"Materia Medica": Blood tonic and hemostasis: The efficacy and application of Ejiao

Ejiao is a rubber block made of donkey skin, also called donkey skin.In ancient times, it was named after being produced in East Axian County.In ancient times, the glue made of "Dongajing" water actually included two types of donkey skin and cowhide gum. They were all called Ejiao.But today is named after distinguishing, Ejiao refers to donkey skin gum, and cowhide glue is called Huang Mingjiao.The medicine needs to be crushed, or stir -fry it with clam powder.

1. The effect of Ejiao:

Ejiao is sweet and flat.Return to the lungs, liver, and kidney meridians.Efficacy can nourish blood and stop bleeding, nourish yin and moisturize the lungs.Its characteristics have the effect of stopping bleeding in blood, and are known as "the medicine for blood and hemostasis."

It is often used for blood deficiency and yellowing, dizziness and palpitations, muscle weakness, upset and sleeping, deficiency wind, dry cough, cough and hemoptysis, vomiting and blood, blood leakage, pregnancy tire leakage.

Famous name Abstract:

"Book of Book": "The belly collapsed in the heart, the laborer is like malaria, the waist and abdomen pain, the limbs sore, the woman’s blood, and the fetus."

"Don’t Record": "The master husband is small abdominal pain, the deficiency is thin, the qi is insufficient, and the feet are sore for a long time, and the liver is qi."

"Method of Medication": "Stop the hemostatic tire, and eliminate cough."

"Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Treat all winds, and nose floods, vomiting blood, intestinal wind, blood diarrhea and collapse."

"Compendium of Materia Medica": "Treatment of vomiting blood, blood, blood, bloody, hematuria, dysentery of intestines. Women’s blood pain, blood dead, irregular water, no child, collapse, underplay, pre -fetal and postpartum diseases. Men and women everything.Wind disease, pain in bone section, water and gas edema, cough and asthma, lung saliva pus and blood, and gangrene swelling and poison.

"Compendium of Materia Medica": "Treatment of internal injuries, low back pain, strong stretching, adding essential kidney."

"Changsha Medicine": "Entering Jueyin Liver Meridian. Nourishing Yin Rongmu, nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, stopping the pain of the twins, the leakage of the meridians, the most clear wind of Jueyin, and the leakage of the bee."

"Materia Medica": "Clear the lungs and nourish the liver, nourish the kidney and nourish qi, and nourish the yin, remove the wind and vibrate, moisturize and asthma, and the intestines.Drilling blood and hemorrhoids, diarrhea under intestinal wind, backache and bone pain, blood pain and blood, irregular water, fetal movement, gangrene swelling and all wind diseases. "

Second, the compatibility application of Ejiao:

1. Used for blood deficiency and dizziness, palpitations and other proof.Ejiao can nourish blood and apply to blood deficiency.Frequently equipped with the medicines of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and nourishing blood and nourishing blood.

If you cure the palpitations of qi deficiency and blood and blood, the pulse and pulse are often equipped with ginseng, Ophiopogon, raw land, cinnamon branches, licorice, etc., that is, licorice soup.

2. It is used for many bleeding certificates such as vomiting blood, bleeding blood, blood in the stool, leakage, and tire leakage.Ejiao can nourish blood and stop bleeding.Treatment of yin deficiency and blood heat, vomiting blood, can be compatible with Puhuang, raw land and other medicines.

If you cure the physical and cold blood or vomiting blood, you often equip the heart soil, aconite, Atractylodes, raw land, etc., which are loess soup.

If the woman’s leakage, the menstrual passage, the blood of the pregnancy, the blood of the pregnancy, and the blood of the lower blood after urination are often equipped with Aefye charcoal, Angelica, raw land, white peony, licorice, etc.

If the woman’s meridians are down, the ink is dripped, and it is often compatible with the dry ginger, that is, the glue ginger soup.Play the effects of Wen Jing to stop bleeding.

