a month in your hands.

You also know. Qin Na lowered her head and said that his wife wouldn’t he forgive me?You do your job first.I think about this, and I sent Qin Na back to the kitchen and re -doing the account of Aunt Qin Na.But why did I listen to her?She asked me to do it, and she really regarded herself as her personal character.

I originally wanted to see a bit of sincerity she admitted. As a result, when she was going to bed at night, she came to knock on my door in the middle of the night.She was holding an IOU at home, and complained to me in tears: My brother spent a lot of money to build a house, and my sister was a gambler. Only me in the family was making money and lady. Are you pitiful me?As long as that account is restarted, the income can make my family full.

I was holding the quilt to protect my stomach. I was not sleeping well since I was pregnant. After being awakened by her, I was a little irritable. I was going to sleep.Talking about my wife tomorrow morning, I just thought about the life before, I was still your nanny, and that account gave me some out of time, and I was going to sleep.My tone was a little annoying.Qin Na walked out of the bedroom.

The next morning, she mentioned this when I was eating.When she was sleeping at noon, she was also in my ear.Madam, you are rich and capable, so I am also a child.She specifically tuned that when I needed to rest most, it was the easiest to be softened when I was tired. I had been annoying me so much, and made me a little my nerve weakness during pregnancy.

At this time, Xiao Qi came to my family intentionally to avoid Qin Na, so I called her into the study on the third floor.Xiao Qi came with a laptop.He asked before turning on the computer. Mr. Xiao said that she went to the mirage to attend the meeting and returned today.What’s wrong?Xiao Qi was relieved, and then he called out a chat history.

This is the chat history of Qin Na and Yu Qi. Look at the account of Aunt Qin Na, we can always log in.But Qin Na herself did not know that she actually used this account to send it to the person in charge of my opponent’s company Yu Qi, and it was still voice.Xiao Qi said, it’s best to prepare for your psychological preparation.This Qin Na is a white -eyed wolf.She did not really admit mistakes this time, but to calculate you with the people over there.I had been mentally prepared, and I was so angry after I opened this voice.

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