If you are rushing to the deficiency and cold, the blood stasis is blocked, the symptoms are leaking, the color is dark, the color is not good, or the menstrual disorders, the abdomen is full, the abdomen is full, the fever in the eveningThe number of tongue red pulse, or those who are cold and not pregnant for a long time, often equipped with Wu Dogwood, Ophiopogon, Angelica, Paeonia, Danpi, etc., which is Wen Jing Tang.The effects of warming the warm meridians, nourishing blood and removing blood stasis, the scope of clinical application is extensive, and the curative effect is significant.

If the lungs are coughing, they are often equipped with ginseng, daydown, white, etc., that is, Ejiao San.

If you cure bleeding and blood deficiency syndrome, you can take it alone, or it can also be compatible with the four objects soup, which will increase the efficacy, that is, Ejiao Simu Soup.

"Sheng Huifang": "Treatment of hematuria for pregnancy, you can fry yellow for the last service."

3. Used for yin deficiency and upset, insomnia and other certificates.Ejiao is good at nourishing blood and nourishing yin.Treatment of fever and injury, annoying insomnia, often equipped with Wu Huanglian, Baiji, chicken yellow, etc., that is, Huanglian Ejiao Decoction.Play the effects of serum heat together.

If the warmth of the warmth, the true yin is exhausted, the yin deficiency wind moves, the hands and feet are stubborn, and the hands and feet are often equipped with the medicines of Wu Guizha, chicken yellow, etc.

4. Used for deficiency of asthma cough or yin deficiency and dry cough.Ejiao has the merit of nourishing yin and lungs, especially to treat lung cough.Treatment of lung deficiency and fire, asthma, cold, sputum, less sputum, or blood in sputum. It is often equipped with Wu Matchabell, beef gardenia, almonds, etc.

If you treat dry evils and hurt your lungs, dry cough without sputum, upset and thirst, nose, dry pharyngeal and other proof, often equipped with Wusheng gypsum, mulberry leaves, almonds, Ophiopogon, etc.

If you treat tuberculosis and hemoptysis, even those who are more than hemoptysis can be used alone, you can use Ejiao alone, and send warm water at the end of the research, or take it. It has a good effect.

If you treat chronic pharyngitis, you can use Huanglian Ejiao Decoction and Cinnamon, which can have a good effect for reference.

Huang Yuan Yuyan: "Ejiao breath and wind and dry, nourish blood and nourish yin, pork ling, potato, loess, Wen Jing, Baitou weng, Zhigancao, tadpoles, Coptis chinensis, rhubarb Gan Sui, all of them are used to nourishOki wind is dry too. "

5. For dietary health care.Ejiao is rich in nutrition and is suitable for diet.However, its sexuality is greasy and can easily affect the transportation of the spleen and stomach, so it is necessary to process it.It is often used with dates, black fat numbness, longan meat, walnut meat and other supplementary products, and add cucheng, rice wine and other auxiliary materials to boil into a paste, that is, gelatin paste.

Third, the dosage of Ejiao:

Ejiao can enter the decoction, and it is also suitable for pills.The common amount of decoction is more than ten grams;

Because of its stagnation and expensive price, it is not advisable to cook with it, so the soup agent should be used to take it, or use rice wine.

It is used to stop bleeding and stir -fry, and it is used for moisturizing the lungs and stir -fry (that is, Ejiao Beads).

Huang Yuan Yuyan: "Dead fry, research."

Wang Angyan: "Fry with black donkey skin and Ajing water. Those with black light with green and summer moon are not soft. Fry it into beads, or fried or clam powder to remove sputum.Children’s stool and use. "

Fourth, the application of Ejiao:

Ejiao has a sticky nature and is easy to prevent digestion. Therefore, the spleen and stomach are weak, do not think about diet, or have eaten food, and those who vomit and diarrhea should avoid taking it.

"The Materia Medica Sutra": "Sticky sexual, weak stomach, weak stomach vomiting;

I often take Ejiao as a nourishing product, especially women, especially women.Without qi and blood, the spleen and stomach first hurt the spleen and stomach.


——The actual combat notes of Chinese medicine 20.9.26 Night


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